Saturday, 4 June 2016

DSA Advises Fresh Students To "Go And Rent"

Following the inability of a number of Freshmen to secure accommodation, unending queues have become the order of the day at the Division of Student Affairs as most of these students continue to go to lodge complaints. In response, several lists have been compiled by the Division, which is in charge of handling accommodation matters. The fate of most finalists also continue to remain uncertain as regards accommodation as only one batch of finalists have been able to secure bedspaces.

In times past, bedspaces were usually guaranteed for freshmen and finalists with the Stallites in between balloting for whatever spaces were left. However, this seems to have changed for worse as it was gathered that the Division of Students Affairs, in an address to the Fresh Students who are unable to secure spaces, have advised them to go and rent hostels outside campus. This just further diminishes the chances of finalists who are yet to secure bedspaces as Freshers rank above finalists in the hierarchy of consideration of bedspace allocation released by the Division some weeks ago.

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