Friday, 9 September 2016

Maintaining In Maintenance: The Bodypreneurs And Entrepreneurs

Having known some basic truths about life in Maintainance, let us further dive into life at Maintenance and guess what? It is about the 'Entrepreneurs and Bodypreneurs.'

Alongside learning in a strenuous environment, the entrepreneurs are the students who earn money on the side by putting to practice acquired skills like make-up art, hairdressing, catering and the likes. Most of these ones in order to live in Maintenance, do all these to maintain themselves.

I can say only a few of these enterprising ladies do their businesses with zest, also meeting the demands of their academics while some engage in the businesses much to the detriment of their academics.

Now ' the Bodypreneurs!'
Hmmmmn...'The Bodypreneurs,' the ones who earn their living with what they "possess" their bodies! They are the queens of the night, especially the ones who uphold the 'T.G.I.F.' slogan. Dressed up the most on Friday nights, they attend parties, clubs, hotels, bars and restaurants attending to the trade of the moonlight, giving what they have in exchange for money and even sometimes, for grades.

'The Bodypreneurs' are the commodities which the 'big boys' in their big cars come to buy with the luxury of money and gifts. They take pride in what they do; selling themselves for the goods which the body can buy.

Seeing their cars and lifestyles, one will travel in thoughts and wonder how rich their parents must be, oblivious of the fact that "the bodypreneur" acquired everything by enjoining her body with that of a male acquaintance locked up in houses and closets.

'Bodypreneurs' sometimes travel to distant places. I heard from a very close friend of mine who had a roomate who once travelled to Abuja in order to engage in this business and did it well. They stop at no length to get what they want. Of course, majority of the people engaged in this business, do it to the detriment of their studies.

They see themselves as the most enlightened of all who stay in maintenance. People call them the 'big girls'. There is a price to pay in other to get them, all these involves wooing, coaxing, gifts, physical appearance, and to crown it all, Money.

Just like a proverb says that "Money is power, with it most things are possible", also do not forget that "somethings can be sweet but bitter". Consider the sweetness of honey and the sting of the honeybees.

Remember, everything boils down to our choices. Let's make the right choices. In the meantime, I will keep Maintaining in Maintenance... Much love.

Ayo Sulaimon is a Student of the Arts and Social Sciences Department of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife and a member of the OAU Peeps Team.

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