Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Get Healthy Refreshment In A Cup From Lume Today

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Do you Know that an average bottle of Soft drink contains between 35-40g of Sugar?

Quite a lot if you critically assess, but can an average student cope without a bottle of coke to achieve that sugar rush?

We at Lume Fruit Planet have help come up with what might just be the healthy way out. With exotic blends of natural fruits into refreshing smoothies, we do not just help you enjoy the best of nature, we also give you that unique refreshing feel that comes in a cup.

Pay us a visit at Anglomoz Bus stop to try out our refreshing fruit blends and Smoothies from 4:00pm daily.

You certainly won't be disappointed 'cos at Lume Fruit Planet, it's healthy refreshment in a cup!

For more enquiries or to book our services exclusively for your event, contact; 08109769217, 08147787039.

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