Saturday, 15 October 2016

OAU Staff Club Hosts Jimoh Ibrahim

On Thursday, 14th October, 2016, it was a gathering of the intellectuals at the Obafemi Awolowo University, as its Staff Club held its 9th Round-table.

The event started with the introduction of guests. This was done by the President of the club, Dr Sunday Adesina Coker. He also talked about the purposes and importance of the staff club. To set the ball rolling, he eventually introduced the special guest of the day, Chief (Dr) Jimoh Ibrahim to give his lecture.

Jimoh Ibrahim’s lecture was titled “Economic Recession and the Future of Nigeria”. In his lecture delivery, Ibrahim addressed the students on leadership, innovation and strategy as key components to economic development. He charged the youths to acquire knowledge and improve on their capabilities, if they want to contribute meaningfully to the country’s development. Not leaving the most discussed issue in Nigeria today – recession, he said he is hopeful that there will be a change if some corrective measures were put in place.

Some students were given the opportunity to deliver their presentation and proposals. The round-table session also featured participants sharing ideas on how Nigeria’s educational system can be improved.

Jimoh Ibrahim is an alumnus of the university. He graduated from the prestigious Faculty of Law and he also holds a Masters degree in Public Administration from OAU. He is also a graduate of the Havard Law school and the Oxford University. He is the Jimoh Ibrahim is now a legal icon, a business tycoon and a politician. He is the chairman and chief executive officer of Global Fleet Group, a diversified conglomerate based in Nigeria. He currently aspires to become the governor of Ondo state.

The event was graced by prominent members of staff. Among those in attendance are: Representatives of the Vice Chancellor, the Dean of Faculty of Law, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts. Professors and other cadre lecturers also graced the event. Other guests from outside OAU and a large number of students were also in attendance. The programme was brought to a close by Professor A. Y. Fasasi who gave the vote of thanks.

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