Saturday, 31 December 2016

Earn Monthly Cash Comfortably Without Referrals

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"Nigerian Students Investors" is a platform that aims to help provide an opportunity for all Nigerian students to start earning monthly income from Zarfund without going through the rigour of searching for referrals. 

How does this work?
In Zarfund, you have to refer people before you earn and the people you refer must also refer people before your earning can continue. However, the ‘Nigerian student Investors’ have created a group and a mechanism whereby students in Nigeria just have to take the advantage of their numbers which runs into millions. The group cuts across different schools in Nigeria and once a participant registers, the system arranges all participants under each other based on a first come first have protocol (or first come first earn). This mechanism is already tested and trusted as a rapidly increasing number of students are joining this system, thus you can be rest assured of getting down-lines upon registration.

How much do I need to register?
Zarfund uses only bitcoin to transact. The conversion rates of Bitcoin fluctuates, however, you can be rest assured that its value does not depreciate. In early November, you only needed 0.03 bitcoin, which was about N6,000 to register, now it’s worth about N13,200.

How much do I stand to gain if I join?
If you register with our link, you will realize the earnings in the above diagram in a very very short time because of the high population of students in Nigeria.

How soon will I start earning?
You will start earning after only a few hours upon registration with our link.

You can follow this link and see how many people will be under you even before you make payment. Follow this link:

Where can I buy Bitcoins?
You can buy bitcoin from these websites after you register with them:



or just call Komo on 08056164062

When can I withdraw my earning?
As soon as you see it in your bitcoin wallet, you can sell it to those you bought it from or contact Komo on 08056164062 for more explanation.

How do I convert my earnings to Naira?
If you sell to the people you bought it from, you will be paid in Naira.

  For more details about joining the network or general enquiries, contact Damy on 08162569523

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