Wednesday, 31 August 2016

OAU 2016 Admission List Is Not Out Yet

Contrary to some information being circulated on the social media that the results of the 2016 admission screening are out, and that aspirants of departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences may need to report to the Faculty Secretary for, OAU Peeps News Agency has been able to confirm that the said publication on the notice board of the Faculty of is related to the Freshers of the Faculty and not aspirants. Thence, there exists no need for aspirants to visit the Faculty Secretary.

As it stands now, no admission list is out yet, as necessary processes are ongoing to select candidates for admission. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has given a deadline of November 30 for all institutions to complete the 2016 admission processing and OAU will most likely meet up with same.

Continue visiting for authentic update as regards admissions and other related events within and beyond the university communities. Kindly share this with your colleagues so that they will not be swindled by anyone.
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  3. The admission test is a war for the students. They suffer this war so badly. It's some kind of race that you have to win. If you lose you are out from this tournament. So boring.