Friday, 14 October 2016

The Tale Of Two Women- Pink October

Two women were born on the same day, but lived in different parts of the world. They lived their full lives until the age of 40, when both noticed a lump in their breast.

Lizzy, lives with her husband and three children  in Florida, she works as an administrator in a school around her home. She noticed a lump on her left breast about two weeks before her 40th birthday. On noticing it, she informed her husband and they agreed that she would visit a doctor the following day. In the hospital, he lump was examined by a doctor and a breast biopsy was done and the sample analysed.

On receiving the result, the doctor gave her the option of mastectomy (a total removal of the breast and surrounding breast tissue). She discussed with her husband who agreed and she proceeded with it.
Lizzy celebrated her 45th birthday about two weeks ago, she still lives in Florida with her family.

Susan lived in Nigeria, with her husband and eight children. She was a deaconess in church and a secondary school teacher. About four days before her 40th birthday, she noticed a lump on her left breast. She decided not to worry about it. She later spoke to her pastor who advised her to join the prayer team on Wednesdays and see what happens. Susan did that for three months, but it seemed the lump was just getting bigger. she talked to her pharmacist friend who attended the same church. The friend told her about breast lumps, breast cancer and the need to seek expert advice. Susan rejected it, and cursed her, she can’t have cancer, it wasn’t not possible. Another friend introduced Susan to a herbal concotion that would be able to dissolve the lump in less than three weeks. Susan bought it and used it for three weeks untill she noticed she was losing weight.
One day on her way to church on evening, she fainted and was rushed to the hospital. after numerous tests, Susan was diagnosied with breast cancer with evidenced metastasis (spread) too the lungs. Susan was buried 6 months later.

October is tagged breast cancer awareness month. This is to increase the awareness about breast cancer, prevention , causes (risk factors inclusive) , treatment options and cure. it is done to let people know that there is a high possibility of survivorship if detection is early enough.

A breast Lump can be a sign, but a majority of lumps are not cancerous (especially in younger women), however a woman should get them checked by a health professional.

A self breast examination of the breasts is advised for every woman monthly and a mammogram for every woman above the age of forty once a year. Breast cancer is more common in older women, but it can still occur in young women (even though it is relatively uncommon). Cancer doesn’t mean death. early detection and early prevention measures are key to survival.
let us join hands and prevent breast cancer!!! Tell a friend!!!

(Okpala Uzochukwu is a student of the College of Health Sciences, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife and a member of the OAU Peeps Team)

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