Saturday, 9 July 2016

#AfrikaLivesOn: OAU Students Remember Fallen Heroes

In remembrance of the July 10,1999 fallen martyrs, the Obafemi Awolowo University Students' Union has organized a 2-day programme to commemorate it.

The fallen OAU 5 include; George Iwilade (a.k.a Afrika), Efe Ekpede, Babatunde Oke, Eviano Ekelemu and Yemi Ajiteru.

The event kicked-off today at about 10am with signing of the Condolence register at AngloMoz car park. Despite the present shutdown of the university, some conscious students of OAU were present to sign the condolence register in honour of the fallen martyrs.

Speaking with OAU Peeps News Agency , the CSO and acting Students' Union leader, Comrade Olumighty said the remembrance of the OAU 5 comes up every year and it is done so as to remind every great Ife student that some people died for their just course - which is to liberate and combat cultism, violence and other vices on OAU Campus. He further narrated the event saying the fallen heroes sacrificed their lives for the serenity presently enjoyed on campus starting from working without fear at midnight coupled with total eviction of cultism on OAU campus.

Olumighty however stated that students greater than these martyrs can still surface, but only if all great Ife students unite and fight for their rights especially with the present bad situation on campus.

The remembrance also witnessed an anti-cultism parade/security search and film show. Tomorrow, July 10, has been slated for a symposium, candle night procession and bonfire.

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