Thursday, 23 June 2016

School Closure: JaniCuts Advises OAU Students

As the students of Obafemi Awolowo University continue to exit the University community to their various homes, the CEO of JaniCuts fashion line and alumnus of the institution, Ajani Oluseyi a.k.a JaniCuts has given the affected students some important tips on how to maximize the break period.

Janicuts urged the students not to see the break as a free time to engage in frivolities, rather it should be viewed as a challenge to add more in value to themselves.  The students are also advised to go for engagements outside their course of study; like crafts, trades, volunteer works and related activities.

According to Janicuts, students stand a better chance of securing jobs in the current Nigerian situation if they are able to add extra skills to their educational qualifications.

"Graduating from school doesn't guarantee automatic employment in Nigeria, many before you (the students) are still in the labour market searching for unavailable jobs. When your school goes  on strike, see it as a challenge to improve the education sector in your country and also as a possibility of adding something new to your degree like starting a course online, learning the practical aspects of your course of study, learning a craft/trade, volunteering for an NGO.  Just engage in something, if necessarily for free, to gain experience.

"Keep improving yourself instead of agonizing.  Trust me, this is the best time for you to learn something new. Learning after graduation, when you can't get a job, is always hard because you will have a lot on your mind and definitely be after daily survival. Remember schooling and education are two different things." JaniCuts noted.

The fashion boss who is notable for his disapproval for wastage has successfully championed two editions of 'Project Let Go Africa' where cloths and other relief materials were donated to the less privileged, especially to children at the orphanage homes. Earlier this month, JaniCuts supported 10 start up businesses with a customised jersey each for their brands.

It will be recalled that the management of Obafemi Awolowo University announced the indefinite shutdown of the school on Wednesday owing to persisting protests by the non-academic staff of the institution.

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