Saturday, 31 December 2016

Thank You For 2016! - OAU Peeps Management

Over the last twelve months, we have had a wide range of experiences; from the sugar sweet to the simply unpleasant ones and as a matter of fact, there is probably not a word or group of words that can precisely describe the year 2016.

For us at OAU Peeps News Agency, we have done our best over the last 365 days to keep the Great Ife community and even the world at large informed. 

In this year, went through a rebranding process, a rebranding that not only brought about an improvement in the overall quality of our contents, timeliness and speed of content delivery also improved greatly relative to what we have had in previous years. Also very important to note is the tremendous increase in our readership, both locally, nationally and internationally.

Despite this huge successes recorded in 2016, we can only say we are moving gradually toward what we envisioned from the start and the journey is still a long mile away. We hope to sustain all our improvements in the new year, even as we encourage you to brace up for a better version of your choice OAU news destination. We will strive to achieve more in the coming year.

In the mean time, we appreciate everyone who has been a part of our success this year: From our invaluable team to every company and individual that partnered with the OAU Peeps brand in one way or the other.

Many thanks to our priceless and esteemed audience, whose satisfaction pushes us every time to breaking newer barriers. Like we have stated earlier, we have once again set newer and bigger goals for the New Year and we are walking into 2017 with full confidence knowing fully well that we always have you to help us achieve these goals.

Thank you for 2016! Let’s be MORE in 2017!

Ojelabi Jesujoba
OAU Peeps News Agency

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  1. Good job keep it up , please when will second admission batch out