Saturday, 29 October 2016

Lecture Free Week And Tips For Examinations – Akinfenwa Olaitan

Unavoidably, we are coming face to face with exams. Also, lecture-free week starts next week. We all know how this seems to be the fastest week of all but here are a few tips you should know as you study for exams during the lecture free week.

1) Set goals: As obvious as this may seem, many of us fail to set achievable goals for studying. Don't just rush head-on into the week without setting specific time for studies, resting, eating and all. Make a to-do list as this would help you stay committed to each task.

2) Make a study timetable: This would help you know what exactly you need to study per day. If you don't do that, your enormous workload might overwhelm you. A personal timetable will ensure you study one course at a time.

3) Designate a 'sacred' place for studying: We all know that there are so many jacking places here on campus. So, find a place that suits you most- whether the library, or ODLT, or any other lecture theatre, or even our own amphitheatre (one of my favorite places actually, lol). Studies have shown that this will automatically prime your brain and rev it into study mode.

4) Find out more about the exam: Try to find out about the exam you're preparing for, and what format it will take. It could be an essay test, multiple choice questions or short answer questions. Find out about the lecturer's grading system and how he or she likes the questions answered. Not all lecturers are interested in a display of intelligence. Some want only what they gave in class. Know your lecturers.

5) Turn off the phone: Replying chats, emails and all forms of social media are distractions! So turn off your phone to avoid distractions. Your chats can wait till you're done studying.

6) Take regular study breaks: Studying for twelve hours at a stretch is not the smartest way to go. Take breaks, take a walk and take a snack. This will help you study better with less stress.

7) Join a study group: Studying with friends will boost your ability to retain information. You tend to remember what you discussed with your friends. It will go a long way to help you in the exam hall.

8) Teach what you have learnt:  Explaining what you have studied to others is a very good way of committing it to memory. You verify if you really understand when you learnt when you say it out loud instead of simply reading.

9) Treat past questions: For us here in OAU, we know how important this is. Some lecturers repeat questions. Besides, you get familiar with how questions come when you practice past questions.

10) Be prepared: Finally, be prepared in every way before the exam. Be well rested and do not skip your meals. Don't stay up all night and don't be so anxious before the exam. Be prayerful and be confident. Enjoy the lecture-free week as much as you can. Success is attainable, even in OAU. I wish you all the very best.

(Akinfenwa Olaitan is a student of the Faculty of Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University and a member of the OAU Peeps Team)

Young Entrepreneurs To Get Capital At The Meet Up Today

Several entrepreneurs will be going home with funds for investment today as StartUp Nation Africa is set to pitch business and investors at The Meet Up.

The Meet Up, which is the first of its kind, began weeks ago with the application of interested businesses and shortlisting. The shortlisted businesses would however be presenting their businesses to prospective investors today. The businesses stand a chance to win between N100,000 and N5 million in capital.

Friday, 28 October 2016

OAU Reinstates Student's Union Activities

Today, the management of Obafemi Awolowo University announced the reinstatement of the Student's Union activities, barely 11 months it was suspended.

In a statement signed by Mr S. O. Adeyefa on behalf of the University Registrar and obtained by OAU Peeps News Agency, the management informed "the generality of the students of the University and the entire University Community that the order of suspension of the activities of the Student's Union by the University Authorities via a Release Ref. Ro. 2/Vol. Vi./180 dated 3rd December 2015 has been lifted."

"Consequently, the process of elections of new Student's Union Officials can now commence. All students are reminded that their conduct individually and as an organized group must be in compliance with the rules and regulations of the University, the Students Matriculation Oath, Code of Conduct for the University Community, and the Laws of the Country before, during and after elections," the statement read further.

It will be recalled that the Student's Union was suspended towards the end of the tenure of the former Vice Chancellor, Bamitale Omole. Subsequently, three officers, including the President, Secretary General and Public Relations Officer of the Union were rusticated for up to semesters.

The emergence of the current Vice Chancellor, Professor Anthony Elujoba came with the VC's promises to look into the circumstances surrounding the Union officers' suspension and the Union activities' suspension.

Some weeks later, the suspended officers of the Union were reinstated.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

History Students Visit Ooni's Palace, Oranmiyan's Staff

The 200 level students of the Department of History, Obafemi Awolowo University, on Tuesday, 25th October 2016, embarked on a historical visit to the palace of the Ooni of Ife and the Oke Oran mountain, Ife where it is believed that the founder of Yoruba race, Oduduwa, descended upon His arrival to this world.

The tour was arranged to enable students offering History of Nigeria comprehend and grasp some intricacies of the course. According to some of the students who participated in the trip, the journey to Ooni's palace was a historical one. To aid comprehension of the creationist stories and mysteries that surround the evolution of Yoruba race, the lecture handling the course Dr. Amusa arranged a visit to the palace of his imperial Majesty, Oba Ogunwusi Ojaja.

At the end of the visit to palace of the Ooni of Ife, Oke Oran Ife mountain, Oranmiyan Staff and other historical places that have relevance to the course, many more students expressed their satisfaction and commended the organizer of the trip.

Monday, 24 October 2016

JAMB To Scrap Uniform Cut-off Points For Universities

By Punch Newspaper

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has hinted that it may cancel the use of uniform cut-off points for admitting candidates that took the Universities Tertiary Matriculation Examination.

The issue of cut-off marks as currently being used for admission, it said, should be subjected to national debate by stakeholders.

The Spokesperson of JAMB, Dr. Fabian Benjamin, gave the indication in a statement he issued on behalf of its Registrar/Chief Executive, Prof Is-haq Oloyede, on Sunday evening in Abuja.

He said a situation where universities, polytechnics and colleges of education were subjected to the same cut-off marks was no longer tenable because it prevented the institutions from admitting candidates of their choice.

Tertiary institutions, he sated, should be allowed to determine the kind of candidates they want to admit.

He added that there was an urgent need to reconsider the current cut-off point of 180 for admission in order to strengthen access to education, particularly for the less-privileged.

Benjamin said, “The uniformity of cut-off marks doesn’t make any sense when colleges (of education) and polytechnics admit for national certificate of education and diplomas, while universities admit for degrees.

Yet, we subject them to the same cut-off marks, thereby starving these tiers of institutions from admitting candidates who, if not engaged, may likely become easy prey to social vices.

“This means that if a University wants 250 as minimum cut-off marks, why not? And if another wants less so be it. If a Polytechnic like YABATECH (Yaba College of Technology) wants 250 as cut-off marks, let them admit and if Gboko Polytechnic in Benue State where I come from wants less than 200, let them admit.

“Institutions should be known for their individual quality and not collective standards. This will foster positive competition for the overall good of our tertiary institutions. It is critical for all notable stakeholders to rethink the issue of cut-off marks.

“I am calling for a national debate on the propriety of cut off marks; institutions should be allowed to determine the kind of candidates they want.”
JAMB also expressed worry over the class opportunities as it affects the distribution of admission resources.

The organisation said, “The rich have multiple opportunities which include going abroad for studies while the poor only have the opportunity of struggling for the scarce spaces here.

“They come back and they are integrated while the poor can’t afford it and are forever denied the opportunity of education. Let institutions admit what they want according to their needs.”

JAMB urged Nigerians to look at the decision critically for it to take action that would be for the good of the education sector.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Sunday Style With Ella


'Observe the sabbath day and keep it holy.'

     Of Course no one wants to go to church looking grumpy. Moreover in this 21st century, you don't have to wear an overall and a scarf to look holy to church, Hence, the emergence of the "HOLY SLAYERS". Lol, thats what i call them.

     The Fashion Section of OAU Peeps News Agency has now introduced Sunday Style, an avenue to showcase the 'sunday style' of Great Ife.

For this week, we would be checking out a few people and their choices.

1) Blazers:- It doesn't have to be a formal occasion before you wear a blazers. Sometimes I even think it's the casual sibling of the suit. Well, Jasmine looked simply sassy on it. Yeah, no pattern whatsoever, no tight pants and simple colours yet she looked good.
You wanna take it a step higher, you can wear it on a patterned camisole tucked into a straight tight skirt with a pair of heels like Ibukun did. That's literally a killer outfit.
2) Lacy Dresses:- Some time before the new age, it was only worn to owambes but now, its used in really adorable ways and you ask yourself, "was this the lace material I didn't like to use when I was much younger?" Well, yes it is. Every girl loves a dress, even the guys can't take their eyes easily off a girl on a dress. No matter what, it brings out the chic in a babe, As we can see in the pretty girls, Eniola and Ronke. It can be either a fitted free dress or tight-fitted one. Either way, with the right combination, you are good to go
3) Sweaters:- So it's sunny but who says you can't still rock the sweater. Now for a classy man, you can add it to a shirt and a pair of suit pants. To add a lil spice, use it with a pair of jeans and even shorts. Who says you can't be formal on a sweater, try adding a tie with a pair of leather shoes. Dahunsi and Femi certainly didn't make a mistake  with the combinations, remember no pattern on pattern.

That's all for this week guys. Have a blessed week!

(Ella is a student of the Faculty of Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife and a fashion and lifestyle writer on the OAU Peeps Team)

ANUNSA, JCI, Other Organisations Team Up To Clean OAU

The much anticipated OAU Campus Clean Up organised by Passion House and Clean Up Nigeria was held on Saturday, 22nd October, 2016. The event featured quite a number of non-governmental organisations and Volunteers from the Obafemi Awolowo University.

The event, which was birthed from a need to have a clean and hygienic environment, experienced a massive turn out from students who were volunteers. It was a great time as members of Organizations like ANUNSA OAU, ECOMSA OAU, OAU Cyclist Club, JCI OAU, Susty Vibe, Passion House, NESREA Osun State and Volunteers teamed up to embark on the cleaning event.

In his words, while speaking to our correspondent, the Executive Director of Passion House and Convener of Cleanup Nigeria Project, Mr Alex Akhigbe, said "the OAU campus clean up project is the first University clean up project his organization will organize and it was organized to gear students and youths up to be active citizens and agent of positive change in their communities and further drive the message of having a clean and hygienic environment and a pollution-free environment". He then appreciated the effort of all volunteers and organizations that graced and supported the event. He further explained that CleanUp Nigeria has done clean up projects in communities such as Ketu, Makoko, Ajegunle and a host of other communities.

The event saw volunteers move out enmass to different halls of residence and Academic area of the citadel of learning. It involved massive clean up and Sanitation of the nooks and crannies of OAU and youths took action in actualizing goal 3 and 6 of Sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Participants were given Green certificates at the end of the the whole event. After which the huge waste collected during the process was disposed appropriately, however the campaign to have a clean and hygienic environment continues as the organisers continue to preach dumping of waste in waste bins and appropriately.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

ACJ OAU Hosts Veteran Journalist, Edmund Obilo

In a summit organised by the Association of Campus Journalists, OAU, the association played host to veteran journalist and former OAP of Splash fm, Ibadan, Mr Edmund Obilo.

The Summit which sought out to help highlight the roles of students in maintaining sustainable development in OAU featured paper presentations from Some students of the institution had Obilo had the major speaker of the event. In his address, Edmund Obilo highlighted the faults of the various stakeholders, decrying the rapidly falling standard of Universities in the country. In his words, Obilo stated that the larger society was supposed to be a simulation of the University system and not the other way round. Obilo whilst condemning the current state of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), described his passive critical role in his days as an undergraduate at the University of Benin.

And finally commenting on his exit from Splash FM, he stated that he was moving onto another phase of his journalism career. The Vice Dean of the Division of Students Affairs, Dr B. S Afolabi was also present at the event.

"Any Lecturer Found Guilty Of Assault Would Definitely Pay For It"- Vice Dean DSA

Following the reportage of several cases of physical assaults by lecturers over the past few weeks, the Vice Dean of the Division of Students Affairs of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Dr B.S Afolabi, has claimed that investigations have commenced on the cases and any lecturer found guilty in any of the cases would be made to take responsibility for his or her actions. He also warned students against aggravating lecturers as different people had different temperaments and the lecturers too were human. He also cited the case of students assaulting lecturers in times past, attributing the current state of the Union as a result of one of such events.

Speaking to students earlier today, Saturday, 22nd October 2016 at the Great Ife Students Summit organised by the Association of Campus Journalists, OAU, Dr Afolabi also shed more light on some of the issues surrounding the planned meeting of the Acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor Anthony Elujoba. He stated that when the Vice-Chancellor stated that he would be meeting with the students, it was through their representatives. He however further stated that although the Acting Vice-Chancellor was very much interested in reinstating the Students Union, he had not had time to meet the elected representatives due to his very busy schedule.

Dr Afolabi then made it known to the students present that he would always be available to students who need information on any issue regarding the University.

Victims Of Men - Okpala Uzochukwu

Ada, I have known you for six years now” Emeka said
“You want to start asking me out again abi,” Ada jokingly added, pushed his head to the chair and continued “that is the phrase you always use when you want to talk about this dating stuff”
Emeka continued, ignoring what she said, “ You don’t want to date me, you don’t want to have sex with me, you just keep calling me bestie”
The smile Emeka had on his face earlier was disappearing slowly making way for a gloomy mood like a cloid that comes suddenly on a sunny day.
“Emeka, Emeka, oya smile for me na” Ada teased trying to tickle him.
Emeka pushed her away and she landed on the bed, her skirt raised exposing the upper part of her thigh.
Ada was shocked, they had been enjoying themselves, gisting and laughing since she came to Emeka’s house an hour  before, she did not understand the sudden change of mood. He made a quick motion to the door, locked it  and threw the key inside his pocket and in one quick motion moved towards Ada.
“What are you trying to do Emeka, what has suddenly come over you” Ada couldn’t understand how someone was laughing in the previous minute suddenly turned sour and bitter.
Emeka, knelt on the bed over her and whispered into her ears “since you don’t want to give me what I want, I am going to take it by force”
what do you mean Emeka”
Emeka tried raisng her skirt, she slapped him and pushed his hand away.
But Emeka was stronger…

Rape is an unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against the will usually of a female or with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent.

The effects of rape can be physical- bruises, injuries, it can be medical- vagnismus, risk of contracting infections such as HIV, it can be psychological which might be the most damaging effect.
The psychological effects of rape can be damaging, some women who have been raped continue to have an intense hatred for men their whole life, some seem not toforget theincident their whole life and some go on to never have a proper relationship with a any man.

Majority of rape cases are swept under the carpet, most girls never get to talk to anyone about their rape incident and studies have shown that less than twenty percent of rape cases are reported. this is because of the societal believe and mindset towards rape. the first question in a community like ours usually is: what did the girl go there to do?

Reporting a rape case is important, first for medical attention. Some people get infected with HIV without knowing it after they were raped and never get to know about it until months later (which is rather late). This would have been prevented if it was reported within forty eigth hours. Psychological support that can be given to anyone involved, and most importantly, the rapist face the law.

The society’s mindset towards rape can be appauling, rape is a very serious issue that has demeaning consequences to the victim, and questions and criticism of the raped involving questions like: what was she doingin his house alone, why was she wearing a short skirt? Should be retracted.
Let us strive towards a better future for the female child, standing against rape is the duty of everyone.


(Okpala Uzochukwu is a student of the College of Health Sciences, Obafemi Awolowo University and a member of the OAU Peeps Team)

"When You Start Something, You Finish It"- Beautiful Nubia


Performers from the Dept of Dramatic Arts

Reacting to rumours that he dropped out of school for his music, popular roots  musician, Segun Akinlolu, popularly known as Beautiful Nubia, has come out to debunk the claims and clear the air. He stated at a performance in the Afrika Amphitheatre of the Obafemi Awolowo University that he is a graduate of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Ibadan and even practiced for eight years afterwards before finally quitting to face his music squarely.

He also claimed that although he was strongly involved in the arts as an undergraduate student; writing poetry and plays and even directing some of his plays, he strongly believed that once one started something, one must endeavour to finish it and eventually graduated one of the best students. Speaking on the role of music in the transformation of Africa, Beautiful Nubia also advised upcoming artistes to continue to use their music to advocate for a better Africa, in his words, "You can not be at peace if your neighbour is unhappy and you are only as rich as the poorest man in your society".

After offering some advice to the students, Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band then thrilled the audience with the performance of many of his songs keeping in mind that several other artistes from the Faculty of Arts such as Ashake, Deemsy Buraimoh, Kunle Eagle, Wole Sax and some departments had performed earlier.

Photo Credits- Novel Events

Friday, 21 October 2016

CleanUpNigeria Comes To OAU Campus

Passion House with Susty Vibes  collaborates with ECOMSA brings Cleanup Nigeria Project (Campus CleanUp) to Obafemi Awolowo University.

As part of its vision to rid Nigeria of environmental dirt, Convener of the
Cleanup Nigeria project, Passion House with Susty Vibes has collaborated with Environmental Control and Management Students' Association (ECOMSA) of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Studies on the Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU Campus Clean-up.

The clean up exercise which is scheduled to hold on 22nd October, 2016, will further drive the organisations respective campaigns to #CleanUpNigeria, #StareDownOnPollution and #PromoteEnvironmentalSustainability

This campus clean up would be the first in the series of other campus clean up that would be carried out in the Universities across the Nation.
As the organisers call for partnership from government, civil societies, NGO and individuals with equal thirst to keep Nigeria clean and green.

For the past  seven years, Passion house has been leading clean up events in strategic locations in Nigeria via her Clean-up Nigeria Projects. Ranging from awareness on effective waste management practice, to the health benefits of living in a clean environment in a country with a rising
population, the impact of these projects have been enormous.

According to the Convener of Cleanup Nigeria Project and Executive Director of Passion House, Mr Alex Akhigbe, the university campus clean up projects would provide a platform for young people in the universities to be agent of positive change in their communities and further drive the message of having a pollution-free environment in our campuses.

The trio, Passion House, Susty Vibes and ECOMSA have identified that civil engagement is crucial to achieving this goal and would be combining the energy of young people with the passion of environmentalists in Obafemi Awolowo University.

With effective supports from House of Babiti, Life and Fitness Cycling Club, ANUNSA OAU Chapter, We Are M.A.D Initiative, The Valuable Waste, Olayinka Ojo photography and academy, purpose driven poet, the exercise will see to evacuation of waste materials from the university environ, while also educating the students on the need to maintain cleaner academic atmosphere.
Speaking further, Mr Akhigbe, explained that it is the duty of humans to keep the earth free of pollution.

"The planet earth is all we have in common and it is our responsibility to protect and celebrate the planet earth hence, the need for the
collaboration with organisations like NESREA, WestAfricaENRG, Eco Nigeria, RecyclePoints, Greenhill
Recycling, Street Waste, Thermal Initiative, Taiwo Adewole and Associates, Clean and Beautiful Atmosphere Initiative and others that believe in our mandate to raise responsible citizens that are passionate about environmental sustainability and protection".

Jennifer Uchendu of Susty Vibes, said "any project that promotes the need for community engagement in pollution activities must be supported and brought to reality and SustyVibes is committed to partner for a Sustainable Nigeria" as the President of ECOMSA, 'Wole Adegbule also affirms the relevance of cleanliness as a means of inculcating environmental education in Nigerian institutions which ECOMSA is passionate about for the promotion of environmental sustainability.

Looking forward to October 22nd when the #OAUCampusCleanUp will hold, interested volunteers can sign up by visiting to join the project and for updates on upcoming clean up events.

The official hashtag on tweeter is #OAUCampusCleanUp. Let's keep it trending.

To keep track on activities on Facebook, simply like: Susty Vibes, Cleanupnigeria.

Twitter: @sustyvibes  @cleanupnigeria @Ecomsaoauife

Instagram: @sustyvibes and @cleanupnigeria

For more information, Please call or whatsapp AlexGREAT on +2348033340972

Click here to register

#OAUCampusCleanUp is proudly supported by OAU Peeps News Agency

Popular Radio Personality, Edmund Obilo, To Storm OAU

Investigative journalist and popular On-air personality, Edmund Obilo, is set to visit the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife tomorrow Saturday, 22nd October 2016 for the Great Ife Students Summit hosted by the Association of Campus Journalists, OAU.

Obilo, who is popular for his radio show, Voices on Splash FM in Ibadan would be interacting with students on the theme; "Towards Reviving A Sustainable Development In OAU: The Role Of Students"
The summit would be holding at the ICAN Lecture Theatre at 10:00 am. Do endeavour to attend.

INDAQS OAU Emerges Winner In UI 3rd Inter-University Quiz Competition

Students of the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife once again reasserted OAU as 'Oba Awon Unifaasiti' on Tuesday, 18th October 2016 in the University of Ibadan, Ibadan as students from the department of Nursing emerged winners in a quiz competition. The quiz which was the third of Its kind was a part of the University of Ibadan Nurses Week 2016. The week was organised by the Nigerian Universities Nursing Students’ Association(NUNSA), UI Chapter.

The quiz competition which was actually the last on programme for the day had representatives from five participating schools, Afe Babalola University Ado-Ekiti (ABUAD), Babcock University Ilishan (BABCOCK),  Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife(OAU), University of Ibadan (UI) and University of Ilorin (UNILORIN).

The scope of the competition ranged from Human Physiology to Foundation of Nursing Practice to Advance Medical Surgical Nursing to Maternal and Child Health and Current Affairs and included characteristically standard, challenging and brain tasking questions. However, the representatives were apparently not intimidated as they played along with the questions.

At the end of the quiz competition, Babcock University came up with a total of 10 points, Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti and the University of Ilorin both ended with a total of 15 points each, thus both emerging the 3rd. The University of Ibadan had a narrow win with a total of 16 points claiming the 2nd position. The Obafemi Awolowo University at the end of the quiz competition had 23 points, thus emerging the overall winner of the contest.

The Convener, Ife Nursing Debate And Quiz Society (INDAQS), Mr. Akinsumade while being interviewed, stated it clear that among the objectives of the association which he oversees is to see to it that OAU Nursing students are always prepared for debates, quiz competitions and other literary activities. INDAQS formed few years ago has always have it as her hallmark emerging victorious in competitions, "My team has been working hard to ensure we come nothing but 1st in this invite of UI most especially when we reflected on the fact that since 2012 we have always been coming 1st in any contest we have with UI, thus we could not afford to have anything other than 1st, he said." He however, accorded all glory, honour and praise to the Almighty God, acknowledging the efforts of his team.

Credits- Lurogho Akinola Courage

How to Be a Town Gboro Driver in OAU By Gracious Egedegbe

There are many kinds of professions on Obafemi Awolowo University campus; however, none is as important as Town Gboro (Campus Shuttle) Driving. This profession deserves worthy recognition, hence this essay. Unfortunately, as a campus shuttle driver on OAU campus, no one appreciates you. So many ungrateful students do not understand that you are doing them a great favour. However, out of the benevolence of my heart, I have decided to carry out some research and in so doing discovered several secrets for all those in the Town Gboro Driving profession, both existing and aspiring.

No change!

This is so important that it comes first: you must never have change. What do I mean? I mean you must never have currencies in small denominations. That is a taboo! All students must have change. You are looking at your hand and wondering what to do with those small denomination naira notes, right? Well do nothing. Do not give it out even when you have to give commuters change. Still insist that you do not have change.

Do you not get it? The less change you have, the less bundle of notes you will have in your hand. Imagine instead of 10 naira and 20 naira notes, you have 100 naira and above, the notes in your hand will not be much. As such, people will consider you an unfortunate person, as if you have not made any money since you began. Moreover, as you know, no one wants to associate with an unfortunate person. The formula is simple: the more 10-naira and 20 naira you hoard, the more people consider you a successful person and board your bus.

This issue is very important so I am going to spend more time on it. I seriously wonder why anyone would expect you to give him or her change, no matter how little. After all, their president, yes, their president promised them change and gave them nothing. Instead, we hear that their president is sharing change in large denominations with people who are close to him. So if their own president who owns the central bank of Nigeria (at least he controls it, even if he does not own it) cannot give them change, why should they put the pressure on you, a common Town Gboro Driver. Baba, follow the presidential pattern: keep the change to yourself and those close to you.

You must drive very slowly and the roof must leak!

Now, the kind of buses you put on the road is very important due to the Nigerian situation. Every day we hear of many unpleasant events like road accidents. However, as the selfless town gboro driver that you are, there are certain things you can do to ensure you are not part of the problem.

The first is to make sure your bus is not fast. Look at it this way; they say speed kills. Invariably, going slow will ensure you live long. Now, before you are accused of being selfish, remember that the lives of your commuters are also safe, all this from simply going slow. I know some ungrateful students will clamour and bicker at your slow speed. They will tell you they are running late for classes and test and you should at least go at the normal speed. Do not mind them. ‘Na small pickin dey do them.’ As the older one, you know what is best for them. Kindly retain your driving speed of 20km/hr. Besides, what right do they have to make you go fast? OAU arguable has one of the worst academic calendars fraught with strikes, protests and illegal mid semester breaks. If they cannot make their school go faster, or at least to go at the normal pace for universities, they have no right to make you go any faster.

Wait, did they say they are running late for classes and tests? Well, no one told them to live off campus, they did so on their own violation. As such, they should suffer for it. Their mates are crammed into overcrowded hostels on campus with neither constant electricity nor potable water and stinking toilets. Rather than ‘enjoy’ with their mates, these ‘oversabis’ decided to get accommodation off campus. That is stark betrayal! It is better they all stay together, even if it amounts to 20 occupants per room. After all, they are here to study and not to enjoy simple amenities like electricity and water.

Remember I mentioned that these students are ingrates. Well, they will always look for an opportunity to complain. Imagine, you are helping some students get to campus for the meagre fare they pay and it starts raining. You know what I am going to say, right? Yeah! They will complain about the leaking roof/chassis and makeshift windows. Imagine! I wonder why they should blame you for the little bucket load of water dripping on them. If they have any problem, they should take it up with God. Yes, God! After all, the God they prayed to gave them PDP for over 8 years and now the partially deaf president with a wife that belongs to the other room. Their God should also take care of the rain. Or what do they expect you to do, do you have power over the rain? Abegi!

What is even worse is that they will tell you to fix your bus. Imagine, they are telling you what to do! Do they mean you are dumb or inconsiderate or only fixated on the money? Or even worse, all of the above. God forbid! You are a responsible driver. Even the school management is yet to carry out a full-scale rehabilitation of the hostels on campus after so many years. So it is not just you. In fact, you never knew that your bus was leaking until it began to rain. And by the time you wanted to fix it, the rain was gone. So you continued your business and the rain came back. As I said, the problem is with the rain and not the maintenance of your bus.

Zebra crossings are meant for zebras

On some locations on campus, you will see drawings in white and black on the road. They are called zebra crossing and for good reason. Have you heard of zebras? They are animals that behave just like horses. Do you know what that means? It means they run very fast. As such, whenever you see a zebra crossing, just know those that are going to cross the road must do so very fast. However, most times, you will see students walk into the road; some of them even ‘catwalk’. Trust me, I understand the frustration you feel in times in that. I mean, you are eager to help some students at the next bus stop get to their destination and you are being delayed. ‘Educated’ students who are ‘catwalking’ and ‘dogwalking’ when they are supposed to ‘zebra-running’ are delaying you. What nonsense!

How do you deal with this? I am sure, by now, you know of all the locations on campus where zebra crossings are designated. What you have to do is simple: as soon as you approach any of those spots, step on the pedal and zoom away. Do not stop an inch for those recalcitrant students. And if you chance upon a zebra crossing where students are already on the road, honk! Yeah, honk very loudly. Express your exasperation at all cost. In fact, gradually encroach into the zebra crossing so that others coming will know you don’t have time to waste.

Let me quickly add another thing. Like other landmarks on campus, zebra crossings are also pick up points. As such, when you approach a zebra crossing and your bus is yet to be filled, simply shout “Town, gate, town, gate…” some of the students crossing will quickly run and board your bus. Let me state clearly: this is the only circumstance in which you are to stop before a zebra crossing. Even then, it is because you are trying to help these hapless students, nothing personal or selfish about it.

I understand that you are eager to get back to work so I am going to stop here. Take care of yourself and do not give a damn about those students. ‘Just help their condition with a problem.’ cheers!

(Egedegbe Gracious is an art student of the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-ife and a member of the OAU Peeps Team.)

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Achievers Tutorial College Invites Predegree Aspirants For Marathon Revision Classes

This is to invite Predegree aspirants to a marathon revision class scheduled to hold between Monday 24th October and 7th November 2016. Convenient accommodation arrangements have been made for candidates from long distances at an affordable cost and the revision class would cover all necessary requirements to achieve success in the Predegree entrance examination.

Time: 9a.m-7p.m
Venue: Achievers Tutorial College, Beside Sanctuary of Hope Church, After OAU Campus Gate, Ile-ife

For more enquiries, contact 08109438110 OR 08030790180

Announcer: Achievers Tutorial College

Moremi Fire Outbreak: 'Response From Porter Was Slow' – Eye Witness

Things almost turned awry on Tuesday, 19th October, 2016 at the Moremi Hall of Residence at the Obafemi Awolowo University as a leaking gas cylinder caught fire.

Save for quick intervention of apt persons at Moremi Hall of residence at Obafemi Awolowo University, it would, probably have been a different situation at room 303 Block E, Moremi Hall.

In the affected room at about 2:20pm, there were four girls, one of whom was unknowingly cooking on a leaking gas cylinder before things got out of control, leading to a fire outbreak.

According to an eye witness account related to OAU Peeps News Agency correspondent, immediately the fire broke out, the owner of the gas cylinder ran to the portal for help but unexpectedly, the porter officials did not show up on time.

No casualty was however recorded and they were able to recover some of their property from the fire outbreak.

Here are some pictures of the affected room.

NASU, SSANU Protest Purported Petition Against Elujoba's Administration

The seemingly calm atmosphere of Obafemi Awolowo University is now fading away, as the community was disturbed again on Wednesday, 19th October 2016.

Members of the OAU chapters of the Non Academic Staff Union of Universities (NASU) and Senior Staff Association of Universities (SSANU) gathered in their large numbers at the front of the University's Senate Building.

The workers, who had left their duty posts, were seen chanting solidarity songs in their loud voices.

Inquiries made by OAU Peeps News Agency revealed that the gathering was as a result of an announcement made by the leadership of the two unions; that their members should jettison work with immediate effect for an important meeting.

It was learnt that the University Management was petitioned by some aggrieved parties (especially from the camp of the ousted Management) over the source of the recently paid stack of allowances received by the University workers.

Speaking to the Union members, the NASU Chairman, Mr Odewumi said the leadership of the Unions, on getting wind of this, decided to meet with the University's Management in order to solidarize with them.

He said, the source of the funds used for the payment of the allowances was not illegitimate as it was directly from the government. He labelled the petition as “malicious, unfounded and a plot to stain the clean garments of the current University management under the leadership of Professor Anthony Elujoba.”

He therefore enjoined the Union members to be calm and return to their duty posts, pending the time the Union leadership will return from a meeting with the National body which they've been invited for. He said the petition issue and related issues will be dissected well at this meeting and reports would be made available to the workers as soon as they are back.

Do You Blog? Or Interested In Starting A Blog? Here Are Blogging Tips For Newbies

Back in 1950s, Andy Warhol said that in the future everyone would become famous in 15 minutes. Well, the future has come and proved that he wasn’t mistaken. Modern web technologies and the diversity of devices open the wide array of opportunities, where everyone can become, for instance, a blogger.

All you need in order to become an opinion leader is a place to express your opinion. A personal blog will be a perfect fit. Don’t worry, it is really easy to start. Here are some blogging tips for you.

  • Write about things you know or are interested in. It doesn’t only make sense, but makes you sound an expert. 
  • Always check the information. If you are going to express your opinion on something, make sure you know what you are writing about and understood the issue correctly.
  • Find your own sounding. Blogging is an art, and every artist needs to find their voice and manner of storytelling. It may not happen immediately, but mastering your own skills is an inseparable part of every occupation.
  • Interact with the audience. Unlike poets, writers or even journalists, bloggers are easy reachable. They come from ordinary people. They share experiences. You must be ready to hear comments – any comments! – concerning your work. You must be ready to reply in an appropriate mode and communicate with your audience.
  • Use social networks. It is helpful both for communication and promotion. 
  • Try different forms of blogging. Write posts, make photo compilations and stories, share videos. Describe your experience, share tips, express thoughts. Don’t stop on one thing, combine different forms of expression.
  • Stay in trend. There must be things that make you special, and there are things everyone is aware of. Trend doesn’t always indicate on low quality. 
  • Know your audience. It is impossible to be someone everyone likes. Nevertheless, there are a lot of people, who share your interests and will look forward to new blogs.

These are the basics, which will help you to start a blog. The rest depends on your persistence, creativity and a desire to self-improve. The rest is easy to learn. You can find more blogging tips on

Faculty of Education Commissions New Office Complex, Names It After Professor Dibu Ojerinde

History was made earlier this week as the Faculty of Education of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife commissioned a new 30 rooms office complex. This building, according the Dean Faculty of Education, is the first development on campus that is executed with direct labour and without fund from the university management and any government agency.

The ceremony which was anchored by the Public Relations Officer of the University, Mr Abiodun Olarenwaju had in attendance former registrar JAMB, Prof Dibu Ojerinde, the university Registrar, Mr Dotun Awoyemi, the Chairman Committee of Deans and Dean Faculty of Agriculture, Prof Adeagbo Amusan, Dr Peju Oyebisi, Prof Ehindero, Prof Charles Akanbi, Prof Fransica, and the former dean of the Faculty of Education, Prof P. O Jegede, who initiated the project.

The building complex was funded by Cyberspace Company and SIDMAK Investment LTD. The building construction started in february 2016, with the two companies donating a sum of about N60million to the faculty.

In his opening speech, the Dean of the Faculty of Education commended the effort of the two companies who sponsored the project as part of their social responsibility, and Prof Dibu Ojerinde who provided the links to this company. He further appreciated the efforts of the past dean of the Faculty for initiating the project.

The building was then commissioned and named after the Educationist and the Emeritus Professor of Education as the "DIBU OJERINDE EDUCATION COMPLEX". The new building is located behind the Faculty of Environmental Design and Management building along the road to the school farm.

AIG Warns Policemen Against Checking Of Vehicle Particulars

The Assistant Inspector-General (AIG) of Police in charge of Zone 11 comprising Oyo, Osun and Ondo states, Dan Bature, has said that any policeman checking vehicle particulars on the highway is on illegal duty. He noted that their duty is to ensure safer roads.

Dan Bature made this known on Wednesday, October 19, in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital during a two-day familiarization visit to the state.
“The Inspector General of Police is determined to improve on your welfare and pursue the increment of your salary and therefore policemen should stop activities that can tarnish the image of the country." He said.

Bature also warned policemen against blocking high ways, saying police patrol vehicles were not supposed to be toll gates and that officers who are unable to key into the laudable initiatives of the IGP to resign from the force.


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

NUC Scraps Pre-degrees, Diplomas In Universities

Pre-degree and diploma programmes in Nigerian universities have been scrapped. The National Universities Commission (NUC), which took the action, instructed them to leave the running of such programmes for polytechnics and concentrate effort on producing human capital in the core undergraduate, part-time and post-graduate courses.

Executive Secretary of the commission, Prof. Abubakar Adamu Rasheed, gave this order at meetings held between October 10 and 12 with vice chancellors of the 143 universities in the country, according to a statement by the NUC yesterday.

He also directed that the research directorate of NUC be strengthened to work with those of universities. This is to co-ordinate research activities in universities and ensure relevance of their outputs. He said the NUC, would engage a mix of old, experienced and young vibrant academics to come up with curricula that would not only be dynamic and responsive to national needs, but also conform to global trends.

The statement continued: “A comprehensive review of the entire university curricula (the Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS)) and ranking of Nigerian universities have also been scheduled for 2017, while two of the cardinal activities of the commission, accreditation of programmes and resource verification, will now take place only twice and thrice a year, respectively: May and November for accreditation as well as March, July and December for resource verification.”
NUC also warned that any university that failed to present its programmes for accreditation promptly without satisfactory reasons, given well in advance, would be denied same and the relevant agencies (JAMB and NYSC) duly notified.

“The accreditation of part-time programmes would ensure that they are of the same quality as the full-time programmes, thereby restoring public confidence in them,” it said.

Rasheed urged universities to identify their areas of strength to mount joint Ph.D. programmes in view of increasing cost of training overseas.

He enjoined the vice chancellors to be creative and innovative enough to come up with new courses and programmes that would address emerging societal challenges.

He expressed NUC’s readiness to work with them to develop the BMAS for such new programmes.


Ife Pharmacy Class Of '76 Celebrates 40th Anniversary, Donates Monument To Faculty

Saturday, October 16 was certainly one with many memories for the Faculty of Pharmacy, OAU as it hosted members of the Class of 1976 in her 40th Anniversary and reunion.

The class, which was one of the pioneer classes in the Faculty had produced a number of celebrated dignitaries of the profession.

The programme started on Friday, 15th October 2016 with the arrival and registration of members of the class and a cocktail which held at the Faculty of Pharmacy foyer. It then continued on Saturday with a public lecture delivered by Professor(Mrs) M.N Femi-Oyewo, a member of the class and current Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-iwoye.

In her lecture, the keynote speaker enlightened attendees on the Evolution of Pharmacy Education over the last forty years and at the end of the event, the class donated a symbolic monument of the Pharmacy profession to the Faculty.

The Chairman of the event, Professor Ogunlana, who taught the class and also celebrated his fortieth year as a Professor along with the class appreciated God over the class and encouraged the younger ones present to endeavour to outdo the accomplishments of the class.

The reunion ended on Sunday morning with a Thanksgiving service at All Souls Chapel, Religious Ground.

Trending With Ella: Off-The-Shoulder Tops

Good day people. I know our days have been stressful especially with ongoing tests and upcoming exams. But then, that doesn't mean our fashion consciousness should die. Everyday new trends evolve and vintage re-evolve, while the present ones become stale.

On today's trending, the off-the-shoulder top is our concern. Off-the-shoulder tops can't be worn and look shabby. This closet staple needs a warm weather and a certain level of confidence; happily the skies are getting sunnier. You shouldn't rock it and make a mistake.

Here are the don’ts of an off-the-shoulder top:

1) Don't showcase your bra straps, it’s called an “under”wear. Moreover the idea is to show the skin, why distract the focus?

2) Don't wear a blazers or jacket. If you wanna hide the skin, stick to your camisole dear!

3) Neckpieces are outfits’ statements. They add spices to your outfit and you shouldn't wear a loud or busy neckpiece. The focuses are the upper chest and shoulder, not the neck. Keep the attention where it’s supposed to be.

4) No waist belts! I think that's self explanatory.

5) Don't be shy. Confidence is a major ingredient for a perfect outfit. While wearing the off-the-shoulder top, use the Angelina Jolie bad-ass carriage.

You can combine the top in various ways but just a lil tip. Remember it’s sunny; you wanna dazzle, add a pair of sunshades. If this top is missing in your wardrobe, then your wardrobe needs amending.

See some nice Up-To-Shoulder tops below.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Ella, currently a Language student at the Obafemi Awolowo University, is a Fashion and lifestyle writer on the OAU Peeps Team.