Thursday, 6 October 2016

DSA Meets Elected Representatives, Excuses Social Sciences Representatives From Meeting

The Division of Students Affairs, Obafemi Awolowo University in her bid to help oversee the full reinstatement of the Obafemi Awolowo University Students Union held a meeting with the elected representatives of Faculties on Tuesday, 4th October, 2016. The meeting which was the first after the Division ordered a rerun of the elections however did not feature any representatives from the Faculty of Social Sciences as the Dean claimed that the Faculty refused to organise a rerun of her elections in defiance of the order issued out. Upon excusing the alleged representatives, the meeting continued and several pertinent issues were discussed.
Find the official communique of the Pressmen present below

"Communique of Meeting Held Between Division of Students' Affairs OAU And Student Representatives

On the 4th of October,2016, the Dean of Students' Affairs,OAU held a meeting with the student representatives from various faculties at the DSA General Office.

Below are excerpts from the meeting:

The meeting commenced with the Dean beckoning on the representatives of Faculty of Social Sciences and Law. She said Faculty of Law although did not conduct their election on the 15th of September,2016, they took permission to conduct the election at a later date.
The Acting Dean however ordered the representatives of Faculty of Social Sciences out of the meeting room over the claim that the faculty failed to hold an election on 15th of September, 2016. Olatunde Sanyaolu and Deji Akin both from Faculty of Social sciences requested that they be allowed to explain what transpired and why the faculty did not conduct an election but the Dean said "I do not want to listen to any explanation", the hesitation of the Two representatives from Social Sciences to move out of the General meeting led to the Dean calling on security operatives, Faculty of social sciences representatives moved out of the room and the meeting continued.

However, a representative from Faculty of Art named Ebenezer requested that Security men should be vacated, in his words "The necessity of security men was because some elements were unwanted at this meeting but since they have left, I see no reason for their presence, I would prefer they stay outside to avoid intimidation", the Dean consented to this and the security men left the room.

Dr (Mrs) Akinola soon after began the meeting officially by stating that the Representatives would meet with the Acting Vice Chancellor this week or next and the ban on the Students' Union activities "should" be lifted at the meeting with the vice Chancellor and that is where the Representatives  "should" be converted to Electoral Commissioners and Petitioners as they have been elected at their various faculties.

The representatives after listening to the words of the Acting Dean requested that she fasten the meeting with the Acting Vice Chancellor as students need fast actions on when exactly the structure of the Union would be back, it was stated that some Faculties resolved to withdraw their reps if the union is not returned in good time, the representatives also said the spate of theft on Campus is high, Paul Positive from Faculty of Law stated the issues of welfare and other issues as important and the absence of the Union has made it lag behind.

Dr Mrs Akinola, said "The Acting Vice Chancellor is very eager to see the return of the union, as he believes that any University that does not have a Union is not complete,it was immediately I came in that he instructed me to ensure that I meet with Students, he is even more eager to see to the return of the Union even that Students themselves,immediately after he meets with you, you would be sure of all this, there are lots more you would hear from him".

The Issue of use of the word "De-proscribing" the union was touched with a Representative from the Faculty of Science stating that the union was not proscribed but the activities of the Union was suspended and so the University Management should not find it difficult to lift the suspension.

Jegede Abayomi Samuel from Faculty of Administration also requested that the Dean, DSA should be consistent with statements emanating from her office on issues of the Union election, as there has been disparities lately, the Acting Dean however denied that she has been inconsistent with statements,she said "I have not been inconsistent with statements and do not have a reason to lie, it is what we say that we bring out".

The representatives of the Association of Campus Journalists OAU also corroborated the statement of the Dean, stating fully that there has been disparities from statements emanating from the Division of Students Affairs and the issue should be looked into to ensure that there is no confusion.

Some Representatives clamoured for a leadership face for the Faculty reps, Positive from law said "We need to have a leader amongst us to lead us, if we do not have a leader it would not be good" , other Representatives stood against this they claimed that the necessity of a leader is not justified as the DSA has phone numbers of everyone and can communicate to the leaders through this process,especially as the meeting with the Acting VC is fast approaching.

The request for a leader was stepped down finally,as all faculty reps will be communicated to.

On the issue of theft and security of hostels the Dean raised a suggestion that students should put on identity cards in their hostels, this was supported by a Representative from Faculty of Science, however Ebenezer from Faculty of Arts went against this,he said "You cannot expect me to put on identity card while on my underwear in the hostel,it is not possible", this drew laughter around the room and the suggestion was dropped.

On the issue of trust between Students and Management, the Acting Dean said" We know that the students may not believe,but we have been holding meetings from time to time, it shows we are committed, it is the past administrations that are not sincere, the past administrations are liars, I am sorry but we are not in this administration".

The Acting Dean also requested that all those having issues with payments should visit her office, this was after a representative from Faculty of Science spoke about the way students have not been able to pay their school fee due to economic situation or the country.

It was agreed at the end of the meeting that the next meeting date,which would be with the vice Chancellor would be communicated through text messages and pasting of the notice.

The meeting ended with the Acting Dean advising all representatives to focus on their Academic and replicate good ethics."

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