Sunday, 22 May 2016

OAU Student's Spectacular Painting Goes Viral

Mr Ponmile With His Painting

The Popular Painting

Ponmile Pelumi, a student of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ileife has once again proved the uniqueness of some certain people in their fields. Pelumi, a student in the Department of Fine and Applied Arts created an oil on canvas painting of a view in the Adekunle Fajuyi Hall of residence.

The painting which he shared on his social media platforms have since then gone viral in the online community of the University with many not even believing that the painting is not a photograph.

Commenting on the picture, Mr Damilola said; "The painting just looks so real and detailed, it captures everything; from the light bulbs in the hall to the ever studious nature of the Students of OAU". However, in an exclusive chat with OAUpeeps on the inspiration for the Painting, Mr Pelumi said;
"One major thing is the architecture...the strong building. Also, the way students move from their different rooms to the water point to fetch water irrespective of their class, wealthy family or poor, all just have to get their buckets and fetch. Also there's no boss anyway, all just have to queue to get water.
Also, the water point is where students meet and discuss. Reading of articles or posters too is not left out, being pasted at the water point; Sug stuff, Religious stuffs, Buying of "fufu", megabytes "data for sale", phone for sale. A lot happens at the water point.
Despite the fact that water hardly runs in the blocks. The wise students get up early or late in the evening to fetch water. If they don't, they have no option than to get pure water but we all know thats for the rich.  Others have got to go to classes without taking their bath. The water point is my center of Focus.  The school management should help restore all the spoilt water pipes and tanks in different hostels. 
The bright light bulbs in the buildings are just my own personal input, most are damaged. In the 70s I guess Electricity was constant and available. It's a way of passing out a message that we need constant Electricity."

Also commenting on the future of the painting, he stated that he could not say anything concerning that for now.

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