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“We Are Extremely Fortunate To Be Educationists” - Faculty of Education (OAU) Students Speak

When contacted, a cross section of Faculty of Education students have given various reasons why they chose to be educationists and how they are faring at what they do:

The simple question was;
"Why are you in Education?"

-“Unarguably we modify life, helping other people in achieving their well stated and highlighted goals and objective.  This is where destiny brought me, and am so determined, passionate about it. As an educationist, am a light to the world and a blessing to my generation”
FOLORUNSO AKANNI (Economics Education)

-“I don't know o, I was given ni o... but I'm planning to get the best out of it n make an impact”
OLAIDE (English Language Education)

-“Being an educationist brings me joy. I am a craftsman, a negotiator of learning experience, a facilitator.  I choose this profession because it's something am destined to do. It's a part of me, to impart knowledge, values and attitude for a better society.”
OBA (Mathematics and Integrated Science Education)

-“Just like the old saying ‘our destiny is on our palm’, I remember when I was a child, being an educationist never came across my mind but on the long run. I discovered it was a calling, my destiny, my passion.”
OLAMUMMY GHYDYON (Guidance and Counselling)

-“I am into this faculty to bring up and develop the next generation that will continue the Glorious change God have for this country by teaching the next generation”
AYOOLA (Social Studies Education)

-“Unquestionable, I choose the course.  Choosing is about accepting something totally, I feel it in the body that generation coming are already aware of education but to make it more simplicity through ART.”
BLAZING TRAIL (Fine and Applied Arts )

-“Hmmm, education is a career with one thousand and one haters yet it has been keeping the society in place and that's why I'm in it so that the society will continue to be in place.”
D-BOY (Mathematics Education)

-“I chose to be an educator because I like to impact knowledge... It’s a dream that is gradually coming into reality”
IDRIS (Economics Education)

-“I choose to be an educator because I love kids and love to share what I know. For me to understand dis world started from school compound including all the activities of life.  Why not start there to develop our beloved nation?”
RAJI (Economics Education)

-“Anyway... Am happy to be an educationist.”
TIMI (Economics Education)

-“Hmm, I accepted to be an educationist because I am needed to impact lives out there, make a difference, and help them live rightly in the society.”
IYANUOLUWA (Social Studies Education)

-“I chose to be an Educationist because it’s the best way to serve humanity. Meaningful impacts are felt only through Education.”
BEULAH (Social Studies Education)

-“I'm happy, I'm an educationist, committed to developing the nation through teaching of scientific values.”
DEMMY (Physics Education)

-“A reader is a leader and a leader is someone who leads and instructs a group of people (followers).  So if you are an addicted reader and being acquainted with knowledge without transmitting it to another set of people (learners), the mission is not yet complete.  So a teacher is a practical example of a successful leader.  Learning is a chain that bonded a superior personnel (teacher) and the inferior ones (learners) together and through a medium (classroom), where the instruction will be effective and which will brings about change in behaviours for learners.  Teachers build life not blocks. We are God's sent workers that perfect the work of that has to do with destiny.  Teaching is a God-mandated profession and most blessed one but not visualize with cash alone. Therefore, you may not have discovered the misery behind teaching until you let your vocation to be your vacation and your vacation be your vocation.  Any society or nation that lacks quality teachers, the future of such society or nation is clouded. I cherish my profession as an endowed and confident teacher. We impact knowledge to restructure future infrastructure.”
OJO EBENEZER OMOTAYO (Biology Education)

-“I chose to study education and I got it on merit, I am proud to be a trained teacher proud to have learnt to be a leader amongst leaders. I am happy to make impact as an educationist.”
MAKINDE JAMES MCO.JAY (Geography Education)

-“Education is the process of inculcating norms, values, morals, etc. from one generation to another generation so that they can be meaningful and useful to the society. I am a TEACHER, a GENERATION and a LEADER.”

-“I'm happy am an educationist, God bless my Faculty and my department!”
DANIEL (Religious Studies Education)

-“An educationist I found myself of which I saw that things are working together for good, I'm determined to "professionalize" teaching just like law, medicine, pharmacy etc. So help me God.”
OLIVER (Social Studies Education)

-“I feel great.  I am in education to teach; to pass across what I know, period. No philosophical statements, no ideological sentiments and no exaggerations.”
ISOTOPE (Chemistry Education)

-“I am in education to develop minds, instruct and change the educational system for better.”

-“At first I felt I was given a wrong course but later realize I was committed with the work of rebranding and remolding lives.”
WHYZGEL (Economics Education)

-“I studied and graduated as an Educationist. I chose to study it and I enjoyed it.  Anywhere I send my CV to, I always receive a special treatment because I studied two courses at a time.  Even here in Ogun State, as a serving Corp member, am always respected.  So, please there are many opportunities waiting for you after you graduate. You may not even venture into teaching if you like. God bless all Educationists...Proudly Educand

-“When I was given, I was sad but when I recognize opportunities in it I know am great.”
TAIWO TIMILEYIN (Political Science Education)

-“In Education we mould lives in all facet, it’s more interesting when you see a noticeable change which actually defines it. Affecting lives positively will help achieve some of the goals of education.  As a teacher with experience and a teacher in training I say this - Education is the best way to take Nigeria to its pinnacle of breakthrough, free of corruption, embezzlement, biases and amassing unnecessary wealth etc.  Education is the solution. Empower education and sensitize young heart from the cradle, it will make Nigeria a better place. The vision that I see.  It pays to be an educator, I speak from my heart.”

-“I spent two years teaching before I gained admission, my boss loves me and calls me a BORN TEACHER because of what he saw, I really love those great moments of teaching and I enjoyed teaching.”

-“Education is indeed a great profession for people who are hardworking.  Because, teaching is easy but marking of notes, exam scripts and lesson note is a big deal.”
WINLADE (Arts and Humanities – French)

-“Smiles.  Being an Educationist has never been an alternative but the only option for me.  I’m born to impart lives, be a problem solver, put smiles on faces, and secure the future of our dear nation Nigeria and that is what I do as a teacher in training and will never stop doing.”
VENUS BEAUTYG (Economics Education)

-“I believe if a country is to be corruption free, there are three societal values that will make that possible: the father, mother and the teacher. Am proud to be a disciplinarian”

-“I am in education to impart knowledge, value, and attitude for better generations to know the degree of variations among learners. Their differences such as differences in value, competence,  achievement, attitude, interest, aspirations, beliefs, skills, creativity, emotions, socio-economic background and the ability of the students to cope with specific and nonspecific forces of life within a particular culture”
CHIDINMA (Social Studies Education)

-“I had never thought I'd move into this but I've always loved teaching. God's plan is preferable so if this is his plan for me then I know it's the best. I'm happy that I'm going to become an educationist. I hope to enjoy the course.
TOHLUH (English Education)

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