Thursday, 1 September 2016

Varying Reactions Trail OAU Matriculation

At last, the long wait by the fresh students of Obafemi Awolowo University to be formally integrated into the varsity has seen an end. Today, Wednesday, 1st September, 2016 is the Matriculation Day.

Going forward that the label; 'bloody jambite' may finally cease to be applicable as a sobriquet for the fresh students, one would think because of this, the fresh students' joy would be without limit , however, it is not entirely so for may.

While the joyous ones who are overwhelmed by the frenzy have gone shopping before now in preparation for this remarkable day, others are just taking today as one of those normal days.

OAU Peeps News Agency is on the celebration ground to talk to some of these fresh students on how much today means to them, and here is what they are their responses..

Glory Jembola, a student of the Department of English couldn't hide her excitement as she is elated about the prospects of becoming an official Great Ife Student. She has prepared so much, that she is experienced much difficulty in choosing her attire for this day. She waited patiently for today, so it's a business she could have missed for anything in this world.

Sharon Olayemi of the Department of Psychology, revealed that she is so happy that she is finally matriculating, after all the anticipation. In a seemingly the same approach to the day like Glory, she had bought a new outfit and according to her, if the matriculation was postponed again, it would mean much to her, infact, she would have concluded that some forces from her village are on top of her matter. She barely waited for today to have her gown on her.

In what seems to be a parallel opinion to what those we have engaged so far expressed, Alero Ipaye from the Department of English believes today is just like every other day and even if the matriculation never held, she would be in class by now. She doesn't look so freaked that she is matriculating. According to her, she believes she has been a bona fide student as far back as when she resumed.

Different strokes for different folks, right? But then, whether or not these "newbies" are excited or not, the tradition has to be observed, and Great Ife freshmen have been baptised as the custom s and protocols of the land demand.

As these handsome boys and beautiful girls take the matriculation oaths today, we at OAU Peeps News Agency wish them a fabulous and fruitful stay on campus.

The journey has "officially" commenced!

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