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OAU Vice Chancellor's Cup: Here Is The Summary Of What You Have Missed So Far

The ongoing Vice Chancellor's cup started on the 29th September, 2016, and it has continued to live up to expectations. The competition has generated a lot of interest from students of Obafemi Awolowo University. This is obvious, as students come out en mass to support their respective faculties.

The tournamement which started on a high note comprises all faculties on campus. However, only the Faculty of Pharmacy has failed to show up for their first and subsequent matches. Their opponents were given a walkover and a 3 nil match result.

So far, the favourite faculty predicted to win the competition - the Faculty of Education - has crashed out. The faculty failed to progress to the quarter finals, after a fierce showdown between it and the Faculty of Agriculture saw it ousted; courtesy of a last minute goal by the Faculty of Agriculture.

Unfortunately, the Faculty of Medical Sciences conceded the most goals before they were knocked out of the competition; their defence allowed twelve goals.

In the quarterfinal clash between the Faculty of Agriculture and the Sciences, the former was eventually knocked out. With a man of the match performance by faculty of Administration goalkeeper, they won on penaties after their goalie saved two penalty kick during the match and three during the penalty shoot out. The Faculty of EDM showed much zeal and endurance in its game against the Faculty of Law and it paid off. Following a full time draw, the game extension saw EDM progress.

The last quarter final match was between the Post graduate (PG) and the Faculty of Technology. The star studed Faculty of Technology managed to win the PG, after a very tight game to set a semifinal showdown with the Faculty of Administration.

The final match of the competition is expected to have in attendance the Acting Vice Chancellor, Professor Anthony Elujoba, the Deans of Faculties and other top university officials.

Here are the Semi-final fixtures

EDM vs Social Sciences
Administration vs Technology


Group Stage Results

29th September, 2016
Education 2 : 2 Social sciences
Administration 3 : 1 Sciences

30th September, 2016
Law 2 : 2 Arts
PG 0 : 0 Environmental Design and Management

1st October, 2016
Pharmacy 0 : 3 Agriculture
Medicine 0 : 6 Technology
Basic Medical Sciences 1 : 3 Administration
Dentistry 0 : 6 Postgraduate

3rd October, 2016
Agric 1 : 1 Social Sciences
Tech 2 : 0 Arts
Pharmacy 0 : 3 Education
Medicine 0 : 4 Law

4th October, 2016
Science 2 : 0 Basic Medical Science
EDM 5 : 0 Dentistry

5th October, 2016
Social Sciences 3 : 0 Pharmacy
Arts 7 : 2 Medicine

6th October, 2016
Law 1 : 0 Tech
Education 0 : 1 Agric


7th October, 2016
Agric 0 vs 3 Science
Administration 1 vs 1 Social Sciences
Administration won 3-0 on penalties

8th October, 2016
Law 1vs EDM 1
EDM won 4-3 on penaties

PG 0 vs 1 Technology

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