Sunday, 7 August 2016

Ten Useful Tips For OAU Freshmen- Adigun Olayemi Paul

Here are some advice for the new intakes on campus to wade off distractions and unnecessary poke-nosing from others into their affairs. They are also in line to help them develop a strong will on campus. The tips are as follows:

1.  Don’t be Anxious - As a fresh undergraduate, it is expedient for you not to be too anxious in anything you do.  Do not let your anxiousness lead to your fall but rather be relaxed and take everything step by step. Being anxious may lead you into doing some unwanted things and also make you lose focus.

2.  Be focused - In whatever thing you do let your mind and soul be totally connected to it. Don't be discouraged, destabilized and disturbed, but rather try to attain every set steps of yours with your full concentration.

3. Right Advisors - May I tell you that you will meet with different people on campus from different backgrounds but it is left to you to determine the ones that will be of help with useful advice i.e. life changing and encouraging advice.

4.  Choose your friends wisely – You are bound to have friends on campus but you will have to know your real friends, know those who you will be going out with.  It is easy for you to choose your real friends by monitoring closely their attitude and behaviour. It will be good for you to choose those that will affect your life positively.

5.  Attend Classes - It is necessary for you to always attend classes at all times and in any venue. All these will determine your success because there are some important points that the lecturer may tend to expose during his lectures but won't be written down as notes, through that you'll get it and have an edge.

6. Study Regularly - As an undergraduate you don't have to wait until only tests and exams periods till you start reading.   Start your reading as early as possible, this will make you strong during test and exam periods. Designate some hours to read every day, if possible.

7.  Time Management - This is most essential while in school.  Plan your time wisely and schedule your daily activities, write out your set-out plans daily. Draw your plan for the day and for the week. Time management creates an avenue for you to maximize your time wisely and resist all distractions thereby increasing your concentration.

8.  Avoid discouragement - Discouragement is bound to happen anytime on campus, but your attitude towards solving it will make you succeed.  Try to be strong in all circumstances and learn to face all challenges, be it academically, health wise, financial aspects etc.  Always know that it is just for a period of time. Find encouragement in discouraging situations.

9. Set your goals - Set your goals per semester. Set everything you want to achieve and work towards it. Don't leave any stone unturned.

10.  Pray Always - The paramount key to living through every situation (good or bad) is prayer. Know your God as He's able to lead you to greater path and help in securing your future.

Adigun Olayemi Paul is a Language student at the Obafemi Awolowo University and a member of OAU Peeps News Agency.

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  1. Very uplifting speech.. God bless you @ adigun paul