Monday, 5 September 2016

OAU Initiation 2016: The Story Has Never Been Told

The Department of Dramatic Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University, wishes to bring to the notice of general public that as part of its pivotal plans to equip and develop the creative minds of newly admitted students into the department, the department has begun this year initiation tagged initiation 2016,the journey.

Initiation is a platform where newly admitted students are meant to undergo rigorous training for some weeks; this trains them mentally, psychologically, physically and tt brings out the best in them to undertake the study in the department.

In the history of initiation in Nigerian universities, no university reckons with what is obtainable on the shores of great Ife campus. In fact, the initiation experience is second to none, only the strong survive. The prowess, the talents, the approach is unheard of, the watchword is described as dynamism, even as it incarnates excellence in its supremacy.

You need to see these young entertainers, thespians, dramatists and incredible actors in the making, eager to showcase what they have learnt, they live to entertain,and their lives revolve on this.

Dramatic Arts department is the hotbed and hub of creativity, home of talents, sphere of rare species overwhelmed with incredible attributes.

Well, don't rack your brain, don't be lost in your thoughts and wilderness of imagination. You are implored to look out for this breathtaking and mind blowing initiation by these set of people who have devoted themselves with utmost zeal to render service to mankind

They are not fresh students, but professionals and bunch of talents.

They journey, only the strong survive.
The journey has just begun...



September 19th - 22nd. Initiation play set to be performed live by part one students of Dramatic Arts.
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