Sunday, 25 September 2016

Students Lament Over EGL204 Results

It was toward the eventide of the 16th September - Thursday that one of the core courses at the department of English Language at the Faculty of Arts, EGL 204 result was released for her students to check. The result was overly poor for almost all of them. A correspondent of OAU Peeps News Agency was able to gather from a Student (whose name would not be disclosed) that the results were quite inconsistent. According to Dupe(not real name), at first, she checked and saw that she was 'given' 24 in total, over 100 marks.

Another affected student lamented, "how can I score below 20 over all!" And Tolu (not real name) explained that he believed he merited and expected much than what was given him.

Our correspondent also learnt that after the first upload, few left for the department to lodge complaints, they were made to understand it was due to some terrible error which would be rectified in no time. However after the alleged correction, it ws said that the grades of the few with good marks before, if not all, nosedived to Ds, Es and F s. The result was reloaded again, even, nothing was changed. And on the 22nd September, the result became cleared on the students eportal accounts - the latest development.

However at the moment, many students still believeIt that there would most plausibly be, another reload, from the department and or the bodies in charge, that would most expectedly reflect the actual grades, of her confused students.

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