Monday, 4 July 2016

An Exclusive Interview With Some Members of Team GoPoethick

Interviewees- (Mr Adewale Victor (Veekthur), the Founder of GoPoethick, Mr Adigun Abdullah, the Director of Operations, GoPoethick2016, Mr Ogunkoya Samuel Dabar, Director of Publicity of GoPoethick2016

Interviewer- Adeyeye Ifeoluwa Eyitayo (Head of Interviews, OAU Peeps News Agency)

OAU Peeps: From popular talk, we know that Gopoethick is a brainchild of OAU student, Mr Ajakaye Victor Oluwatobi aka "Veekthur". Please can you please help us develop on this?

Adewale Victor: You are not incorrect; I am Ajakaye Victor, planning a name change to Victor Adewale soon. Adewale is my father's name. I am still the same person.

OAU Peeps: Can you please tell us how the idea was conceived and who conceived the idea

Adewale Victor: I conceived the idea after a renowned poet Kukogho Iruesiri Samson, visited us in school and challenged us to start something creative. I also noticed the decline in the growth of Arts here too. How social activities like parties prevailed over Arts. I wanted a platform where Arts would rise to the level of other social activities. Especially poetry, I wanted the world to know that it is not a boring enterprise.

OAU Peeps: Mr Victor, What has been the challenges and successes so far?

Adewale Victor: The successes have been overwhelming. The only challenge has been getting sponsors for the event. We however have the support of a large number of poets in Nigeria and lots of OAU students.

OAU Peeps: Mr Dabar you mentioned in the course of your introduction that you are the director of publicity, we are aware that massive awareness have trailed GoPoethick 2016. From the photo shoots to various social media broadcasts, please tell us about this year's edition of GoPoethick

Ogunkoya Samuel Dabar: Please, can you be clearer about that question?

OAU Peeps: As the director of publicity for the forthcoming edition of GoPoethick, what are the things you have been able to put in place to achieve massive participation?

Ogunkoya Samuel Dabar: Well, we have been active "using" what we have, basically people. They have been seeing convincing reasons to make the dream a reality and hence join in broadcasting the event. The social media (WhatsApp, Facebook et al) has been a useful tool in beating the drums of the event loud. And of course, media outfits have been helpful.

OAU Peeps: Well thank you very much Mr Dabar. Rumour has it that there would be an epic theatrical performance by the dramatic arts of Obafemi Awolowo University, how true is this?

Adewale Victor: There ought to be a performance from.dramatic arts department but they have not been responsive and the school closure did not help matters. We however have a talented thespian who graduated from the department of dramatic arts. He would be thrilling us with an epic dance performance at the event

OAU Peeps: Another rumour also has it that a popular musician would be around for the event

Adigun Abdullah: Aye, rumors and news shaa. It was true, till some weeks after we began making frantic efforts to ensure his attendance. We however were not able to secure his presence due to extremely busy schedule.

OAU Peeps: What is the connection between Gopoethick and the kegites. Are they also performing at the event?

Adigun Abdullah: Not exactly Sir, you see the event is divided into two days, the first for the poetry class and the main event, and the second for mountaineering. Kegites will be around to come gyrate on Day2, the purpose of the event is to promote arts, music and poetry, this their drums, dancing and traditional performances and even palm wine showcase

OAU Peeps: Don’t you think the program should be dependent on school resumption so as to record a greater participation or won't OAU being on strike affect attendance at the programme as well as other plans?

Adewale Victor: The program is for all arts lovers, not limited to the OAU community alone. Our guests would be coming from different parts of the country. We don't want to ruin their schedule by postponing the event.

OAU Peeps: Do you think this year's edition would be better than the last edition? If yes, what makes you think so exactly?

Adewale Victor: This year's edition would be better than last year's because we have a better planning structure, compared to last year. We also have outstanding guest poets and artists. This year also has in package features that were not present last year like Live painting, Book exhibition, arts exhibition and sales, mountaineering and lots more amazing features.

OAU Peeps: Thank you guys for your time, However just before we close the curtains, we must ask for readers and fans who want to learn more about GoPoethick or make further enquiries, is there any way they can reach you guys or find the information they need? Perhaps some contact details or Social media handles

Adewale Victor: You can reach us on Twitter and instagram @GoPoethick, Our facebook page is and our blog is

OAU Peeps: Alright Sir, to round off, there have been some pictures of GoPoethick T-shirts and hand bands circulating on the social media, are these related to your event?

Adewale Victor: Yes they are very much related to our event; we made those t-shirts for people who love to support poetry, and would like to represent the art in their environment

OAU Peeps: And how do these people get them?

Adewale Victor: At the event venue, or through courier delivery

OAU Peeps: Alright Thank you for your time. We at OAU Peeps can't wait to GoPoethick already.

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