Thursday, 6 October 2016

Why The Health Centre Is Not A Bad Idea - Okpala Uzochukwu

Bimbo, have you gone to the health centre?” Ada asked Bimbo her roommate, who lay on the bed shivering.

No” Bimbo replied, turning her face away.
How do you expect to get well if you have not taken any treatment” Ada persisted.

They will end up giving me Paracetamol and antimalarial tablets, that was the same thing that happened last week” Bimbo cried

Is it not better than just staying here and just shivering?”
“Busola went to buy drugs for me” Bimbo finally answered, and used a pillow to cover her head.

It can be disheartening to receive Paracetamol and antimalarial tablet after going through the stress of explaining to a doctor how you have been feeling pain all over your body, how you fainted twice in class, how you have been stooling and vomiting profusely for the past two weeks. And  you finally end with how you took an antimalarial tablet three days ago.

Sometimes students are forced to ask some questions:

1)Are the health centre doctors  well trained?
2)Do they derive certain pleasure in giving patients antimalarial drugs and Paracetamol?
3)Is it not better to go to a pharmacy shop and buy drugs or more still call my doctor at home?

Above are some of the questions bothering some students, some have even vowed not to step their foot In health centre  no matter how sick they are.

Reason backs up every action of a trained professional.
Some of the facts below will help you things in a different perspective.

Malaria as a disease can present itself in various ways, and since it is the most endemic disease around us, it is safer for some doctors to start their treatment with antimalarial drugs in order to rule out malaria.

Remember those adverts on T.V that normally ends with; if symptoms persist, consult your doctor. a doctor usually knows what else to do when a patient comes back after taking meds he or she was giving without improvements. The problem is usually that students often seek alternative means once their medications do not work.

Drugs at health centre have already been paid for in the school fees, so why waste money elsewhere.

Health centre gives you the opportunity to come in contact with trained personnel (doctors, pharmacists, nurses etc.).

Drugs fail: this happens even in the best hospitals I the world. When drugs fail, a doctor can either change his treatment or ask the patient to do more tests.

Self-medication is not the best kind of treatment and in some situations, have caused more harm than good. it is advised to visit the health centre, talk to the doctor about your fears, previous treatment and anything you think he or she should know about. A patient also has the right to ask for a referral if he or she is not comfortable with the treatment.

Okpala Uzochukwu is a student of the College of Health Sciences, Obafemi Awolowo University and a member of the OAU Peeps Team.

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