Thursday, 16 June 2016

Happy Birthday To Our Editor-in-Chief (Pope Jay)

Join me to celebrate the existence of a distinguished human of life, my friend, pen mate and confidant - Ojelabi Jesujoba.

Your humility wows me.
Your loyalty is second to known.
Your promptness to delivery is outstanding.
Your bravery inspires.
Your pen pierces deep.
Your articles dumb-found and instigate.

When we started out the Agency that brought us together, you were the last man standing when no one saw our vision; perhaps, there were no obvious gains then.

I know for sure that you are limitless in your influence in this generation and that which is to come.

You are someone I can never forget and I believe there are much more we can achieve together.

On behalf of all of us at OAU Peeps News Agency, we celebrate our ever dexterous Editor-in-Chief.

As you add another year today, I pray God will continue to enlarge your coast and bless you in all measures. Sound health and more accomplishments I wish you.

Igba odun, just one year for you fine boy!!!

- Prince David Adetula
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