Saturday, 9 July 2016

Association Of Campus Journalists' Open Letter On #ReOpenOAU

We write to inform you of the current shut down of Obafemi Awolowo University located in Ile-Ife,Osun State Nigeria.

Obafemi Awolowo University was shut down on 22nd day of June, 2016, two days before the Varsity was meant to resume for her 2015/16 session.

It is with Great concern that we write this letter not just because of the current closure but also because of other issues that have remained unsolved over the years.

In Obafemi Awolowo University, Students are always at the receiving end of constant crisis that has always threatened their future.

This current shut down can be traced to alleged illegality in Appointing a Vice Chancellor for the institution and the over 76months Allowance that the University is owing Non Academic Staff Union of Universities and Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities which they have protested.

As Students we have endured the constant closure of our citadel which has caused Psychological trauma to us from time to time.

We have gone on strike every year in the last five years and this has led to untold hardship even on our parents who struggle to ensure we get qualitative Education.

Anomalies that have rocked our institution has made mockery of the Greatness of Obafemi Awolowo University which Students, strive to protect.

This closure is coupled with the current state of hostels in the University which has not received attention for years now even after Students protest and Campaign demanding for better welfare, some students have suffered victimization fighting for this cause but due to the undying love we have for the citadel even with the current state of welfare we have always defended the sanctity of the University with the best of our abilities as Students.

The current shut down has left many of our students abandoning Education due to situations beyond their control and even situations caused by idleness.

The Federal Government of Nigeria dissolved our University Governing Council and has failed to reconstitute another one, the same Federal Government failed to fast track appointment of an Acting Vice chancellor for the institution, not considering the fact that Obafemi Awolowo University Students have been at home for over 90days doing nothing.

Obafemi Awolowo University in its glorious days prides itself as the most productive University in Nigeria but when Students are not even allowed to graduate our productivity becomes questionable.

We find it important to write this because we are tired of been reduced to the streets due to constant closure of the University, whenever we attend a lecture we always have fears that the next day might come with no lecture because the school may have been shut suddenly.

We believe that if issues surrounding dilapidated structures,Workers welfare, Poor Hostels, Epidemic Calendar, Victimization of Students, appalling welfare are looked into, Students would not have to go home and abandon their Education involuntarily.

We have started a Social media Campaign to air our grievances, we have started trending the hashtag ReopenOAU but we believe that if Obafemi Awolowo University is managed very well, it has the potential to become one of the best around the globe.

We want to use this medium to ask that the Federal Government should as a matter of urgency constitute a New Governing Council for the institution and immediately appoint an Acting Vice Chancellor for the institution so that Students can resume.

Students have been at the receiving end of the mismanagement in Obafemi Awolowo University and we do not want to be used like slaves anymore,we are human too and we have a future to protect.

The Federal Government of Nigeria should also look into the administration of the University in the last five years, Students believe that the University was poorly managed and Students want the Federal Government to set up a panel to thoroughly investigate how OAU has been managed from 2011-2016.

We are in the month of July,2016 and we are yet to commence 2015/16 session, with the current conditions in the labor market, there are bracket and age limit to employment opportunities , and we are falling off the age bracket .

Our Students have lost out in internship programs and scholarships due to the constant shut down of the University.

Conclusively, we believe that Education with quality is our right, the Federal Government of Nigeria needs to always put future leaders first in their plans.We also want all quarters involved in affairs of the University to put Students interest at heart and ensure that they play their part without selfish motivations or individual glories.We are interested in making our citadel return back to its former glory.

Thank you.


Olanrewaju Oyedeji
ACJOAU President

Adebayo Faith
General Secretary

Abegunde Cephas
Public Relations Officer
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