Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Concerned Student Laments Over Improper Use of Pit Theatre

The "Pit Theatre" is no stranger to majority of Great Ife students. It is the spacious auditorium present in the building housing the Dramatic Arts Department. The original purpose of the auditorium is to serve as a place where students of the department can engage in the practical aspects of their studies.

However, Pit Theatre has gone beyond being used just for studying.  It has over the years served as a hotbed for several occasions.  Events such as various department's freshers' party, dinners and even variety nights has been hosted there. Fellowships and churches on campus have also used the venue for various religious programs.  Nevertheless, all these are not really the fundamental reasons why the auditorium was created.

Recently, voices have been raised over the continues abuse of the same auditorium by its users. Such alleged abuses include non-tidiness of the place after use, improper handling of the facilities present and usage at odd hours.

Pouring his mind, a concerned student of the Department of Dramatic Arts lamented, "I can't believe this is Pit Theatre. Although I'm not against renting it out to be used but it should be properly cleaned."  Another member of the Department also complained of the incessant damages of facilities in the theatre, which has always forced the department to foot the bills for repairs from their own pocket.

Pit Theatre is a place known for expression of creativity, and a structure that serves as a practical venue, a laboratory for all the students of the department.  These are its primary roles. It is worthy to note, however, that the secondary roles the theatre is serving shouldn't on the long run hinder its primary functioning.

We hope the concerned parties will look into this and make the necessary amendments before the prestigious Pit Theatre would be turned into a "Pit".

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