Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Do You Blog? Or Interested In Starting A Blog? Here Are Blogging Tips For Newbies

Back in 1950s, Andy Warhol said that in the future everyone would become famous in 15 minutes. Well, the future has come and proved that he wasn’t mistaken. Modern web technologies and the diversity of devices open the wide array of opportunities, where everyone can become, for instance, a blogger.

All you need in order to become an opinion leader is a place to express your opinion. A personal blog will be a perfect fit. Don’t worry, it is really easy to start. Here are some blogging tips for you.

  • Write about things you know or are interested in. It doesn’t only make sense, but makes you sound an expert. 
  • Always check the information. If you are going to express your opinion on something, make sure you know what you are writing about and understood the issue correctly.
  • Find your own sounding. Blogging is an art, and every artist needs to find their voice and manner of storytelling. It may not happen immediately, but mastering your own skills is an inseparable part of every occupation.
  • Interact with the audience. Unlike poets, writers or even journalists, bloggers are easy reachable. They come from ordinary people. They share experiences. You must be ready to hear comments – any comments! – concerning your work. You must be ready to reply in an appropriate mode and communicate with your audience.
  • Use social networks. It is helpful both for communication and promotion. 
  • Try different forms of blogging. Write posts, make photo compilations and stories, share videos. Describe your experience, share tips, express thoughts. Don’t stop on one thing, combine different forms of expression.
  • Stay in trend. There must be things that make you special, and there are things everyone is aware of. Trend doesn’t always indicate on low quality. 
  • Know your audience. It is impossible to be someone everyone likes. Nevertheless, there are a lot of people, who share your interests and will look forward to new blogs.

These are the basics, which will help you to start a blog. The rest depends on your persistence, creativity and a desire to self-improve. The rest is easy to learn. You can find more blogging tips on

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