Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Trending With Ella: Off-The-Shoulder Tops

Good day people. I know our days have been stressful especially with ongoing tests and upcoming exams. But then, that doesn't mean our fashion consciousness should die. Everyday new trends evolve and vintage re-evolve, while the present ones become stale.

On today's trending, the off-the-shoulder top is our concern. Off-the-shoulder tops can't be worn and look shabby. This closet staple needs a warm weather and a certain level of confidence; happily the skies are getting sunnier. You shouldn't rock it and make a mistake.

Here are the don’ts of an off-the-shoulder top:

1) Don't showcase your bra straps, it’s called an “under”wear. Moreover the idea is to show the skin, why distract the focus?

2) Don't wear a blazers or jacket. If you wanna hide the skin, stick to your camisole dear!

3) Neckpieces are outfits’ statements. They add spices to your outfit and you shouldn't wear a loud or busy neckpiece. The focuses are the upper chest and shoulder, not the neck. Keep the attention where it’s supposed to be.

4) No waist belts! I think that's self explanatory.

5) Don't be shy. Confidence is a major ingredient for a perfect outfit. While wearing the off-the-shoulder top, use the Angelina Jolie bad-ass carriage.

You can combine the top in various ways but just a lil tip. Remember it’s sunny; you wanna dazzle, add a pair of sunshades. If this top is missing in your wardrobe, then your wardrobe needs amending.

See some nice Up-To-Shoulder tops below.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Ella, currently a Language student at the Obafemi Awolowo University, is a Fashion and lifestyle writer on the OAU Peeps Team.

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