Monday, 7 November 2016

"We Are Not A Transition Committee..." - OAU Students' Union Electoral Commission Speaks

Fadele Olusola (ShowBaba), Chairman of the Electoral Commission

During a Press Conference organised by the   recently elected leadership of the Obafemi Awolowo University Students' Union Electoral Commission on Sunday, 6th November 2016, the Electoral commission has openly cleared the air on certain misconceptions that may be surrounding the purpose of its establishment.

The Public Relations Officer of the Commission, Mr Durodola Lukmon, stated whilst briefing the gentlemen of the press that the primary objective of the commission is to organise the elections that would usher in a new set of leaders for the Union. He however further corroborated, quoting appropriate parts of the Students' Union Constitution, that till a new leadership was brought on board, the commission through its Chief Electoral Officer, which is the Chairman of the Commission, would act as an ad-hoc leadership structure. The PRO however stated emphatically that the committee was not a transition committee as its primary purpose was the organisation of the Union elections and every standing committee before the Friday elections stood dissolved, including the controversial Security committee.

Also commenting on the conduct of the elections, the Chairman of the Commission, Mr Fadele Olusola, stated that up to him, he would have preferred the conduct of the elections in the first semester, however, due to the present state of things, that was no longer a possibility. He then further reasserted the words of the Public Relations officer, that the elections would be conducted as early as possible in the second semester and according to him, "...the elections would be a model for other students' union elections and even for administrations to come".

On the sources of funds to conduct the elections, the Chairman stated that the commission would be working with the University Management to access the paid Students' Union dues for the conduct of the elections.

Meanwhile, clarifications were also made on the role of the Petition Committee in the ad-hoc leadership structure. According to the Public Relations Officer of the Electoral Commission, the Election Petition Committee would serve as a judicial check on the activities of the Commission.

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