Sunday, 18 September 2016

NANS Senate President States Involvement In Students' Union Restoration

Comrade Salam Oyejide

In a closed door interview/press briefing  with the new Senate president of National Association of Nigerian Students, Comrade Salam Oyejide, he cited his success at the elections to his sponsorship by the generality of Students' Unions of Universities, Polytechnics and other institutions that supported him financially. He however exempted the OAU Students' Union from the list, citing it as a slap on the body of the Union and the tenure of the last Vice-Chancellor.

He further stressed, when talking about his views on reinstating the OAU Students' Union, that he was going to try to his maximum capacity to help bring back the Students Union of Obafemi Awolowo University. He stated further that they have met with the DSA which brought about the 15th September congress across all Faculties and he was sure that student Union Election would follow, if and only if, the university community makes true their promise.

He also reiterated, on his victory of the just concluded election, that if we, in his words, had the "ideology" of what NANS was all about we wouldn't have been taking to meeting charms, and other protective measures; he posited that NANS was a battlefield of words.

On the part of corruption, the new Senate president said, "I will try and take corruption to the nearest minimum under my tenure but thou corruption can't be eradicated totally in an organization and we should all know that corruption in an entity is inevitable." He also commented on the issue of incessant strikes in Nigerian Universities, stating efforts from him to end the sad occurrences. Comrade Salam specifically stated his involvement in the current crisis in LAUTECH and the efforts to meet those at the helm on affairs on how to end the long strike.

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