Friday, 30 September 2016

KSA Birthday Celebration: "Leadership Is Stewardship" - Ooni Of Ife Tells Students

Oduduwa Hall was certainly the place to be on Wednesday, 28th September 2016 as popular Nigerian music prodigy, King Sunny Ade was celebrated by the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi.

The programme, which was organised by Apreel 1, was done in commemoration of the 70th birthday of King Sunny Ade. The first part of the programme held in Oduduwa Hall and featured a public lecture from Professor Vidal, a Professor of Music at the Mountain Top University Lagos, who spoke on the topic, "Nigerian Music Industry: A way forward...".

However, a mild frenzy emanated upon the arrival of the Ile-ife Monarch as students, staff and other members of the University trooped out to see the recently coronated ruler of Ile-Ife. In his address to the audience, the Oonirisha emphasised the need for the youth of the present day to further seek the mentorship of the elders as the gap between the elders and the youth increased by the day, which according to the monarch, is causing a rapid moral decadence in the society. Also whilst celebrating the Nigerian music legend, King Sunny Ade, the Ooni engaged the youth present at event in singing some of the songs of KSA whilst the birthday "boy" in response delighted the audience with his popular dance steps.

In response, King Sunny Ade, appreciated God for keeping him, his band and the Ooni for according him such honour. Citing his past relationships with the two previous kings of Ile-Ife and the Obafemi Awolowo University, KSA stated that he was the privileged prophet who was celebrated even in his own town. The programme was rounded off later in the day with a dinner.

Federal Government Declares October 3 Public Holiday

The Federal Government has announced that Monday, October 3 will be work free day, in celebration of Nigeria's 56th Independence Anniversary.

This was contained in a statement released by the Minister of Interior, Lt Gen (rtd) Abdulrahman Bello Dambazau and signed by the Acting Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Interior, Alhaji Muhammadu Maccido.

The Minister congratulates Nigerians at home and abroad on the commemoration of this year’s independence anniversary and assures that the government is putting measures in place to ameliorate the current economic challenges.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Tehillah Concert 2016 Storms Ife Tomorrow

A night thousands of people are waiting for, a Night of signs and wonders, a crusade hidden in a concert.

Happening live in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife

Theme: GRACE
Date: 30th September, 2016
Time: 10pm

Ministering :
1. Tee-music (an anointed, powerful music minister and the privileged president of Tehillah vision)

2. DAVID B (a mobo award nominee gospel artiste from the United Kingdom)

3. Odunayo Aboderin (an anointed minstrel who released the hit single 'elewi elese' which still blesses lives)

4. Philipage ( the composer of the hit single 'akodaiye asedaaye' and former choir leader at God's Love Tabernacle, Ile-Ife)

5. Ademola Olabinjo (an anointed music minister who also ministered at the 73 and 74 hrs marathon praise)

6. Tehillah vision minstrels and Psalmists.

7.Tehillah rising stars.

You don't want to miss this Euphonious crusade. Come and be saved,
come and experience the extraordinary!

Come To The Tehillah Concert 2016!

Announcer : TEHILLAH Board of Directors.

Proudly supported by OAU Peeps

Pelumi Ponmile, Other OAU Students Make "Life In My City" Art Contest Shortlist

Life in my City art festival is an annual art festival which commenced in 2007. It is a festival used to showcase young artists and encourage creative awareness. The festival also comes with a competition.

For this year, quite a number of participants from various tertiary institutions enrolled for the competition and in a show of greatness, several OAU students, present and past, were shortlisted among the finalists from the Ibadan zone in Nigeria. These lucky ones would be showcasing more of their talent at the grand finale of the festival in Enugu state later in October.

About 10 of the 12 finalists shortlisted from the Ibadan zone for the finals are said to be students of OAU with some names on the list being the popular painter of Fajuyi Hall Water Place; Pelumi Ponmile, Badru Taofeek, Ibrahim Rashidat amongst others. The festival is used to promote culture and creativity in Africa as a whole. The grand finale of the colourful event will be on the 27th of October, 2016 which is also the award night.

We wish everyone on the #TeamOAU good success at the event.

Myths And Facts About Coffee

A study claims that coffee can increase stamina and help weight loss but most health experts warn against drinking it. So what is the truth about coffee? Here is a separsation of myths from facts by Amy Anderson

1. Coffee is fat-free - MYTH
After brewing, espresso coffee contains 2.5% fat. Filter coffee contains 0.6%. It's mainly the milk or cream taken with the coffee that adds fat.

2. Coffee makes you more physically active - FACT
Caffeine -- the main active ingredient in coffee -- acts as a mild stimulant on the central nervous system. This, in turn, is responsible for boosting alertness when individuals are tired -- during night-shift work, on a long journey, or after lunch when the body's circadian rhythm is at its lowest.

3. Coffee is just a quick stimulant - MYTH
The stimulant effect of coffee peaks in the blood 15 to 45 minutes after drinking -- but may persist for hours. How fast your body deals with caffeine depends on your metabolic rate, but its expulsion is slowed by pregnancy, medications such antacids and the Pill.

4. It's always hard to give up coffee - MYTH
A tiny percentage of the population, who may be sensitive to the mild stimulant effects of caffeine, may experience withdrawal symptoms, such as headache and lethargy, if they suddenly stop drinking coffee. These symptoms can be avoided by cutting down gradually over a few days. Most people just feel slightly less alert in the mornings when they stop drinking coffee.

5. Drinking coffee is an aid to weight loss - FACT
Caffeine has been shown to lead to a temporary increase in the metabolic rate and the rate of fat breakdown. Although increases in energy expenditure caused by caffeine are small, they may be of benefit in some weight-loss programs.

6. Coffee can make you more mentally alert - FACT
Caffeine can boost the speed of rapid information processing by 10%, and a cup of coffee after lunch helps to counteract the "post-lunch dip" in ability to sustain concentration. It can also make you less drowsy when you have a cold, and can stimulate sensory nerves.

7. Coffee is certain to make it hard to sleep - MYTH
The effect of caffeine on the ability to fall asleep differs hugely between individuals. Some people who drink coffee in the evening find they have no problems sleeping; others find its stimulant effect means it takes them much longer to fall asleep.

8. The darker the roast, the stronger the coffee - MYTH
The darkness of a coffee roast depends on how long it has been left to roast for, and lighter roasts often have a stronger flavor. Darker roasts are more acidic, which can make the taste better or worse, depending on your personal preference.

9. Coffee is a diuretic - MYTH
With normal consumption of three or four cups a day, studies have found the diuretic effects of coffee to be negligible. It's only when there's a high intake that appears to have a diuretic effect.

10. Drinking coffee causes cancer - MYTH
Thousands of research projects have been carried out to investigate any links between coffee consumption and the development of cancer. In 1997, the World Cancer Research Fund published a comprehensive review of diet and cancer. It stated: "Most evidence suggests that regular consumption of coffee and/or tea has no risk of cancer at any site."


Faculty of Pharmacy OAU Inducts 99 Fresh Pharmacists

Inductees in their Colourful gowns

The atmosphere of the Oduduwa Hall of the Obafemi Awolowo University was certainly a joyful one on Tuesday, 27th September 2016 as students who had completed their five-year undergraduate degree programme in the Faculty of Pharmacy were inducted as Pharmacists.

The induction which began at about 10am had in attendance several dignitaries, parents and friends of the inductees, who glowed effortlessly in their induction gowns.

Addressing the inductees in his address, the keynote speaker of the event, Pharmacist Tayo, advised the new pharmacists to continue to develop themselves especially by acquiring several other skills which would give them an edge in the outside world. The programme also featured a brief presentation by Mr Reuben Tamarau Tenna, who had the best final year project and was also the class representative of the graduating class.

Upon the administration of the Pharmacist's oath by the registrar of the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria, Pharmacist Muhammad, who was duly represented, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy OAU, Professor Adebajo, presented the best graduating student of the Faculty for the 2015/2016 class in person of Miss Olaoye Tosin. Miss Tosin, who graduated with a cumulative grade index of 4.81, was well celebrated at the event as several prizes were awarded her.

Also at the event, Several practicing pharmacists and dignitaries were recognised for their tremendous contributions to the development of the profession. Amongst them are Professor C. Onyeji, former Vice-Chancellor of Enugu State University, Princess Ojo, Pharm Siji Olamiju of Akol Groups, HRM Oba Olatunde Falabi, the Akire of Ikire land, Dr Raymond Zard of the Zard Groups etc. Several other Pharmacists and other dignitaries were also present at the event.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

⁠⁠⁠Before You Call Us Names; Get Your Facts Right

The attention of the management of OAU Peeps News Agency has been drawn to a misleading information allegedly churned out by one Mr. Rasak Ayoola. He claimed that OAU Peeps News Agency, has at a point in time published news reports without adequate investigation and evidence.

Mr Rasaq mentioned this at the National Association of Nigerian Campus Editors (NANCE) Southwest Regional Workshop that held in Ibadan, on Saturday the 24th September, 2016.

As much as we at OAU Peeps remain very open to public suggestions on how we can improve on our service delivery, and constructive criticism that will up our redefined journalism, we will not tolerate any form of misleading information, which we strongly believe was aimed at defaming the agency.

Mr Ayoola, is said to be the the South West Regional Editor of the Business Day newspaper and a 200 level student of the Faculty of Law. We are not sure if he really understands the operations of our news agency over the past few years, but perhaps he commits this offence he accuses the agency of. Obviously, we expected a mainstream journalist like him to make proper investigations before making assertions.

We are also surprised that some of our friends in the campus journalism sphere could also fall for this cheap propaganda as we have seen a couple of them publishing this falsehood.

In the meantime, we want to reassure our esteemed readers that OAU Peeps remains the news agency you trust, and we will continue to serve you unrepentantly.

Thank you.

Ojelabi Jesujoba
For the OAU Peeps Team

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

DSA Invites Prospective NYSC Members To Important Meeting

The Division of Students Affairs, Obafemi Awolowo University has invited all final year students/prospective Corp members to a meeting with NYSC officials on briefing and sensitization on NYSC matters.

The meeting is scheduled for 29th of September, 2016 at the Ajose Lecture Theatre by 10am prompt.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Looking Classy On A Rainy Day

Everyone will agree that the weather these days has not been very friendly, especially to us here on OAU campus. We have been experiencing this chameleon-like weather these days; having it bright and sunny one minute, then grey and raining heavily the next. This has been a bother to many of us whose activities get interrupted due to the rain. Getting drenched on the way to class is definitely not going to look good or classy at all.

However, it is still possible to remain fashionable, even on a suddenly rainy day. I'll share some tips on how you can maintain your style in this season.

Firstly, this goes for us ladies. Our hair becomes a concern when it rains and gets wet. So it will be wise for ladies to keep a shower cap handy at all times. It's portable and protects your hair. So before you step out on a seemingly bright day, ensure that you have your shower cap. Also try to wear your hair in a bun or ponytail which is easier to control.

For your dressing too, wearing whites on a rainy day is totally a no-no. It will most likely get stained. You can rather touch up your look with a trendy jacket or coat. This will even keep you warm on a chilly day.

In addition, leather shoes or sandals are not so good for the rainy season. This is because they soak up water and dry very slowly. Instead you can go for jelly shoes, or sturdy rubber shoes that are not loose, to avoid squirting dirt on yourself. These are  actually more durable.

Lastly, ladies again, water proof makeup will be a great idea. Water proof mascara and eyeliner will help you maintain that lovely look. You can also go light on your foundation, or avoid it altogether. Your umbrella can also be made to match your outfit. It actually looks very nice.

These are some tips that can come useful for you in this rainy season. That is, if you must look gorgeous and classy despite the bustling activities of school life.

(Akinfenwa Olaitan is a student of the Faculty of Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife and a member of the OAU Peeps Team.)

Students Lament Over EGL204 Results

It was toward the eventide of the 16th September - Thursday that one of the core courses at the department of English Language at the Faculty of Arts, EGL 204 result was released for her students to check. The result was overly poor for almost all of them. A correspondent of OAU Peeps News Agency was able to gather from a Student (whose name would not be disclosed) that the results were quite inconsistent. According to Dupe(not real name), at first, she checked and saw that she was 'given' 24 in total, over 100 marks.

Another affected student lamented, "how can I score below 20 over all!" And Tolu (not real name) explained that he believed he merited and expected much than what was given him.

Our correspondent also learnt that after the first upload, few left for the department to lodge complaints, they were made to understand it was due to some terrible error which would be rectified in no time. However after the alleged correction, it ws said that the grades of the few with good marks before, if not all, nosedived to Ds, Es and F s. The result was reloaded again, even, nothing was changed. And on the 22nd September, the result became cleared on the students eportal accounts - the latest development.

However at the moment, many students still believeIt that there would most plausibly be, another reload, from the department and or the bodies in charge, that would most expectedly reflect the actual grades, of her confused students.

The Pharmacist: Beyond The Science – Pope Jay

The origin of man has continued to remain one of the mysteries beyond his reach. While some have tried to answer this question of man’s source within the confines of logic, some others believe a force beyond man’s comprehension is responsible for his existence. So far, none of these standpoints is yet to achieve an absolute answer. However, studying the flora and fauna components of the earth, the geography of the earth and some other important factors, some basic facts can be established. The Charles Darwin’s theory of Evolution is one of such facts: The fact that it is only organisms that can successfully adapt to their environment that survive. The Homo sapiens is one of the most successful animals on the surface of the earth. The reason for this is not far-fetched; it is mainly due to her ability to adapt to her environment and even optimize some alterations to it, even though some unintended effects often arise from her escapades in this process.

   Science has been described as man’s unending search for the truth; the truth about himself, the truth about his environment both living and non-living etc. On a number of occasions, man has succeeded at discovering some of these “truths” and for others, he continues to search. In the course of his search, man has uncovered some hidden perks and gifts of nature. One of such gifts is the medicinal effect of quite a number of resources in nature.

Pharmacy is defined as the art, practice or profession of preparing, preserving, compounding, and dispensing medical drugs. A drug is any substance that produces an effect, toxic or beneficial, on the human body and it usually of plant, animal or mineral origin. The apothecary is the one that has chosen to dedicate his life to the endless search of the truth about these medicines. He is like every other man yet he cannot be like every other. It is often said that no man is above mistakes, but the pharmacist has to be closer to perfection than most because the smallest mistake on his path could end the lives of many. He has to know “what part of what works for what for who”, he then has to find the best way to isolate useful components from larger sources and if possible, replicate without diminishing beneficial effects. He is faced with the challenge of finding the most suitable form of use that will produce the effect he requires with little or no side effects. He then as to fit into the health team so he can properly guide other medical practitioners and the general public in the use of his products.

The pharmacist over the years has had to bear this burden; marrying the mortar and pestle, making the laboratory his home and the dispensary his workplace. However, with the evolution of a more patient oriented practice; leading to an increased level of interaction between the pharmacist and his patient, many more abstract features of the pharmacist are now coming to light. Whilst many are still strongly of the opinion that a health care provider should have little or no emotional connection with the patient to ensure optimal care, new findings have started to show that the psychological state of the patient plays a major role in determining his state of health and response to any treatment. Often times, the patient, apart from medication, also needs some level of emotional assurance and reliability in therapy and in the African system where most issues of mental health are not handled until acute stages, the pharmacists plays a major role in this aspect.

Even though several schools of thought would probably disagree at some point. It is hard to really understand what goes on in the mind of your health care provider as you lay your complaints to him; was he silently mocking you? Was he thinking of how he could make maximum profit off of you? Or maybe he just didn’t care and was just doing his job? The truth is maybe we would never know. But in the end, beyond all the science and economics, one primary factor remains constant; he cares! The pharmacist is often a friend, confidant and counsellor.


(Pope Jay is a student of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife and a member of the OAU Peeps Team.)

OAU Lecturer Wins Fafunwa Education Foundation Award

Obafemi Awolowo University lecturer, Dr. Toju Toritseju Eyengho of the Department of Art and Social Sciences has emerged one of the winners of this year's Fafunwa Education Foundation Awards.

Nigerians have also hailed the Fafunwa Education Foundation (FEF) for contributing to the development of the education sector.

Speaking on Friday at the Annual Awards Ceremony of the foundation held at the Faculty of Education Auditorium, University of Lagos (UNILAG), they said FEF over the years, had made a lot of impact in the education industry.

The people, comprising students, academics, entrepreneurs and others, said the topic of the 2016 lecture titled: “tackling the problem of unemployment in Nigeria” was relevant to the recession the country was experiencing.

They said if the recommendations to be made by the foundation are implemented, they will proffer solutions to unemployment.

The Post Doctoral Award in Education was won by Dr. Olabisi Adedigba of the Faculty of Education, (Department of Teacher Education), University of Ibadan, Ibadan with the topic: “Efficacy of Literature-Based Instructional Strategies on Pupils Awareness of and Attitude to Child Right in Kwara State, Nigeria; who went home with N250,000.

Dr. Bivese-Djebah Philomena Anwulika of the Faculty of Education (Dept of Educational Foundations), University of Lagos, Akoka emerged second with the topic: Effects or Cognitive Restructuring and social support on Marital Instability Among Selected Working Married Women in Lagos State, Nigeria; and carted away N150,000.

Dr. Toju Toritseju Eyengho of the Faculty of Education (Dept of Art and Social Sciences), Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife came third with the topic: “Assessment and Implementation of Primary and Secondary Schools Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities in Southwestern Nigeria; and got N100,000.

In the Best Performance in WASSCE (May/June 2015) category, Abia State came top, followed by Anambra State and Edo State.

The awards were presented by the chairman of the FEF’s Academic Committee, Prof. Kayode Alao, of the Faculty of Education, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

The FEF, a non-government organization, was established in January 1995 to provide fresh insight and practical ideas on improving education in the country.


OAU 2016 Admission Screening Ends Today

Announcement on University Eportal

According to an announcement on the University's eportal, the online admission screening into the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife will now end on today, Sunday, 25th September, 2016.

The announcement is following several postponements since the commencement of the screening.

College Of Heath Sciences Releases 2016/2017 Admission Cut-off Marks

OAU Peeps News Agency has confirmed the release of the 2016/2017 admission cut-off marks for the College of Health Sciences, Obafemi Awolowo University. See below:

Merit – 75.2%
Ekiti – 75.0%
Lagos – 75.0%
Ogun – 75.0%
Ondo – 75.0%
Osun – 75.0%
Oyo – 75.0%
ELDS – 74.5%
Pre-Degree – 83.6%

Merit (First Choice) – 70%
Merit (Second Choice) – 74.4%
Ekiti – 69.8%
Lagos – 69.8%
Ogun – 69.8%
Ondo – 69.8%
Osun – 69.8%
Oyo – 69.8%
ELDS – 68.4%
Pre-Degree – 74.7%

Merit (First Choice) – 67.8%
Merit (Second Choice) – 74.4
Ekiti – 67.4%
Lagos – 67.4%
Ogun – 67.4%
Ondo – 67.4%
Osun – 67.4%
Oyo – 67.4%
ELDS – 62.0%
Pre-Degree – 79.8%

Medical Rehabilitation
Merit (First Choice) – 68.9%
Merit (Second Choice) – 74.4
Ekiti – 68.6%
Lagos – 68.6%
Ogun – 68.6%
Ondo – 68.6%
Osun – 68.6%
Oyo – 68.6%
ELDS – 65.8%
Pre-Degree – 75.4%

See Cut-off Marks for other faculties below;

Faculty of Administration
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Environmental Designs and Management
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Technology
Faculty of Pharmacy

NOTE: The links to some of the faculties above may not be clickable now. This is because we are still working on uploading the cut-off marks. Kindly keep checking every hour. However, be sure we will alert you once the next faculty cut-off marks have been put up.

Faculty Of Administration Releases 2016/2017 Admission Cut-off Marks

OAU Peeps News Agency has confirmed the release of the 2016/2017 admission cut-off marks for the Faculty of Administration, Obafemi Awolowo University. See below:

Management and Accounting
Merit – 63.9%
Ekiti – 61.6%
Lagos – 61.2%
Ogun – 62.6%
Ondo – 62.3%
Osun – 62.6%
Oyo – 63.2%
ELDS: Kwara – 61.3%, Benue – 63.0%, Kogi – 59.4%, Rivers – 61.5%, Kebbi – 59.0%
Pre-Degree – %

International Relations
Merit – 58.4%
Ekiti – 55.6%
Lagos – 52.8%
Ogun – 56.0%
Ondo – 54.1%
Osun – 57.4%
Oyo – 58.3%
ELDS: Cross River – 56.9%, Kwara – 55.0%, Rivers – 57.1%, Niger – 51.4%
Pre-Degree – %

Public Administration
Merit – 57.7%
Ekiti – 55.0%
Lagos – 50.2%
Ogun – 56.2%
Ondo – 55.1%
Osun – 57.5%
Oyo – 57.0%
ELDS: Bayelsa – 53.6%, Benue – 53.5%, Kogi – 50.8%
Pre-Degree – %

Local Government Studies
Merit – 50.0%
Ekiti – 50.0%
Lagos – 50.0%
Ogun – 50.0%
Ondo – 50.0%
Osun – 50.0%
Oyo – 50.0%
ELDS – 50.0%
Pre-Degree – %

See Cut-off Marks for Other Faculties Below;
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Environmental Designs and Management
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Technology
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Pharmacy
College of Health Sciences

NOTE: The links to some of the faculties above may not be clickable now because we are still working on uploading the cut-off marks. Kindly keep checking every hour. However, be sure we will alert you once the next faculty cut-off marks have been put up.

Faculty Of Science Releases 2016/2017 Admission Cut-off Marks

OAU Peeps News Agency has confirmed the release of the 2016/2017 admission cut-off marks for the Faculty of Science, Obafemi Awolowo University. See below:

Applied Geophysics, Botany, Zoology & Statistics
Merit – 50.0%
Ekiti – 50.0%
Lagos – 50.0%
Ogun – 50.0%
Ondo – 50.0%
Osun – 50.0%
Oyo – 50.0%
ELDS – 50.0%
Pre-Degree – %

Merit – 61.8%
Ekiti – 59.8%
Lagos –61.1 %
Ogun – 61.3%
Ondo – 59.9%
Osun – 61.1%
Oyo – 61.3%
ELDS – 56.8%
Pre-Degree – %

Merit – 58.7%
Ekiti – 57.5%
Lagos – nil
Ogun – 54.6%
Ondo – 58.0%
Osun – 58.0%
Oyo – 58.3%
ELDS – 50.0%
Pre-Degree – %

Engineering Physics
Merit – 60.8%
Ekiti – 59.8%
Lagos – nil
Ogun – nil
Ondo – nil
Osun – 60.8%
Oyo – 56.3%
ELDS – 50.0%
Pre-Degree – %

Merit – 63.2%
Ekiti – 56.8%
Lagos – 62.5%
Ogun – 56.9%
Ondo – 55.5%
Osun – 58.9%
Oyo – 60.6%
ELDS – 55.6%
Pre-Degree – %

Merit – 59.6%
Ekiti – 51.0%
Lagos – 58.1%
Ogun – 58.4%
Ondo – 58.6%
Osun – 59.2%
Oyo – 52.5%
ELDS – 50.0%
Pre-Degree – %

Merit – 63.5%
Ekiti – 60.9%
Lagos – 60.0%
Ogun – 61.1%
Ondo – 63.0%
Osun – 62.8%
Oyo – 60.8%
ELDS – 56.8%
Pre-Degree – %

Industrial Chemistry
Merit – 61.9%
Ekiti – 55.4%
Lagos – nil
Ogun – 60.3%
Ondo – 57.8%
Osun – 56.8%
Oyo – 60.1%
ELDS – 50.0%
Pre-Degree – %

Merit – 58.9%
Ekiti – nil
Lagos – 55.0%
Ogun – 58.7%
Ondo – nil
Osun – 58.8%
Oyo – 58.5%
ELDS – nil
Pre-Degree – %

See Cut-off Marks for other faculties below;

Faculty of Administration
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Environmental Designs and Management
Faculty of Law
College of Health Sciences
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Technology
Faculty of Pharmacy

NOTE: The links to some of the faculties above may not be clickable now. This is because we are still working on uploading the cut-off marks. Kindly keep checking every hour. However, be sure we will alert you once the next faculty cut-off marks have been put up.

Faculty Of Arts Releases 2016/2017 Admission Cut-off Marks

OAU Peeps News Agency has confirmed the release of the 2016/2017 admission cut-off marks for the Faculty of Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University. See below:

Dramatic Arts
Merit: 56.0%
Lagos - 53.8%
Oyo - 54.0%
Ondo - 51.1%
Ogun - 53.6%
Osun - 54.7%
Ekiti - 54.7%
ELDS - 50.9%
Pre-Degree – %

Merit - 59.6%
Lagos - 58.5%
Oyo - 56.5%
Ondo - 50.7%
Ogun - 55.5%
Osun - 58.4%
Ekiti - 54.1%
ELDS - 53.5%
Pre-Degree – %

Merit - 50.0%
Lagos - 50.0%
Oyo - 50.0%
Ondo - 50.0%
Ogun - 50.0%
Osun - 50.0%
Ekiti - 50.0%
ELDS - 50.0%
Pre-Degree – %

Merit - 50.4%
Lagos - 50.4%
Oyo - 50.4%
Ondo - 50.4%
Ogun - 50.4%
Osun - 50.4%
Ekiti - 50.4%
ELDS - 50.4%
Pre-Degree – %

Religious Studies
Merit - 51.2%
Lagos - 51.2%
Oyo - 51.2%
Ondo - 51.2%
Ogun - 51.2%
Osun - 51.2%
Ekiti - 51.2%
ELDS - 41.2%
Pre-Degree – %

Merit - 50.1%
Lagos - 50.1%
Oyo - 50.1%
Ondo - 50.1%
Ogun - 50.1%
Osun - 50.1%
Ekiti - 50.1%
ELDS - 50.1%
Pre-Degree – %

English Language
Merit - 57.1%
Lagos - 51.6%
Oyo - 55.9%
Ondo - 53.1%
Ogun - 54.2%
Osun - 55.9%
Ekiti - 52.7%
ELDS - 50.3%
Pre-Degree – %

Merit - 51.6%
Lagos - 51.6%
Oyo - 51.6%
Ondo - 51.6%
Ogun - 51.6%
Osun - 51.6%
Ekiti - 51.6%
ELDS - 51.6%
Pre-Degree – %

Merit - 50.5%
Lagos - 50.5%
Oyo - 50.5%
Ondo - 50.5%
Ogun - 50.5%
Osun - 50.5%
Ekiti - 50.5%
ELDS - 50.5%
Pre-Degree – %

Merit - 50.7%
Lagos - 50.7%
Oyo - 50.7%
Ondo - 50.7%
Ogun - 50.7%
Osun - 50.7%%
Ekiti - 50.7%
ELDS - 50.7
Pre-Degree – %

Merit - 50.9
Lagos - 50.9%
Oyo - 50.9%
Ondo - 50.9%
Ogun - 50.9%
Osun - 50.9%
Ekiti - 50.9%
ELDS - 50.9%
Pre-Degree – %

Merit - 53.4%
Lagos - 53.4%
Oyo - 53.4%
Ondo - 53.4%
Ogun - 53.4%
Osun - 53.4%
Ekiti - 53.4%
ELDS - 53.4%
Pre-Degree – %

See Cut-off Marks for other faculties below;

Faculty of Administration
Faculty of Agriculture
College of Health Sciences
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Environmental Designs and Management
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Technology
Faculty of Pharmacy

NOTE: The links to some of the faculties above may not be clickable now. This is because we are still working on uploading the cut-off marks. Kindly keep checking every hour. However, be sure we will alert you once the next faculty cut-off marks have been put up.

Faculty Of Social Science Releases 2016/2017 Admission Cut-off Marks

OAU Peeps News Agency has confirmed the release of the 2016/2017 admission cut-off marks for the Faculty of Social Science, Obafemi Awolowo University. See below:

Demography and Social Statistics
Merit – 67.2%
Ekiti – 55%
Lagos – 67.2%
Ogun – 56.1%
Ondo – 67.2%
Osun – 54.7%
Oyo – 55.1%
ELDS – 56.6%
Pre-Degree – Yet to be released

Merit – 72.3%
Ekiti – 63%
Lagos – 63.4%
Ogun – 63.8%
Ondo – 63.2%
Osun – 63.1%
Oyo – 63.3%
ELDS – 64%
Pre-Degree – Yet to be released

Merit – 59.5%
Ekiti – 54.8%
Lagos – 59.5%
Ogun – 52.5%
Ondo – 54.7%
Osun – 56.2%
Oyo – 46.4%
ELDS – 59.5%
Pre-Degree – Yet to be released

Political Science/PPE
Merit – 66.5%
Ekiti – 66.5%
Lagos – 59.9%
Ogun – 59.7%
Ondo – 60.5%
Osun – 59.2%
Oyo – 60.1%
ELDS – 60.7%
Pre-Degree – Yet to be released

Merit – 65.4%
Ekiti – 65.4%
Lagos – 65.4%
Ogun – 57%
Ondo – 65.4%
Osun – 56.4%
Oyo – 55.7%
ELDS – 55.5%
Pre-Degree – Yet to be released

Sociology and Anthropology
Merit – 62%
Ekiti – 54.4%
Lagos – 56.3%
Ogun – 54%
Ondo – 62%
Osun – 58.5%
Oyo – 62%
ELDS – 56.6%
Pre-Degree – Yet to be released

See Cut-off Marks for Other Faculties Below;
Faculty of Administration
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Environmental Designs and Management
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Technology
Faculty of Sciences
Faculty of Pharmacy
College of Health Sciences

NOTE: The links to some of the faculties above may not be clickable now because we are still working on uploading the cut-off marks. Kindly keep checking every hour. However, be sure we will alert you once the next faculty cut-off marks have been put up.

Faculty Of Pharmacy Releases 2016/2017 Admission Cut-off Marks

OAU Peeps News Agency has confirmed the release of the 2016/2017 admission cut-off marks for the Faculty of Pharmacy, Obafemi Awolowo University. See below:

Merit – 69.4%
Ekiti – 67.5%
Lagos – 66.2%
Ogun – 66.6%
Ondo – 68.8%
Osun – 68.4%
Oyo – 68.0%

ELDS – 64.9%

Pre-Degree – 78.0%

See Cut-off Marks for other faculties below;

Faculty of Administration
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Environmental Designs and Management
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Technology
College of Health Sciences

NOTE: The links to some of the faculties above may not be clickable now. This is because we are currently working on uploading the cut-off marks. Kindly keep checking every hour. However, be sure we will alert you once the next faculty cut-off marks have been put up.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Achieve Excellence In Predegree Entrance Examination

Are you considering applying or have you applied for the OAU Predegree programme?

Then we might just have what you need.

Do you know that from statistics gathered over the years, entrance into the OAU Predegree Programme is often somewhat tedious and highly competitive?    As a matter of fact, there are usually well over 10,000 applicants for the programme which can only accommodate about 3,000 candidates. This only emphasizes the need to gather as much edge as can in the selection process: The Entrance Exam!

At Achievers Tutorial College, we have designed a scheme to help ensure that our candidates have this edge. Our tutorial outline doesn’t only help candidates gain good understanding of their UTME Subjects, it also helps them know some fundamental pointers which would give them the desired edge in the Entrance examination. These pointers have been gathered by experienced and adequately trained tutors who have over the years taken time to study the peculiarities of the OAU Predegree Entrance Examination.

These tutorials come at very affordable rates and adequate accommodation arrangements have been made for candidates who do not reside in Ile-ife.

For more enquiries and feedback, contact; 08030790180 or 08109438110.

You can also pay us a visit at Adesanmi Bus stop, Beside Sanctuary of Hope Church, After OAU Campus Gate, Ibadan Road, Ile-ife.

Come, Let's help you beat the bar!

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Hezekiah Oluwasanmi Library In Chaos As Car Accident Causes Panic

At precisely 4:03pm on Thursday, 22nd September 2016, commotion ensued at the Hezekiah Oluwasanmi Library, the central library of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. The Commotion which was caused by a loud crash In the building led to several students using the building taking to their heels, most not knowing or caring to know the source of the crash. Our correspondent, who was also present at the scene of the incident, confirmed that several students sustained different forms of injury in the stampede that emanated from the incident.

Also from several interactions, most of the students claimed that they ran due to their fear of a collapse of the building.
Consequently, it took the librarians several minutes  to put things in order. After the chaos, It was later discovered that the crash was from an accident at the back of the building, a car had hit some chairs causing damages to the car and old library chairs affected.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Breaking: OAU Releases NYSC Batch 'B' Mobilization Lists

OAU Peeps News Agency has confirmed the release of the NYSC Batch 'B' mobilization lists by the Division of Student Affairs (DSA), Obafemi Awolowo University. The lists were pasted late on Friday. Prospective corps members are encouraged to check the notice board at the DSA for their names.

That Awkward Moment – Akinfenwa Olaitan

Awkward moments are rare, but I definitely have one to share. It's an event that occurred this past weekend on campus involving one of my classmates. It was indeed an awkward moment. Enough of the introduction, let me fill you guys in. *wink*

This young man found himself  in one of those impromptu interviews where they just pick people randomly and ask them random questions.

An interview that was supposed to be normal turned out to be a really embarrassing one. This particular guy was asked to pronounce the word that is spelt, 'i-s-l-e', and he flopped badly. To everyone's utter amazement, he pronounced it as 'ishé' (a Yoruba word!).

Funny enough, this young man had practically hyped himself as being a Language student of the prestigious department of English, so all expectations were high for him to deliver perfectly.

In minutes, the video had gone viral and as expected, several reactions trailed the epic flop. Viewers' insults and taunts started pouring in.  Classmates and fellow course mates saw his flop as an insult, not only to himself, but to the class, department and even the entirety of Great Ife Students. He received the stick from almost every viewer of the video.  Infact, he was advised, or rather, warned not to show up in class for his own good. It was probably this guy's most embarrassing situation so far in his life.

When I saw the video, I bent over, laughing hard. It was not only embarrassing, it was also hilarious. The insults must have been unbearable. But surprisingly, this guy came to class the following day, and admist the catcalls, he just grinned at all his mockers.

Away from the jest and fun, I learnt a few things about awkward situations from this guy's scenario, some of which I'd like to share.

First, we have all been there. Okay, it might not have been this bad, but we have all been caught in one embarrassing situation or the other. So, there is nothing new about it. If we would all admit it, we have done some really awkward things that made us look silly, even to ourselves.  Personally, I have. I know I have. We should therefore not be so quick to criticise others when they make what appears to be a silly mistake.

Second, we should learn to laugh at our own mistakes, just as my classmate did. We shouldn't take offence when we are facing criticisms. Rather, we should learn from them and avoid such mistakes in the future. When we see humour in our follies, and also face a jeering crowd with smiles, it shows that we are matured emotionally.

Again, we must try to know a bit of everything. This is because at every stage in our lives, the society demands certain knowledge from us. There is no excuse for ignorance. So, we must learn from others, and from our experiences, good or bad.

All said, I still wouldn't want to have such an awkward moment myself. But it gave us a good laugh though. That guy is the most recent celebrity in my class now. It was a blessing in the disguise of an awkward moment.

Akinfenwa Olaitan is a student of the Faculty of Arts and a member of the OAU Peeps News Agency Team.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Very Important Notice To Prospective NYSC 2016 Batch ‘B’ Corps Members

The Division of Student Affairs (DSA), Obafemi Awolowo University has released some lists containing names of some prospective corps members of the 2016 Batch ‘B’ who are having problems with their details.

These persons are required to urgently supply the required info at Room 9, DSA. This is important to their mobilization process.

Find the lists below:

Kindly share this news with your OAU contacts to reach the affected persons in time.

The Annulled Faculty Congress Was Free And Fair – LSS President

The President of the Law Student Society, Ekpa Stanley Ekpa has explained why he cancelled the previous congress.

In an exclusive interview with OAU Peeps News Agency after yesterday’s congress, Ekpa stanley Ekpa said the previous congress was not annulled because it wasn’t free and fair, as against insinuations from many quarters.

According to Stanley, “the last election was free, fair and credible. However I had to cancel it since the results led to unrest and so that justice could be done in respect of aggrieved parties.”

“I was elected to uphold the integrity and values of the society, and I had acted in that regard during the whole process. Hence, I am of the opinion that today's congress ended well,” the president added.

In his own reaction, the Speaker of the Law Student Representative Council, Hon. Adeyemo Vincent feels “the conduct and manner in which today's [yesterday’s] congress was held would most likely raise questions in the very near future. I can't say that the constitution was contravened, but however, congress should not have been called in the first place.”

Most students of the faculty who spoke with OAU Peeps News Agency believe the latest congress, which eventually elected Positive as the faculty’s representative was in the right direction. Ifeteye, a student of the faculty said “I was not a party to Monday's elections because it was not credible and was inconclusive. But tonight's congress and election was conducted rightly and the correct candidate emerged.”

In an entirely dissenting view, Koye Ladele Mofehintoluwa, a student of the faculty said “the whole process was marked with irregularities, the school had acted beyond its powers by cancelling the first election conducted at the first congress.”

As it stands now, the Law Students Society has two representatives – an electoral commissioner and an electoral petitioner – at the level of the two Committees put together by the Division of Student Affairs (DSA). The committees are aimed at facilitating the restoration of the institution’s Students’Union.

Pharmacy Students Reelect Hon. Alo As National President

In what is being described as one of the most sensitive elections in recent times in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Alo 'Setofunmi, popularly known to many as Honourable Alo, has reemerged as the National President of the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigeria Students.

Alo, which was formerly declared winner in the elections carried out on Tuesday, 20 September, 2016, won the first elections with just two votes and following certain irrelevancies surrounding the elections, a rerun was ordered.

Commenting on his reemergence, Honourable Alo said; "The voice of the people, the voice of God" and when asked how he planned to manage some alleged controversy in his would be cabinet, the former Honourable of the Student' Union said, "Firstly, I do not believe that we cannot work together, and I understand that it's a team; a team of executives. By the grace of God and with cooperation, I believe the cranes will take us to Canaan land".

Also speaking on the outcome of the elections, Olabanji Kayode, who lost by 27 votes said, "... A lot of things have happened but it is time for us to work together and receive the National Secretariat with all peace"

Students' Union Tribunal: Positive Displaces AY Toes As The Elected Faculty Of Law Representative

A fresh Congress of the Law Students Society (LSS), Obafemi Awolowo University held yesterday, and it produced a new person that will represent the Faculty at the level of the proposed Election Tribunal of the Students’ Union.

The congress, which was presided over by the LSS president, Ekpa Stanley Ekpa produced Akande Paul, a.k.a Positive as the new Election Commissioner at the said Congress.

It would be recalled that on Monday, a similar congress held and elected Ayo Toluwalase Shadrach a.k.a AyToes as the faculty’s representative, but it was eventually annulled. Stating the reason for the annulment, Ekpa Stanley said the election was characterised by “irregularities”.

The latest Congress witnessed a massive turn out. In the course of proceedings, motion to annul the previous representative election was moved and it was welcomed by the congressmen. The motion was thereafter subjected to a vote and was overwhelmingly supported by the attendees.

Following hours of intense debate by the factions of the two contenders – Positive and AY Toes, in the congress, the duo were re-nominated to represent the faculty.

Surprisingly, AyToes, who won the previously annulled election, declined his nomination. The second nominee, Positive, accepted his nomination and he was thereafter declared as the electoral commissioner that will represent the Faculty of Law in the Students’ Union election.

Speaking with OAU Peeps News Agency after the Congress, AY Toes said he declined his nomination because “principalities and powers” brought about the cancellation of the election that preferred him to represent his faculty. He said he stepped down because the process was shady and participating in it was against his personal ideology.

AY Toes asserted that he was clearly the people's choice, judging from the results of the first Congress. He however described the cancellation of the last election a “constitutional aberration”.

Reacting to the development, Positive told our correspondent that the last election should have gone his way, but there were discrepancies in the process. “The society belongs to all students of the society and so, the society should not be held ransom by some cabal. I think AY Toes stepped down when it became apparent he was not the people's choice.” Positive said.

Registration For 2016/2017 Delta State Begins Bursary & Scholarship Has Started

The Delta States Bursary and Scholarship Board has announced the commencement of the online bursary registration of students for 2016/2017 student special assistance scheme.

Eligibility for the Bursary Award
- Be of Delta State Origin
- All applicant MUST have registered with National Identification Management Commission (NIMC)
- Be a Registered full time student only of any Public Tertiary Institutions.
- Diploma, Masters and PhD Students are not eligible).
- Either be in Second year or above (200 to 500 level) in the Universities or
- Be in HND I and II in the Polytechnics / Monotechnics.
- Be in 200 level and above for Colleges of Education Students.
- Have a CGPA of 2.20 and above in the previous academic year's examination.

Eligibility for the Scholarship Award
- Be of Delta State Origin.
- All applicant MUST have registered with National Identification Management Commission (NIMC).
- Be a Registered full time Student only of any Public and Private Tertiary Institutions.

If eligible, please click here to apply

In case you are not from Delta state, kindly share this article to help those that are from the state.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Apply For 2017 Mandela Washington Fellowship For Young African Leaders

The Mandela Washington Fellowship, which began in 2014, will bring up to 1000 young leaders to the United States in the summer of 2017 for academic coursework and leadership training and will create unique opportunities in Africa for Fellows to put practical new skills to use in leading their organizations, communities, and countries.

The Mandela Washington Fellowship includes: A six-week Academic and Leadership Institute: Fellows are placed at U.S. colleges and universities. Institutes will focus on skills development in one of three areas: Business and Entrepreneurship, Civic Leadership, or Public Management. It is anticipated that one Public Management Institute will focus on Energy Policy (in collaboration with Power Africa).

Applicants for this Institute need not be currently working in government or in another public management role to apply to this Institute. The Public Management Energy Policy Institute is designed for those wishing to better understand how energy policy can encourage energy access, infrastructure development, and financing in sub-Saharan Africa. Institutes will take place from mid-June to late July 2017.

Who is eligible to apply?
Applicants will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, socio-economic status, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. The Mandela Washington Fellowship is open to young African leaders who meet the following criteria:

• Are between the ages of 25 and 35 at the time of application submission, although exceptional applicants younger than 25 will be considered.
• Are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the U.S.
• Are eligible to receive a United States J-1 visa.
• Are proficient in reading, writing, and speaking English.
• Are citizens and residents of one of the following countries (Nigeria inclusive).

What are the criteria for selection?
Selection panels will use the following criteria to evaluate applications (not in order of importance):

• A proven record of leadership and accomplishment in public service, business and entrepreneurship, or civic engagement.
• A demonstrated commitment to public or community service, volunteerism, or mentorship.
• The ability to work cooperatively in diverse groups and respect the opinions of others.
• Strong social and communication skills.
• An energetic, positive attitude.
• Demonstrated knowledge, interest and professional experience in the sector/track selected.
• A commitment to return to Africa and apply leadership skills and training to benefit the applicant’s country and/or community after they return home.

Financial Provisions of the Fellowship
There is no fee to apply to the Mandela Washington Fellowship. If you are selected for the Fellowship, the U.S. government will cover all participant costs. Financial provisions provided by the U.S. Government will include:

• J-1 visa support;
• Round-trip travel from Fellow’s home city to the U.S. and domestic U.S. travel as required by the program;
• A six-week academic and leadership institute;
• Concluding Summit in Washington, DC;
• Accident and sickness benefit plan;
• Housing and meals during the program; and
• An optional six-week Professional Development Experience (for up to 100 Fellows).
• Please note: the Fellowship will not cover salary while Fellows are away from work or funds for personal purchases such as gifts.

Deadline for application: October 26, 2016.

Click here to apply

In case you have any question, kindly drop them by commenting below.

Join ANUNSA OAU In Global Peace Day Rally

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that"
Martin Luther King Jr

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one." John Lennon

ANUNSA OAU seeks volunteers from various leadership associations on campus and individual students to come out to celebrate and promote peace in our immediate environment and the global village at large.

Speakers will be hammering on peace and its significance as we move around all halls of residence.

To volunteer and be a part of this global activity, kindly fill Here to participate.

Thanks for your participation in anticipation as certificates  awarded can be presented internationally.

Date : Wednesday, 21st of September
Convergence point : SUB Car Park
Time : 5pm
Dress Code : Blue shirt on black or White shirt on blue

PANS OAU Set To Receive National Secretariat, Holds Elections

The Obafemi Awolowo University Chapter of the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigeria Students (PANS), in preparation of receiving her National Secretariat, held her National elections on Tuesday, 20th September 2016 at the Faculty of Pharmacy, OAU Ile-ife.

The Association, which comprises all Pharmacy Students across the country, would be having her Secretariat in the Obafemi Awolowo University for the next tenure and as such would have students of the host institution holding certain key positions in the National Executive Council.
After the elections, Alo 'Setofunmi, a 400L student of the Faculty, emerged as President with 214 votes with Olabanji Kayode and Agbola Gloria trailing with 212 and 42 votes respectively.
Other winners include;

Student Exchange Officer- Balogun Stella
Welfare Officer- Oguntoye Tosin
General Secretary- Abayomi-Ola Taiwo
Treasurer- Soyinka Temitayo
Director of Socials-  Aniyi Choosy
Public Relations Officer- Haastrup Adeyeye
Sport Director- Balogun-Agbaje Adeyemi
Financial Secretary-  Ugwuanyi Emmanuel

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

SUTC, Student Unionism and Division of Student Affairs

By Gracious Egedegbe

The Student Union Transition Committee (SUTC) has been shrouded in mysteriousness and vagueness that many students do not even know what it is all about. Last week, the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) of the Obafemi Awolowo University stated that it had no hand in the SUTC. The Dean announced that the SUTC was a relic of the past administration and not of the present one. However, this does not explain what the SUTC is all about.

In the month of August 2016, news went round that the office of the DSA led by in consort with some past Student Union officers alongside Presidents of departments and other political Individuals had initiated the SUTC. The aim of this, as alleged, was to constitute a Student Union that would entirely be in the control of the University Management.

Several students, particularly those that identified with several ideological camps rejected this move. They regarded it as anti-student, anti-constitutional and un-congressional and claimed that the actualization of SUTC would amount to a Student Union slavish to the University Management. They demanded for a process independent of the University Management.

This conflict of ideas sparked controversy within the student populace. While the average student continued with his daily activities, ‘political conscious students’ were engaged in writing releases explaining their positions and denouncing their proponents. At the time, some members of the Student Union Security Council resigned, citing displeasure with the SUTC as reasons. The Student Union Security Council was an organ vested with the power to run the affairs of the student pending the elections of Union Executives.

From all appearances, it appeared that several individuals were instrumental to the formation of the SUTC and aspirations to be fulfilled by its actualization. On the other hand, certain students were worried that the actualisation of the SUTC would mark the end of vibrant, sincere unionism on campus. They felt the welfare of the student populace was going to be sacrificed on the altar of selfish ambitions. Therefore, it was a source of relief to the leftists and their sympathisers when the Elujoba administration threw out the SUTC.

As an alternative, the current dean of the DSA announced that faculties should hold congresses in which they would elected two representatives towards the elections of new Student Union executives. However, the roles of these representatives have not been fully defined and at the moment, some Faculties have still been having difficulties in the selection process.

African Universities Set To Award B.Sc Witchcraft

South African Universities through the  Minister of Higher Education and Training, Blade Nzimande have announced plans to make sure that witchcraft is included in the curriculum as from 2018.

The minister shocked  the representatives of the student union with the announcement after hoping  to hear stories concerning their school fees. “There is a lot we can learn from witchcraft, like how they fly in that winnowing basket. Imagine if we learn that skill. It will eradicate traffic jams and everyone will just get in their basket and fly. It also means we will not be importing fuel anymore.”

The announcement was later met with boos and bottle throws from the packed auditorium. The unperturbed minister also invited renowned witches to make an appointment with his office so they can have their skills tested and those outstanding would then be hired as lecturers.

He also invited witches from across the border, promising them permanent residents permits. “I spoke to Gibs (Minister of Home affairs Malusi Gigaba) and he agreed to issue witches from outside South Africa with permanent residence permits. I heard Malawi and Zimbabwe have an impressive collection of witches. We are hoping they will heed the call”, he added.

Applications is said to be closing on the 30th of September at midnight, after which an appointed panel with conduct interviews.

The minister also urged future university entrees to consider taking Witchcraft.


Law Students' Congress Ended Violently, Election Cancelled

The Congress of law students which took place yesterday, Tuesday 20th September 2016, at Law 209, ended on an unexpected note.

The Congress which was called to elect the Faculty's representatives in the Electoral Commission and the Election petition Committee as directed by the DSA ended abruptly.

The bone of contention was the post of the Faculty's representative in the Electoral Commission which was contested by Ayo Toluwalase Shedrach popularly known as Ay Toes and Akande Paul popularly known as Positive. The tally was 92 votes for Ay Toes and 90 votes for Positive which didn't go down with many congressmen as they felt the hands that were raised for Positive were much more than those raised for Ay-Toes.

The President of the Law Students Society Ekpa Stanley Ekpa, who presided over the congress then cancelled the election results due to the controversy.

However, announcements have been made that there will be another congress/election on Thursday 22nd September, 2016. It is however unclear at this time whether there will be a re-election for the representative in the Election Petition Committee due to the fact that there was just one candidate contesting.

Elujoba Probes TETFUND And NEEDS Assessment Fund Given To OAU

The Acting Vice Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University, Professor Anthony Elujoba has constituted a task force to look into how the annual Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND) grants and Special NEEDS Assessment Intervention Funds given to the institution was spent.

In an announcement calling for the memoranda and submissions, it reads that the Task Force on TETFUND Grants and its Special NEEDS Assessment Intervention Funds of was constituted by the Acting Vice Chancellor to “ascertain how far the University has accessed annual TETFUND grants and how they have been disbursed/utilized,”

“Ascertain the application of the TETFUND special intervention fund on the NEEDS assessment submission: and,

“To make suggestions on the ways and means that the University can optimally access and utilize funds from TETFUND.

“The Task Force hereby invite signed and properly addressed memoranda and submissions in writing from interested members of the University community which could be of help to the Task Force in achieving the mandate.

“The hard copies of the memoranda/submissions should be submitted in ‘Room 312’ Academic Staff Establishment, Floor 3, Senate Building, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife or forwarded on or before Friday, 23rd September, 2016.”

The latest development may not be unconnected to several calls by varsity stakeholders for the probe of the previous administration of the university. Students of the institution have since complained of poor living conditions in the fast dilapidating hostels in the school.

In 2014, the education minister said the Federal Government will give N1.3trn to tertiary institutions over 6 year. The fund was an intervention fund meant to cover rehabilitation of dilapidated structures and construction of new ones as per the needs.

Also in the same year, according to the education minister then, each university including OAU was billed to receive N912m each in TETfund.