Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Here Is What You Need To Know About the Health & Farming Benefits Of Chicken

Chicken may be rightly considered one of the most popular foods all over the world. Just think: besides its delicious taste and nutritional properties, chicken wins, because millions of people don’t eat pork or beef because of the religious beliefs or health conditions. Chicken is “universal” in this aspect.

Health benefits
They are numerous. Besides being a rich source of proteins, vitamins and minerals, chicken possesses other important qualities, including cancer prevention.

1. Protein: Protein plays a very important role in human’s diet – it is a building material for muscles. High level of protein in chicken makes it one of the main sources of this element.
2.Vitamins and minerals: Vitamins of B group prevent skin disorders, cataracts, boost immunity and regulate digestion. They also improve nervous system, preventing migraines and heart diseases, lower cholesterol and protect from the diabetes. Vitamin A is precious for the vision. Vitamin D strengthens bones and helps with calcium absorptions. Iron is useful for hemoglobin formation and helps to prevent anemia. Phosphorus helps to deal with general weakness, takes care of bone health, brain functioning, and metabolism.
3. Weight: Protein is effective in reducing weight. It is one of the reasons, why chicken is included in the majority of dieting programs.
4. Blood pressure: After studies of a diet for people with hypertension, researchers found out that chicken consumption is useful for lowering blood pressure.
5. Reduced cancer risk: Chicken, as well as fish, reduces the risk of developing colorectal cancer, unlike red meat.
6. Cholesterol: As chicken contains lower amount of saturated fats, consumption it reduces risk of cholesterol accumulation.
7. Cold: The tastiest way to cure someone, who caught a cold, is to give them some chicken soup. It guarantees relief from the congested nose and a sore throat.

Chicken farming
In the second part of the XIX century, household chicken farming grew from a part of a bartering system to the full-scale farming business.

Nevertheless, the best and the tastiest chicken are those that grow on your own farm. Even keeping some chicken in the backyard will result in numerous benefits. You can reduce food waste, get a natural fertilizer and regularly consume fresh eggs.

Chicken doesn’t need much space. If you can let them out of your garden, a small cage will be enough.

Chickens are very easy to look after. This occupation doesn’t require much time or effort. Some species, those that are wasted for meat in the first place, don’t even need “freedom”: you can keep them is a small cage and just provide with enough food.

In general, the best way to learn how to look after chicken is to buy some for your own household and find everything out in practice.

Where to buy chicken

After you’ve understood, how much useful properties chickens have, you surely want to get some for your personal household. Chickens on Jiji is the best place to buy. If you haven’t heard about, it is the best chance to get familiar with the website. Jiji is the best marketplace in the country. These are not just some empty words. Jiji is an online service, so shopping is available always and everywhere. People can use it for free, so there are hundreds of thousands of adverts from all over the country. You don’t have to deal with any assistants or intermediaries; instead, you communicate with sellers directly. Besides live human communication, it provides the lowest prices, free of extra charges. Jiji is as useful for you as chicken is for your health.

2016 NYSC Batch B: Pre-Mobilization Workshop Holds September 6 & 7

The Director General of the National Youth Service Corps, Brigadier General Sule Zakari Kazaure has approved the 2016 Batch 'B' Pre-Mobilization Workshop for all stakeholders in the NYSC Mobilization Process.

In a letter sent to Registrar of institutions last week, NYSC informed that the workshop is scheduled for September 6 & 7 and it holds in Ibadan, Oyo State. The theme of the workshop is 'Overcoming the Challenges of NYSC Mobilization Process: The Role of Stakeholders'. According to NYSC, a session in the workshop will be used to take officers of institutions through the nitty-gritty of online Data Entry Programme being used for the collation of graduates' data for uploading.

Prior to this time, NYSC had requested institutions to furnish it with the figures of their graduates who will be mobilised for national service in the forth coming 2016 Batch 'B' service year. The deadline for institutions who will be presenting graduates to comply with this directive has now been pegged at September 7, the last day of the Pre-Mobilization Workshop in Ibadan.

In Obafemi Awolowo University, the Senate of the institution is expected to sit today, Wednesday to approve the results of the 2014/2015 graduating students who are expected to be part of the 2016 Batch 'B' mobilization. The checks conducted by OAU Peeps News Agency revealed that some departments have been able to finish up with the processing of the results and data of their graduating students, while many others are struggling to meet up with today's university deadline to present the results of their graduating students at the Senate.

For instance, some departments in the Biological Sciences already have their graduating Students' results ready - the students have seen all their final semester results and they have their CGPA and class of honour already shown on their e-Portal page - thus making them good to go.

In what seems to be a different clime, a graduating student from a department in the Faculty of Social Sciences who does not want his name mentioned told OAU Peeps that he is not sure his department will meet up, except another Senate meets before the NYSC deadline of September 7. According to him, apart Special Elective courses, he has seen only the result of just one of the courses he took in his final semester.

It is expected that the results that are approved by the Senate today will be published by the Division of Student Affairs (DSA). Also, the NYSC timetable for the 2016 Batch 'B' is expected to be released anytime from now.

OAU 2016 Admission List Is Not Out Yet

Contrary to some information being circulated on the social media that the results of the 2016 admission screening are out, and that aspirants of departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences may need to report to the Faculty Secretary for, OAU Peeps News Agency has been able to confirm that the said publication on the notice board of the Faculty of is related to the Freshers of the Faculty and not aspirants. Thence, there exists no need for aspirants to visit the Faculty Secretary.

As it stands now, no admission list is out yet, as necessary processes are ongoing to select candidates for admission. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has given a deadline of November 30 for all institutions to complete the 2016 admission processing and OAU will most likely meet up with same.

Continue visiting for authentic update as regards admissions and other related events within and beyond the university communities. Kindly share this with your colleagues so that they will not be swindled by anyone.

Maintaining In Maintenance: Aunty Thelma

'No wonder...', Thelma hissed after her lengthy musing as she stared at the soapy lines almost drying on the plates that needed attention in rinsing.

'No wonder', Thelma hissed again, this time around, the hiss was long enough to spite the devil.

She rinsed the plates and went back to her phone to resume her Instagram session as she was not done snooping, or 'researching' as she called it.

First on the list to be 'observed' today, like every other day was Oyin, the natural enemy that lives next door. Though they had not shared more than the usual Maintenance 'hi' and 'hello', Oyin was what Thelma described as a thorn in the flesh.

For Thelma, it was not bad enough that Oyin rented a whole room in SHG to herself; or that she seemed to have contact lenses for every weather. What irritated her was how Oyin went about 'acting friendly'. To her, that was the greatest form of arrogance. She attributed Oyin's staying alone to the Maintenance unwritten law of 'mind your business' and yes, there was 'boyfriend intimidation' game which Thelma couldn't play because she broke up with her boyfriend. She recently saw a controversial snap where one of campus's biggest moneybags declared Oyin as his legit girlfriend.

Thelma whose registration and matriculation name was Nkiru found the need to 'step up', thereby digging up her baptismal name which she felt sounded smoother and more befitting for a Maintenance babe. Due to her almost-humble background, raising the money to get a bedspace was trying, but then she thought to herself "what's the point of staying in maintenance if I can't stay in one of the freshest hostels?"

Later that night, Thelma's sleep was cut in half by a distant commotion. She checked the time, it was 9:53pm. As she made to step out of her room, she nearly collided with her roommate, Success, who came running up to call Thelma. Downstairs, they met with Oyin, just alighting a bike, half naked and all blue from bruises. She ran past them towards her room. Everybody seemed to be talking at once, excitedly. It's not everyday a 'public figure' appears like that.

It wasn't until the next day that Thelma got the full gist from a male friend of hers who stays in the same hostel as Victor, Oyin's moneybag boyfriend. Oyin came visiting and met Jude, a friend of Victor's who was staying with him for the day. He had some foreign currency and original gold chains which Oyin felt obliged to steal from.

Jude was apparently a chill-less guy and Victor, not your regular boyfriend, for he watched on as Jude dealt a few slaps on Oyin after finding the money in the inner pocket of her blazers and the gold chains in her underwear. Victor who had already lit a smoke began to fume and rant about how he had been wasting money on a thief and put out the cigarette on her back. It was then her screams attracted neighbors who came and pleaded that she be let go while a good Samaritan helped get her on a bike.

"It's why I rarely get envious of what someone else has. I don't know the price they paid to get it nor the price they are paying to keep it", Success said to Thelma from the kitchen.

"Well, she wasn't worth the beef after all', Thelma replied, trying to act unconcerned but she couldn't help but feel angry at herself for the time wasted and needless efforts.

This is one of the the many tales unfolding in the high gardens called Maintenance. Like I always advise; stay in your lane, you'll do just fine there.

Meanwhile, I'll keep maintaining in Maintenance.

Nikhil Lagh

(Nikhil Lagh is a Student of Political Science at the Obafemi Awolowo University and a Member of the OAU Peeps Team.)

Professor Adegbehingbe Delivers Lecture, Recommends "Orogbo" For Better Vision

The 290th inaugural lecture series of the Obafemi Awolowo University held yesterday at Oduduwa Hall. The lecture was delivered by the current Dean of Clinical Sciences, Professor Bernice Adegbehingbe. The delivery of the lecture, which was titled 'That I May See' started at about 5pm and had in attendance notable personalities of the institution, including the Vice Chancellor.

While delivering the lecture, Adegbehingbe shared her clinical experiences and her various contributions to knowledge which include good research output, effective teaching and dedicated clinical services. She furthered by stating that her main objective is to prevent blindness and help find cures for other visual impairments.

She quoted a verse of the Bible verse, from where her topic was coined; Luke 18:4, thus her speech centred on facts about blindness and its causes. She gave facts, according to her researches, on some causes of blindness, using many clinical terminologies. Another high point of her lecture delivery was her recommendation of the use of Garcinia kola (Orogbo - Yoruba name) for clear vision.

Professor Adegbehingbe concluded her lecture by stating her many academic achievements, one of which was that she mentored and trained about fourteen Star Consultant Ophthalmologists. She later acknowledged her colleagues, her parents, in-laws , children and her loving husband and her many supporters that helped her career.

Professor Bernice O. Adegbehingbe is the current Dean of Clinical Sciences, the first ever from the Department of Ophthalmology. She is also an alumnus of OAU and had her Bc Hons in Health Sciences in 1985 and her MBCHB in 1988, before she went to Ireland to further her studies. She has contributed so much to her profession. This she said was spurred by her desire to be a professor, ever since her teenage years. She also stated that her quest for research and academic excellence was borne out of her exposure during her MSc programme.

We at OAU Peeps congratulate Professor Bernice Adegbehingbe on her appointment as a professor, and wish her greater heights of success.
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Power Blackout Stalls Activities In EDM, Agric Faculties

For more than 6 days now, the Faculty of Environmental Design and Management (EDM) and Faculty of Agriculture in Obafemi Awolowo University, have been thrown into darkness, as a result of power black out.

The lack of power supply in these faculties has stalled several activities including laboratory works that requires power, and some other academic activities.

Understanding that the school's WiFi network runs on power, some lecturers in the affected two faculties have also blamed the power supply outage for their inability to process the results of their graduating students, since they cannot be connected. This could result in some departments not able to meet up with today's university Senate meeting where such results are expected to be ratified.

The students of the faculties and those from outside the faculties too have their own share of the repercussion of the blackout; many students who use classrooms in the faculties to read at night have now been denied, due to lack of light. This is not the first time these areas will be disconnected from the other part of the university power-wise, we hope the relevant authorities will of help look into the issue and find a lasting solution to it.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Concerned Student Laments Over Improper Use of Pit Theatre

The "Pit Theatre" is no stranger to majority of Great Ife students. It is the spacious auditorium present in the building housing the Dramatic Arts Department. The original purpose of the auditorium is to serve as a place where students of the department can engage in the practical aspects of their studies.

However, Pit Theatre has gone beyond being used just for studying.  It has over the years served as a hotbed for several occasions.  Events such as various department's freshers' party, dinners and even variety nights has been hosted there. Fellowships and churches on campus have also used the venue for various religious programs.  Nevertheless, all these are not really the fundamental reasons why the auditorium was created.

Recently, voices have been raised over the continues abuse of the same auditorium by its users. Such alleged abuses include non-tidiness of the place after use, improper handling of the facilities present and usage at odd hours.

Pouring his mind, a concerned student of the Department of Dramatic Arts lamented, "I can't believe this is Pit Theatre. Although I'm not against renting it out to be used but it should be properly cleaned."  Another member of the Department also complained of the incessant damages of facilities in the theatre, which has always forced the department to foot the bills for repairs from their own pocket.

Pit Theatre is a place known for expression of creativity, and a structure that serves as a practical venue, a laboratory for all the students of the department.  These are its primary roles. It is worthy to note, however, that the secondary roles the theatre is serving shouldn't on the long run hinder its primary functioning.

We hope the concerned parties will look into this and make the necessary amendments before the prestigious Pit Theatre would be turned into a "Pit".

Monday, 29 August 2016

NASELS OAU Treats Freshmen To Warm Welcome

Miss NASELS 2016

NASELS Freshers Mountaineering

Tiamiyu Daniel, Mr NASELS 2016

The National Association of Students of English and Literary Studies (NASELS), OAU chapter, welcomed her Freshmen last week.

The 2015/2016 executive council of the association called the Altruist team integrated the freshmen by organising a week-long activity.

The Freshers' week commenced on Monday, 22nd August with an interactive session with lecturers from the department. On Tuesday, a seminar was held on how to be a better student alongside Ladies' talk; where the female newbies met with a Senior lecturer of the department, Dr. Folashade Hunsu. A career talk with Mr Andy Akhigbe, a recipient of Wizard Academy Prize for change in Texas, USA in 2007 took place on Wednesday morning,24th August. In the evening, there was a football match between the male fresh students and the stalites. However, the stalites hit them hard with two goals to nothing. A Spelling Bee, Debate and Quiz Contest held on the fourth day of the programme and later that day, several other talents were showcased by the freshmen during the variety night.

In an interview with the NASELS' President, Mr. Afeez Gbadamosi aka Afeez Gba, stated at the variety night that creativity was the selling point of NASELS students and since they have beautiful talents embedded in them, a variety night had to be included in the programme.

On Saturday, 27th August, the final day, a mountaineering exercise took place in the morning. The day was perhaps the best for most of the students as the leadership of the association had organised what many still term as one of the best freshers' parties on campus. The party took place on Saturday evening. It featured performances from several artistes and the annual Mr and Miss NASELS Contest where Mr Tiamiyu Daniel and Miss Toluhi Oreoluwa emerged winners respectively. In an exclusive interview with our correspondents, the Director of Socials, Mr Samwise and the Public Relations Officer of the association, Mr Ogunlana Micheal, gave all thanks to God, the Altruist team and every member of the association that made the week a success.

Editorial: Truth Be Told, OAU Belongs To Nobody & Belongs To Everybody

The recent trend in Nigeria's foremost institution, Obafemi Awolowo University seems to portray the Non-Academic Staff Union (NASU) and Senior Staff Association of Nigeria Universities (SSANU) as monopolizing the institution's control in their hands. If this situation is not immediately checked, it could mean OAU taking one step forward and two steps backward. Most importantly, the silence of students who are the suffering grass should not be misconstrued for stupidity or gullibility.

Today, some members of NASU and SSANU reportedly stormed the Senate building to protest and demand for their unpaid allowances, a situation which allegedly deteriorated the security condition at the institution's administrative block. In fact, some reports even have it that the Universe's Registrar and Bursar did not have it all to be a rosy day. The reason for their protest has been the same reason given for the incarceration of students 3 months ago. That period remains an unforgettable moment where students were subjected to emotional and psychological trauma for about 100 days; a condition that was eventually prevailed upon by President Muhammadu's approval of Professor Anthony Elujoba as the varsity's acting Vice Chancellor last month, after a vigorous #ReOpenOAU campaign.

The students, who still await their promised meeting with Elujoba seem to have their wings currently clipped, since their right to associate as a Union was seized towards the unpopular end of the former Vice Chancellor, Bamitale Omole's administration. Or maybe, students prefer to watch from the sideline for the mean time; a well calculated grace period to trust the new administration of the university to restore its glory as promised. If the major victims of these untold academic fluctuations are giving the leadership of the varsity a benefit of doubt to act, should NASU and co now turn OAU to their secretariats where they can choose to close down whenever they deem fit?

Where is ASUU? Its silence at the moment is not unexpected though, considering the alleged role a section of the Union played in the botched selection process of a Vice Chancellor for the institution. Perhaps, the 'superior' Union is still taking time to recover from the shock that came with President Buhari's intervention. Whatever the case may be, it is very important that Odewunmi-led NASU and his counterpart in SSANU know that enough is enough, and at same time understand that the future of innocent OAU students is already bleeding in their hands. Elujoba's time as the head of the institution looks promising and that is why the students are keeping their cool. OAU is neither NASU's property nor SSANU's property because it belongs to nobody and it belongs to everybody.

It is definitely not time for stories that touch yet, nevertheless, it is imperative to note that if the University is shut down once again as a result of the manner in which these staff demand for their entitlements, it won't be surprising to see students mount a formidable resistance in self defence against the deliberate bastardisation of their future with unnecessary breaks. Remember, a law of motion says "for every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction." We are all watching!

Campus Journalists Uphold Decision To Avoid Department, Faculty Politics

Journalists of the Obafemi Awolowo University under the auspices of the Association Campus of Campus Journalists (ACJ), OAU, reaffirmed an earlier decision by the association disallowing its members from contesting in Departmental and Faculty elections. The decision, which had raised some dust both within and outside the association, was passed last session and was called for review by the Guild of Editors of the Association. The law was then brought up for review at the Association's general meeting on Saturday, 27th August 2016.

However, despite arguments from some parties that, considering current realities, especially on the OAU campus, Campus Journalists should not be totally barred from contesting at Departmental and Faculty levels but some modalities be set in place to guide instances like this thus helping to retain some sanity to the fourth estate.
After several arguments, the topic was then put to vote and majority of the campus journalists voted that Journalists not be allowed to contest in Departmental and Faculty elections, upholding the resolution reached last session.

The release of Association's Public Relations Officer;


The Association of campus Journalists OAU at her general meeting held at BOOC on the above stated date made the following Resolutions

👉�No Journalist on OAU campus should contest for leadership position at the Departmental,Faculty and Students Union level in the University

👉�Induction would hold on September 9th & 10th,2016

👉�Registration Deadline for News Agencies /Journalists has been extended till September 7,2016

👉�All Journalists would work with more unity and ensure that information dissemination is efficient on campus

👉�Committees were formed and heads were appointed for each committee

The General meeting had in attendance Journalists cut across various news agencies and was presided over by the President of the Association.

It was agreed that all Politicians who are journalists be asked to resign their political position and all resolutions takes effect immediately.

Abegunde Cephas

Sunday, 28 August 2016

UJCM OAU Holds Thanksgiving Service, Pastor Warns Alleged Cultists

The University Joint Christian Mission (UJCM) of the Obafemi Awolowo University, the joint body of Christian fellowships on OAU campus, today held a Thanksgiving service to round up her week long programme; New Beginning which was tagged 'IN THE BEGINNING'. The event which was held at the Afrika Amphi Theatre witnessed a huge turnout from students from the different member fellowships on campus.

In his ministration, Engr Olumide spoke on the Christian student; academics plus spirituality. He admonished the congregation to pursue spiritual excellence in line with academics and advised them to do things to glorify God. Adding in his own words, the C.O.P coordinator of UJCM, Pastor Tunde Ayilola said "OAU is a sacred land, and it not a land where social vices will thrive". He thence warned any member of any secret or occultic group to repent from the evil deeds.

He said this in light of the rumour going round on campus that some cult members have been moving around. He also prayed for all students and the OAU community at large.

See CGPA Of Best Graduating Students In OAU Faculty of Technology Since '87

List of Best Graduating Students In Faculty of Technology Since 1987

Hezekiah Olusanmi's Monument: Beyond The Structure

"It is chiefly through books that we enjoy intercourse with superior minds. In the best books great men pour their souls into ours. God be thanked for books. They are the voices of the distant and dead, and make us heirs of spiritual life of past ages. Books are revelers, they give to all who will faithfully use them - the society, the spiritual presence of the best and of the greatest of our race"

A fruitful generation is considered to be a reading generation. Pivotal functions of books and library in any institution of learning can never be underestimated and neither can wholesome attention concentrated on enriching library with new books with newer editions can be considered to be too much.

A mind is not a vessel to be filled with junks, but a fire to be ignited. The future of any country or nation depends greatly on its youth, and the ability of the youth to significantly influence the level of development depends on how well they are moulded. If a fruitful future of a country is to be obtainable, then, so much is required on the level of education and knowledge given to its citizens. The same should also be made affordable for all and sundry, even to the vulnerable ones that this seems to be out of their reach.

Obafemi Awolowo University's library popularly known as "Hezekiah Oluwasanmi Library", is as ancient as the school itself with a magnificent structure. Unarguably, one of the best libraries in Nigerian universities, with a well structured and effective Administrative system. Well managed, which most importantly makes it an envy of many higher institutional libraries on the shore of Nigerian universities. But despite its huge mountainous structure,so much still needed to be done, to place it in an enviable position in the league of others, to an elevated position, zenith and a world class library. what amazes one most is probably the calibre of books on the shelves.  These ones  seem like a forgotten island in the desert of knowledge and imagination. A pace setting library as Hezekiah Oluwasanmi library,deserves more attention from the university management.The only thing that seems to be in order in the library is the structure. Books are old and void of new or latest edition that can benefit students in their quest and search for knowledge.

Undoubtedly, the library borrowers' cards  is one of the library's achievements, which enable students to borrow books for their intellectuals' consumption. But nowadays, Borrowers' cards are given out at the beginning of every session as usual but students do not know the cards worth anymore,one then wonders its usefulness when there are no books or new books for students to borrow with their cards. It seems the library has forgotten its ancient landmarks.

With the view of raising the standards of Obafemi Awolowo University to one of the best in Africa and the world at large, so much needs to be done on her Library, with the long time aim of enriching students' minds and putting them on the same pace with their counterparts in other world's renowned universities.

This library needs to be critically scrutinized by the university management,  such scrutiny is expected to bring about proper stocking and equipping the Library well to standards. Funds for these projects can be derived from either internal revenue or from funds allocated to the university from the federal government.

Since books in various shelves are old and cannot aid any student embarking on project, what then is the usefulness of the library other than serving as a stunning structure beautifying the university environment?

Hezekiah Oluwasanmi Library requires urgent and undivided attention of the university management.  Oluwasanmi should be made a monument for knowledge acquisition. This will put the university at par with what is obtainable in other top universities of the world.

Great Ife will be great again! God bless OAU, God bless Nigeria.

Edache Mathew is a Student of the Obafemi Awolowo University and a member of the OAU Peeps Team

OAU: Late Registration To Close Today

According to the University's eportal, late registration for students of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife is to close today Sunday, 28th August.

However, as at Friday 26th August, 2016, several students still had cases of unconfirmed payments and other issues related to payment and registration. Hopefully, these issues would be attended to in due course as issues of registration have continued to affect students over the years.

Departmental Clash Over Venue Turns Awry

It all happened in the morning of Friday 26th August, 2016 at AUD I lecture theatre. The final year students of the Department of Management and Accounting were having a lecture that was supposed to last for an hour. However the lecture eventually could not end in peace as it was disrupted by the arrival of CHM 201 students who claimed to also have lecture at the same venue.

According to a reliable source, the lecture theatre was fixed for CHM 201 by the school management between the hours of 10a.m-12p.m every fridays, but the lecturer and students of CHM 201 had agreed on AUD II because it was free between these hours so the accounting students could have their lecture in AUD I.

However, the CHM 201 lecturer was forced to stop the lecture at AUD II that morning when the department that the venue was allocated to by the University management came around for their lecture, which prompted the students and lecturer of CHM 201 to go back to their rightful venue; AUD I. On getting there however, the accounting students who had not finished their lecture were still inside and as such the CHM201 students had to wait out side for some minutes.

Things then went awry when the CHM201 students tried to make their way into the lecture theatre. The accounting lecturer told the students to wait a little more but they didn't yield to his plea. An accounting student then aggresively stood up and assaulted a 300L Chemical Engineering student named Emmanuel. It eventually turned into a nasty hullabaloo. However, things were brought to a calm with the arrival of the course coordinator and some other concerned lecturers who then helped settle the matter and disperse the students.

IFELAW Set To Go "Beyond The Bar"

The buzz is on at the Faculty of law Obafemi Awolowo University. The popularly known IFELAW has over the past weeks made intense preparations to see to the successful occurrence of a conference that is the first of its kind: The LEGAL CAREER OPPORTUNITIES CONFERENCE

The Conference is tagged "BEYOND THE BAR" is slated to take place on the 2nd and 3rd of September, 2016 at Oduduwa Hall. The conference will feature special sessions in:
*Real Estate and Property Law
*Corporate Law
*Law and Finance
*Oil and Gas
*Insurance Services
*Leadership and International Diplomatic Transactions
*Commerce, Industry & Investment Opportunities; The Entrepreneur & CEO.

The conference also includes an interactive Maritime Law Career Opportunities Dinner and it goes for #2,500.

The conference is open to all students and to make a reservation or for more information on the conference, you can contact Abass on 08069775596 or Fikayo on 07057988427.

It could be said arguably that this Conference is one of the top events to look out for in OAU in the month of September.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Humour: See 10 Different Ways To Drink Garri

Here are ten (10) different ways you can enjoy your garri (cassava flakes) including the places where they are taken that way.

Banana Island
They don’t normally drink this, but when they do… there must be a full animal involved.

Abule Egba
They drink their garri without any condiments. If you see three days old ewa goin to drink with your garri in Abule Egba, ma’ ka thank God.

Thanks to the hundreds of akara sellers on mile 2 axis. People living along that route combine everything with akara. Even garri.

Everything about Gbagada people is packaging. Even they way they serve their garri and common moimoi. That’s a N65 food looking like a meal of N500.

Ikeja GRA
Ikeja GRA people want to be different so bad, even when they are drinking their garri with standard miscellaneous items like groundnut and coconut.

Ikoyi people are selective. They won’t drink their garri except it is served with suya from Glover Court. Garri, suya and tomatoes. What an elitist combination!

They don’t want their garri to look like the regular Mainland people garri so they drink a cup of milk with two teaspoon full of garri.

Lekki people like to show off. When garri is on the menu, they have it in the Lekki style. ‘Garri, fried chicken and a glass of Dom Perignon wine.

This is a standard dinner in UNILAG. Sometimes it is served with groundnut, other days cold water without groundnut. On bad days, they drink water and chew dry garri later.

The difference between UNILAG people garri and LASU people garri is the latter would leave theirs to swell so it can hold belle all day. This is a full day meal in LASU.

So, how do you like your garri? I know all of us reading this do it the Abule Egba style but its okay to dream.

Source: Naija Single Girl

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Maintaining In Maintenance (Episode 1)

What was your reaction when you first heard a person say he/she was going to "Maintenance" in OAU? what came to mind? For me, it was the thought that probably such place was where cars or some other technological thing was handled.

Well, anyone who knows OAU better would know I was wrong. "Maintenance", in OAU, is a collection of hostels only for female students. Geographically, Maintenance is maybe the most proximal residential area to the OAU campus after the school Halls of Residence and this is probably why many ladies seek to live there. However, female students stay in maintenance for some other reasons like; inability to get an accomodation on campus, privacy, aesthetics, being identified with the financially buoyant students (aka "forming") amongst other reasons. Maintenance can be quite homey, relaxing and comforting and one certainly enjoys the calm of having almost no sense of insecurity or danger.

As ostentatious as it may sound, Maintenance is also not as rosy, living there can be like living in any other place in the world, with people and their different tastes, life-style, personal beliefs, e.t.c.

Maintenance is a place where "the big girls" and the "aspiring" try as much as possible to live a comfortable life, even if their family background and finances say otherwise, where guys come shopping for "babes" with their cars or "Leggedes Benzes".

Once I heard that one can even get low self-esteem in Maintenance, and if not careful, the desire to be more like others may tend to start to influence a person. And just as hostility and animosity tends to exist wherever one may find himself, it is also not far-fetched among some female students who live in Maintenance as an  individual may feel superior to another in terms of intelligence, financial capacity, achievements, and other impressionable things which makes life in maintenance private and reserved for some people. Last session, I heard about a fight that ensued over a gas cooker in one of the hostels between a then final year student and one of her roommates who was then in her Second year, the fight led to the destruction of some personal property which belonged to the second year student. And on eventually leaving the hostel, the graduate did more havoc by removing the padlock on the girl's wardrobe and replacing it with another, and she also did the same with the padlock at the entrance of the room.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around why the place is called Maintenance but I can assure you that just as there is a good and bad side to life, so is there to Maintenance. As whilst many are the popular benefits of living there, there are also many other things that can be detrimental to one's pursuits as a student. However, Maintenance is an enjoyable place if one as a student can set his goals and priorities right. Till next time, I'll be maintaining in maintenance...

Ayo Sulaimon is a Student of the Arts and Social Science Education Department of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife and also a member of the OAU Peeps Team.

Porters, Students Clash In Fajuyi Hall

The porters of Fajuyi hall arrived Block 3 at about 10:00 am yesterday, Wednesday, 24th August, 2016 to pack some goods such as bread, indomie and some other wares sold by some students on the block. The porters stated that their actions were based on an order from the Division of Student Affairs.

The student involved (name witheld) pleaded with the porters not to take away his goods and other students came out in large numbers restricting the porters from going away with the items. Some of the angry students protested and claimed that hostels are meant for students and any transactions that happened between students in the hall did not concern the Porters.

All efforts by the Porters to lock up the room and leave with the goods eventually proved futile as Fajuyans in Block 3 stood their ground almost leading to a combat with the porters. Keeping in mind that the same act of taking students goods was outplayed at Block 2 of the Hall on Tuesday, 23rd August, 2016. Most of the students even further lamented the saddistic attitude of those selling at the buttery and how they treated students with disgust citing these small student entrepreneurs as the only better alternatives.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Dean Raises Alarm Over Possible Collapse Of OAU Faculty Building

The Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Prof. Agbo Amusan, has said that the failing link bridge between two buildings at the faculty poses a serious danger to the lives of staff and students of the university.

Amusan raised the alarm while delivering a speech at the inauguration of the lecture theatres renovated by the 1991 alumni of the faculty on Saturday.

He said that apart from the failing link bridge, years of neglect caused the sewage pipe to burst inside the offices of some lecturers and the place was shut down despite the fact that offices for the staff were insufficient.

Noting that the faculty needed urgent renovation, the dean lauded the 1991 set and urged others to assist their former faculty and give the present staff and students an environment conducive for teaching and learning.

Amusan said, “The attendant old age and progressively increasing pressure occasioned by staff and students’ usage over the years on the various facilities within the faculty buildings have led to a near total collapse of the facilities.

“This was compounded by the lack of routine maintenance of the various facilities within the buildings. The inability to carry out regular routine maintenance of facilities is often attributed to dwindling funding from the Federal Government.

“Some of the major challenges facing the faculty are the structural problems of the faculty buildings. One of the columns that support the link bridge is failing already and this poses a serious danger to lives. In one of the departments, some academic and technical staff have sewage pipes leaking directly into their offices and they had to vacate the offices.

“There is the problem of leaking roofs and this causes disruption in power supply and students are expected to carry out laboratory research at the faculty, without electricity supply.”

The President of the Faculty of Agriculture (1991), Mr. Henry Ojuoko, said he mobilised other alumni in the set to assist the faculty because of the decapitation caused by years of neglect.

Ojuoko promised that the set would not relent in assisting their alma mata within the limited resources of the members. He called other old students of the faculty to emulate the 1991 set.

The Acting Vice- Chancellor, Prof. Anthony Elujoba, who was also present at the brief ceremony, said he would ensure a good change within the six month period of his tenure.

Elujoba said the university would not allow the link bridge to collapse, adding that renovation would be carried out not only at the faculty but also all over the campus.