Wednesday, 22 June 2016

ACJ OAU Speaks On Current NASU-Management Crisis; Recommends Students Interference

The leadership of the Association of Campus Journalists (ACJ), OAU has also come forth to comment on the recent crisis that has rocked the Obafemi Awolowo University and its effects on students. This was done in a release which was signed by by President, General Secretary and Public Relations Officer of the Association. In the release, the association recommended that, considering the detrimental effects of the closure on the students, the students not take sides in the ongoing brawl between the Management of the Obafemi Awolowo University and the Non-Academic Staff Union, but instead intervene to help resolve the crisis and to this end further recommended that a congress of Great Ife students be called. Find the full release below;

From Executive Council ACJOAU

The Closure of OAU, Matters Arising

Today, 22nd of June,2016, we received with huge sadness and shock the closure of Obafemi Awolowo University till further notice.

The reasons for the closure of Ife Varsity is based on the ongoing workers protest against alleged imposition of the new Vice Chancellor on the University community, we however do not want to dwell on rightness or wrongness of protests but the effect constant disagreement has had on students in the institution.

It has become a norm that OAU is known for unstable Calendar, we go on strike almost every session based on disagreement, however we must note that it is high time we find an alternative conflict resolution mechanism, we should remember that fresh students for instance have been at home for several months before resuming, ASUU were on leave for 56 days and it seems, the grass is suffering without due consideration from quarters.

We are in no way contesting the right to protest nor the powers of the school to declare closure but when this decisions alter future of thousands then we may begin to ask what we are been thought as leaders of tomorrow.

Historically, the last three years have come with strike and coincidentally those strike have been in the month of June, we cannot fold our arms and watch, let's know that other Universities also experience disagreements but if there was unity, things can be sorted out.

Fresh students have been on Campus for close to one month doing almost nothing and after one month they have been asked to return back home, definitely we may say this is a norm in Great Ife but things are becoming overbearing.

We totally want to express our deep concern towards this latest development, we know fully well that Students even have to travel again to long distances and looking at the rate of accidents lately, it is not advisable that students leave the University, remember that they never came for Tourism and shouldn't leave like they are on expedition, safety of life and property which the University has attached this decision to may not be achieved if students are allowed to travel in the Psychological state the Strike action must have left them, we must ensure that we stop repeating same mistakes that we have repeated all along.


-That the alternative dispute resolution mechanism of dialogue should be utilized.

- Students should see the present crisis as their concern, from information we have gotten, students may continue to suffer if we don't play a diplomatic role in solving this issue rather than taking sides or using this medium for popularity, a five man committee should work assiduously to ensure that impact of students is felt in efforts to resolve this issue, efforts should be that of Goodwill and not self interest

- The University authorities should consider the safety of students really and psychology of new students who have not been cleared even at Department level, the 56days leave already granted to ASUU, the decision to ask students to proceed on strike may not serve its purpose and should be looked into, Universities exist for students, decisions like this only leaves more to be wanted, it is unsafe to ask students to proceed home and it is unfair to postpone Academic activities after many postponement.

- Even though the case between NASU,SSANU and the Governing council is in Court , we believe that a common ground can be reached, we are recommending that aggrieved parties dialogue extensively

-- We are recommending a Congress of Great Ife students especially at this critical time and moment.

We believe at every point in life of a society disagreement may occur but ability to handle issues is essential.

At ACJOAU, we will continue to assert strength of the pen without fear or favor.


Olanrewaju Oyedeji

Adebayo Faith
General Secretary

Abegunde Cephas
Public Relations Officer

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