Thursday, 25 August 2016

Porters, Students Clash In Fajuyi Hall

The porters of Fajuyi hall arrived Block 3 at about 10:00 am yesterday, Wednesday, 24th August, 2016 to pack some goods such as bread, indomie and some other wares sold by some students on the block. The porters stated that their actions were based on an order from the Division of Student Affairs.

The student involved (name witheld) pleaded with the porters not to take away his goods and other students came out in large numbers restricting the porters from going away with the items. Some of the angry students protested and claimed that hostels are meant for students and any transactions that happened between students in the hall did not concern the Porters.

All efforts by the Porters to lock up the room and leave with the goods eventually proved futile as Fajuyans in Block 3 stood their ground almost leading to a combat with the porters. Keeping in mind that the same act of taking students goods was outplayed at Block 2 of the Hall on Tuesday, 23rd August, 2016. Most of the students even further lamented the saddistic attitude of those selling at the buttery and how they treated students with disgust citing these small student entrepreneurs as the only better alternatives.
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