Thursday, 23 June 2016

OAU Shutdown: Acting SU CSO Encourages Students To Leave Campus At Their Pace

The Chief Security Officer (CSO) of the Security Committee of the suspended Obafemi Awolowo University Students’ Union, Comrade Olumighty, who has been handling affairs related to the Union has come out to also speak on the shutdown of the University. In an 8-paragraph Release signed by Olumighty, the Committee condemned the abrupt notice that students should evacuate Halls of Residence latest by 12:00pm today. Students were also advised to travel at their convenience.

The Committee has also decided on behalf of the defunct Students’ Union, to work with other Unions in order to restore peace and normalcy back to campus. Find the full release below;

It is no longer news that the university authority in the usual manner reacted to the recent workers' actions and inactions through an announcement in the radio by the registrar followed by a circular by the division of student affairs by shutting down the school.

This is to a very large extent an unexpected, incorrect and unwelcome approach in settling the issues that have enveloped the appointment of the vice chancellor. Students and the academic calendar shouldn't be at the receiving end of the crisis.

We're against the undemocratic closure of the school which is also another exposure of the Omole led administration which has usually made harmful autocratic decisions mostly injuring the students community.

The directive of having students vacate hostels before 12noon today is largely condemned and at this point, we hereby inform students that all Students who are not yet ready to leave the school should remain in their hostels and live without the fear of any attacks or harassment.

The leadership of the union as a call of necessity and expedience will be meeting with other sister unions especially the aggrieved unions to resolve on how peace could be restored to campus and activities fully restored to normalcy.

Also, there will be meetings with appropriate quarters of the school authority to address a fast track of resumption.

Our priority for now remains the restoration of normalcy on campus and resumption to usher in the commencement of academic activities in the university.

We wish students safe trip to their respective homes and wish you the best of the break.

Signed: Com OluMighty
CSO and leader of the union
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