Monday, 12 December 2016

As OAU Resumes...- Akinfenwa Olaitan

By Akinfenwa Olaitan

It is quite surprising to many OAU students that school has truly resumed after a two weeks break. Although we have been aware of the resumption date on the calendar, many still doubted it. Many have found it simply unbelievable, because judging from previous experiences, we've come to know OAU to be very generous in giving prolonged holidays. But despite all the doubts and speculations, OAU has truly resumed for second semester. Perhaps, it is truly the era of Change for the OAU community.

For some of us who had to stay back in school during the break for one reason or the other, we've been able to witness the return of some students back into the hostels. These category of students have high hopes that lectures will commence on Tuesday. Apparently these are the students expectant and eager to start work immediately. Afterall, the timetable for  lectures in some departments have been released and there is no other reason to delay resumption.

The other category of OAU students however still remain Doubting Thomases as to whether or not lectures will really commence. Their doubts are understandable, judging by our past experiences, and considering the fact that we'll eventually go on Christmas break in about two weeks. Some of them have decided to shift their resumption to January. This is only realistic considering the risk of traveling and the high cost of transportation.

As a result, the bubbling atmosphere that accompanies resumption is not really noticeable, because many students are just starting to enjoy their holiday and are not ready for school at all.

In any case, school has resumed. And whether you're at home or in school, it would be wise to keep your ears to the ground, and stay informed of any new development, if there would be any. I wish you all a successful semester ahead.

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  1. When will oau release her second batch of the admission list??? Please I need a quick answer....

  2. Plz wen will registration 4 newly admitted students begin plz