Sunday, 28 August 2016

Departmental Clash Over Venue Turns Awry

It all happened in the morning of Friday 26th August, 2016 at AUD I lecture theatre. The final year students of the Department of Management and Accounting were having a lecture that was supposed to last for an hour. However the lecture eventually could not end in peace as it was disrupted by the arrival of CHM 201 students who claimed to also have lecture at the same venue.

According to a reliable source, the lecture theatre was fixed for CHM 201 by the school management between the hours of 10a.m-12p.m every fridays, but the lecturer and students of CHM 201 had agreed on AUD II because it was free between these hours so the accounting students could have their lecture in AUD I.

However, the CHM 201 lecturer was forced to stop the lecture at AUD II that morning when the department that the venue was allocated to by the University management came around for their lecture, which prompted the students and lecturer of CHM 201 to go back to their rightful venue; AUD I. On getting there however, the accounting students who had not finished their lecture were still inside and as such the CHM201 students had to wait out side for some minutes.

Things then went awry when the CHM201 students tried to make their way into the lecture theatre. The accounting lecturer told the students to wait a little more but they didn't yield to his plea. An accounting student then aggresively stood up and assaulted a 300L Chemical Engineering student named Emmanuel. It eventually turned into a nasty hullabaloo. However, things were brought to a calm with the arrival of the course coordinator and some other concerned lecturers who then helped settle the matter and disperse the students.

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