Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Annulled Faculty Congress Was Free And Fair – LSS President

The President of the Law Student Society, Ekpa Stanley Ekpa has explained why he cancelled the previous congress.

In an exclusive interview with OAU Peeps News Agency after yesterday’s congress, Ekpa stanley Ekpa said the previous congress was not annulled because it wasn’t free and fair, as against insinuations from many quarters.

According to Stanley, “the last election was free, fair and credible. However I had to cancel it since the results led to unrest and so that justice could be done in respect of aggrieved parties.”

“I was elected to uphold the integrity and values of the society, and I had acted in that regard during the whole process. Hence, I am of the opinion that today's congress ended well,” the president added.

In his own reaction, the Speaker of the Law Student Representative Council, Hon. Adeyemo Vincent feels “the conduct and manner in which today's [yesterday’s] congress was held would most likely raise questions in the very near future. I can't say that the constitution was contravened, but however, congress should not have been called in the first place.”

Most students of the faculty who spoke with OAU Peeps News Agency believe the latest congress, which eventually elected Positive as the faculty’s representative was in the right direction. Ifeteye, a student of the faculty said “I was not a party to Monday's elections because it was not credible and was inconclusive. But tonight's congress and election was conducted rightly and the correct candidate emerged.”

In an entirely dissenting view, Koye Ladele Mofehintoluwa, a student of the faculty said “the whole process was marked with irregularities, the school had acted beyond its powers by cancelling the first election conducted at the first congress.”

As it stands now, the Law Students Society has two representatives – an electoral commissioner and an electoral petitioner – at the level of the two Committees put together by the Division of Student Affairs (DSA). The committees are aimed at facilitating the restoration of the institution’s Students’Union.

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