Monday, 11 July 2016

Survivor Of July 10, 1999 OAU Massacre Shares Experience With The Ankara Boy

Chief Odunfa (In Green Agbada)
Chief Odunfa
In a bid to commemorate the death of Afrika and the OAU 4 today, The Ankara Boy is posting exclusive chats and interviews with some persons who were also involved in the incident. One of such persons is Chief Odunfa, who was the Kegite Chief at the time of the incident. He was supposed to fellow rise Afrika the Night of the incident. Read his comments below

"I was supposed to fellow rise Afrika that fateful night as he was never a kegite member.

I used to be Aluta Chairman of Awolowo Hall of Residence.

The fact that I was pre occupied with the Kegite mass initiation that was to hold that night prevented me from leading boys to Old Buka where we later got to know the cultists were meeting.

When they fired the first shot that killed Ajita in front of the Kegite palace in Awolowo Hall website all thought it was banger.

I saw the lady that led them, she was carrying a revolver on her right hand. When they approached Awo Cafe she started shooting at us in Awo Cafe. Everybody ran away from the Cafe leaving myself and AB National of Kegites Club at the time - Biodun Ojo to face the cultists. People were calling me to run but I told them how would it sound to hear that the whole Awoluta Chairman also fled.

When things for too hot, I don't know how I got to Room X10 in Mozambique Ball of Residence.

One thing nobody knows till date is the fact that there was a live tortoise in my shirt. I did not walk down to that room in Mozambique.

Afrika worked towards being a total African in all ramifications.

Afrika was young in appearance but he was definitely older in terms of wisdom and experience.

Afrika was popular right from his first year on campus.

On this day I remember Yemi Iwilade alongside other students that were killed."

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