Friday, 22 July 2016

The Prophecy: Elú Becomes King

He must have come before.
Why else would mother call him 'Tale?
Even now we feel the pains from the sore;
The ones he caused when he came as Wale

Maybe this is what the elders saw
When Odewumi and his comrades were singing.
As they rose to solidarity's call,
Not knowing where the road was leading.

Finally the August Visitor has sent orders
To cancel the sinless Council's wrong.
Tor'àgbà kìí wà lójà,
Kórí omo titún wó.

Now it is the turn of the Village Chemist.
The one who must help us find some order.
This chosen one must justify the Visitor's visit.
As Elú's prophecy comes to pass; I welcome you to Ìjoba Elújoba.

Pope Jay

Cartoon illustration by Pelumi Ponmile

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