Monday, 13 June 2016

UI: As Against Protesting On Resumption, See What Someone Proposed

I stumbled on one article written by a student of University of Ibadan today. He has other options he feels are better than the proposed protest when the school re-opens this week. See what he wrote below.

Let me just drop my 10kobo on this resumption matter. We have protested and we were sent home, even the dumb knows that almost nothing has been done to better the situation of things on campus. Protesting on the 20th of June as suggested by some people will be one of the worst mistakes we can ever make as students as even the blind can see that the protest would not yield to anything good as long as Mr Able is still controlling things. There is no light right?...We want to charge out phones, laptops, lamps, et al right? I'll strongly suggest that each hall delegates just 300 students to come out with all their "chargeables"  then take them to the HOD/DEANS/REGISTRAR/VC and any other relevant persons office. Don't shout, just knock on their doors, let yourselves in and plug your appliances. Don't argue with anyone just charge your phone for like 3 hours and leave.

There is no water right?... Let's students come out en masse  with their buckets and pails, carry them to the VC's Lodge to fetch water (we don't really need the water we just need to pass a message to the adminstration).
If we can do this for 7working days I am quite sure they would resolve those issues. Their don't have a sole right to being smart, We are smart too (After all we won't be in the premier university if we were not smart enough) -In the spirit of Aluta
Aluta Continua
Victoria Ascerta
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