Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Great Ife Unionism And The Catastrophe Of 'Modernizing...' By Wole Olubanji (Engels)

The OAU Students' Union is about to be restored for the second time in six years. I have a deeply partisan interest in the Union, and what becomes of it. A contrary interest would be inconsistent with my personal values and youthful sacrifices. I am alarmed by familiar pattern of campaign rhetorics, holding sway now, that gives the weak-minded a disguise of moderacy and the mediocrity a sense of balanced opinion. If another generation of students are deceived again, then prosperity will not forgive all of us for not doing what we can to learn from the past. What I can do is to offer my advice.

I am suspicious of any candidate campaigning with slogan of 'modernised unionism' (MU) or related rhetoric. It is either the candidate is consciously fraudulent like Donald Trump or too 'simple-witted' like Buhari. One, what do they intend to modernise in unionism? The ideas, values or principles? Or more material things like structure of leadership, union building or what? You can see the slogan is first and foremost plagued with ambiguities. On the other hand, innocently sincere proponents of MU argue they want to change rules of engagement; union should be less combative and be more diplomatic, they say. It sounded so simple, but beware of simple thoughts because they usually carry the most complicated of flaws.

Unionists must understand that a Union is partisan in character, and must view reality from the perspective of her members, their interests and happiness. In that case, the union leadership must see it as an obligation to steer the union along the path of defending the interests of members, who are in this case students. Quite unfortunately, we can cite the example of ASUU and few other unions that are doing just that. (Perhaps, the miseducation about unionism fetters because of lack of contemporary traditions)

But it borders on complete absence of tactical and strategic thinking to blackmail your union and its leadership into a condition of crass impotency/weakness. SSCE 'Government' teaches that a union is a pressure group, and relies on threat of action, pressure, to push home its demands. Only mediocrity would compare a Students' Union with a 'government'; if you are a government, you just need to dip your hands into the treasury of the state to build more hostels and deploy soldiers to seal off the office of an erring DSA. But you are a body of people relying on your numbers and social importance as students to bully your way into better conditions. Immediately you say you are not combative, you have lost an essential element of threat, which is crucial to your bargaining power.

Also, what is the rationality behind diplomacy when the problems confronting you are undiplomatic? Imagine a Vice Chancellor increases fees, without the courtesy of carrying your leadership along; and this same leadership comes back to tell students that calling Congress to discuss such matter would be 'confrontational' because no meeting has been held with the VC over the matter. Modernity as I experienced under two union leaderships, who were fervent exponents nonetheless, was a theoretical excuse for cowardice, irresponsibility, treachery and generational failures. A union must approach different issues in a different and tactical manner. That is why democracy is the oxygen of a union. A union handed over to its leaders for sole and absolute rulership would soon wreak, because with the conspiracy of just a few, that union can easily derail from collective interest to satisfying the whims of the leaders. At every point of collective struggle, the Congress of students must always guide the leadership on tactics to be seized in prosecuting struggle. And the leadership must carry such congressional directive out to the best of their ability or face impeachment. Its election time, and enough of this appeal to modernity: appeal to democracy, appeal to students' interest instead, appeal to ideas. What will you do on mass failure? How do you intend to reawake the student movement to break this 'divide and rule' approach of authorities?

It is also not impossible that "modern unionists" draw a simple comparison of Nigerian schools with, say, US schools and want a change across that line. Please don't fail to draw the contrasts too: it requires millions of naira or thousands of dollars to get college education over there. Quite a large number of Americans do not proceed beyond high school because of exorbitant fees. That's not the kind of legacy you want us to have here. Is it? To be a bit academic about the matter, why not draw inspiration from Spanish student movement, which has impacted Spain's political landscape? I sincerely feel that those advising us to copy the US unions are dragging us backward. Americans would be proud of our traditional radicalism; you can see the hell of a protest Trump's facing these days. That's in the 21st century USA. Logicians may have a category of fallacy for those who appeal to modernity (I intend to find out)

I am not a neutral person as far as Ife unionism is concerned. To be neutral is to indecisive and fake. I was a member of the Left as a student and still in the national leadership of the Education Rights Campaign (ERC). I wish to state with the benefit of hindsight that the continuous existence of left organisations on OAU campus is the reason behind the sustenance of whatever radical value the union exudes. This is why students should crave their intervention, and defend their rights as students like you to contest for union offices. I make this remark because of traditional management's antics to disenfranchise left members, while students look on indifferently.

The game of management against the union has always been too blatant, flagrant, you may want to add. Take a personal experience for example. In 2014, Tale Omole restored Ife union from a three year proscription, and the only condition for conduct of elections was disqualification of myself (who was contesting as Secretary General) and some other activists. Why? Because authorities have targeted us as the very activists (Leftists they said) who spearheaded movement for restoration of the union. However, the real intent was to increase fees after the elections and we were seen as troublemakers. (Eight activists, including myself were to go on indefinite suspension shortly after; all to ensure the fees was forced down the throats of students) As a fresh student, I paid N48,000+, but the increment that followed the 2014 election put Ife fees around N97k for fresh students. (I surely wouldn't have gone beyond secondary school if people like Lanre Legacy, Sobur Akin, Hassan Taiwo Soweto, Peluola Adewale had not led a vibrant Ife Unionism, where principle comes before self-interest. Its a generational failure and it saddens my heart all the time that I and my colleagues didn't leave a better Great Ife, because we fall victim of management antics. Our disqualification as left members then was overlooked by most of our colleagues; but quite strategic for the authorities. We would not have worked miracles though, but we would not have betrayed students. It is hence my advice for all conscious Ife students to be careful of any concession that would wreck the union even before it is restored.

Finally, student unionism is not meant for careerists. If you want to enlarge your CV details, go to the faculty associations/parapo or AISEC/JCI etc. After all ambition is not a crime. But just as UJCM needs a spirit-filled President, our union needs grounded activists. Matters involved in unionism go beyond today; sometimes it may be to determine whether the poor are entitled to the same quality of education as the rich. If you are not ideologically prepared for these tasks, you are bound to fail. In this period of austerity, you have to struggle to defend victories of the past, because attempts shall definitely be made to withdraw previously won concessions; not to talk of winning new battles. Sorry for the lengthy words; some of us are in the habit of putting things on record for posterity to judge us fairly later.

Wole Olubanji

(Wole, a.k.a Engels was a student until April 2016, and still imbibes the values this union has inculcated in him: value of intellectual engagement)

Monday, 30 January 2017

UBA Appoints House of Babiti Team Leader, Barakat As Campus Ambassador For OAU

One of Nigeria’s leading financial brands, the United Bank for Africa (UBA) has unveiled its maiden set of campus ambassadors. Among the selected youths are two students of Obafemi Awolowo University; Tiamiyu Barakat of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and Fadaini Asalewa of the Faculty of Law.

The selected campus ambassadors numbering 15 were inaugurated at the UBA House in Marina Lagos between 27th and 29th January 2017. According to reports, the successful candidates were selected from a pool of hundreds of entries following a rigorous screening exercise in line with set criteria.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, the Deputy Managing Director of the bank, Mr. Victor Osadolor said “Two hundred of you went through the process and 15 of you came out tops, which proved that you are leading lights, energetic and enterprising with great potentials which is exactly what we want to explore.”

The selection of Barakat and Asalewa from numerous entrants may not come as a surprise to a large number of OAU students because of their track records within and beyond the university sphere. Tiamiyu Barakat, popularly known for her project, the House of Babiti is a preacher of one of the United Nations’ SDGs – sustainability of the ecosystem.

The budding regional and urban planner has successfully organised several events and programmes aimed at educating people on how their actions and inactions change the climate and affect the environment. Late last year, the young gem was appointed the Project Assistant for ‘Saving One Million Live Project’ in Osun state where she was saddled with the responsibility of tracking the $1.5m earmarked by the Federal Government and World Bank to improve the Primary Health Care Centres in the state.

Apart from the OAU, ambassadors were also picked from the University of Lagos, University of Ibadan, University of Abuja, University of Port Harcourt, Ahmadu Bello University, Federal University of Technology Owerri, Abia State University, Babcock University and Rivers State University of Technology.

Among many other duties, UBA campus ambassadors are expected to help in developing and managing relationships with university bodies and individuals, implementing UBA’s marketing mix on campuses through supporting student events and co-ordinating projects on campus.

Be The Best Conference To Begin Today

Be-The-Best Conference is an initiative that seeks to empower students across Nigerian tertiary institutions in light of our observation that adjusting to LIFE AFTER SCHOOL is an uphill task for most people. The conference looks to enhance survival instincts and independent ability, soft skills, practical knowledge, forward thinking and values that is generally required to thrive within the society after graduation.

Date: 3rd & 4th February, 2017

Time: 3:00pm & 9:00am

Venue: Oduduwa Hall, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife

Gate Fee: FREE

Alex Goma
MD, PZ Cussons, Nigeria

Onyeche Tifase

Ayo Daniels

Program Highlight:
Life After School
The Brand Called "YOU"
Career & Business Enterprise
Interview Nuggets/CV Writing
Live Aptitude Test for final year students

Register at:

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Rate Professor Anthony Elujoba's 6-month Vice Chancellorship

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Thursday, 26 January 2017

DemoCrazy: The Abraham Lincoln Parody - Pope Jay

We all have our high moments; that particular point in time that just defines the rest of our lives. For Isaac Newton; it was watching that apple drop, for Franklin, it was that wet moment in the rain when the lightening flashed, Archimedes wasn’t even dressed in his moment, For Barack Obama; I think it was “The Speech That Made Obama President”. History lovers would agree that for Abraham Lincoln, it was that hot Thursday Afternoon in November 1863, yes; The Gettysburg Address! Apart from the fact that that speech went on to become one of the most famous in American history, I believe it also put Lincoln in the eternal hall of fame of democracy, a proof of this being the fact that the last words of the address are the most widely used to define the entire concept of “Democracy”. Sometimes I try to picture Lincoln giving that address; the confidence in his voice, his proud stance, the smirk on the corner of his face as he carved his words deep into time itself, if only Grandpa Abe knew that about Seven score and fourteen years after, in an academic estate somewhere in Central Africa on a cool Wednesday evening, a jester would make a mummer’s farce of the words he spoke.

Democracy, even beyond Lincoln, has gained a lot of popularity. As a system of government, it is perhaps the most popular in the world today. And apart from nations, many other institutions have tried to implement, or at least simulate, its workings to an extent. And just maybe to some reasonable extent, the system has succeeded. This is not to say that the system is without its flaws: As a matter of fact, many times the decision of the majority is not always the best but then again, doesn’t every good thing come with its sour side. Democracy is a system that aims to give every man an equal voice, irrespective of the diversities that seems to drive us as far apart. Democracy is not a respecter of skin colour or other physical properties, it doesn’t discriminate based on intellectual capabilities; a fool’s vote is worth the same as a sage’s vote (even though it is often difficult to decipher who is which). And as much as I don’t always agree with the outcomes of the democratic process, I believe it still remains the best system of governance for the mere reason that it keeps a society in check!

So the Electoral Commission of the Obafemi Awolowo University Students’ Union decided to allow only students that have attained a CGPA of 2.5 and above be officers of the Union and I found this quite interesting, for the mere reason that it apparently shatters the very building blocks of the democracy we seem to be quite passionate about. And almost all that have endorsed this stance has done so on the premise of the statement; “How would someone who has less than a 2.5 CGPA be able to cope with leading our Union?” and more than even the decision, I believe this statement to be comical. We might as well say people with less than 2.5 CGPA do not have the intellectual capability to vote and leave them out of the whole process. And as much as I agree that some minimum benchmarks be in place to set some standard, I do not believe threading the CGPA lines once again is the way out. If the University would still recognize students with less than 2.5 CGPAs as her students and the Union would still tax them as her members, it is definitely not democratic to say these students do not deserve a chance at the leadership of the Union. Who knows? The electorate might even find them more capable than the so-called CGPA Intellectuals. Sadly, I am but one of many and the best I can do is state my opinion and hope persons of like minds (whether contrary or similar opinions) can critic and share their opinions. Just maybe, we’d be able to work out something from this Academic Aristocracy or as I’ll like to call it; DemoCrazy.

"Man The Mic Is A Big Deal" - Timi Agbaje

  Timi Agbaje, a well known event compere, entrepreneur, and the organizer of the much anticipated oratory training event; "Man the Mic", in an interview session with OAU Peeps News Agency enlightened us about the aims and how much result he expects from the programme.

     In the interview, he stated how much he expects "Man The Mic" to be successful because of the huge efforts and resources put into it. According to the Compere, there are about fifty participants and this already meant success for the organizers. He was also certain of a ninety-percent impact if not hundred on the participants due to the fact that the facilitators were professionals in their line of work and that it wasn't only their lessons but also their lifestyle and achievements would go a long way to motivate the participants.

 With just a day to go, find the Press Release from the organizers below;
"Press Statement on Man The Mic

The programme MAN THE MIC holds tomorrow Friday at Moot Court in Faculty of Law, OAU .  The venue was shifted in order to accommodate the anticipated audience.

Then participants of Man The Mic are expected to arrive at 11am whilst the programme will start by 12pm. Prompt arrival is very important!

Facilitators are Nancy Isime of Hip Tv, Don Tee, Mc Simbal, Asiri, Ayo Atitebi, Biyi Ajayi, Mc Gollie. Features include
Networking sessions, certificates, questions and answers, insights etc

Forms are still available for sale!
History is about to be made in grand style. Don't miss this ever

Call 0813 114 5829 for details!"

Political Science Students Hold Round-Table Talk

The Obafemi Awolowo University chapter of the National Association of Political Science Students (NAPSS) on the noon of Wednesday, 25th January 2017 held a political roundtable.

The talk which was held at the Social Sciences Lecture Theatre was centered on the theme; “Anti-Corruption War: Political, Legal and Economic Perspective” featured distinguished speakers which came with different approaches to the topic. Immanuel Faith, the Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Economic Students Association (NESA), who represented the President of the department spoke on the Economic effects of the Anti-Corruption War, stating that the main purpose why corruption was a bad thing for any economy was that the money embezzled was often hidden out of the country and thus reduced the total amount of money in circulation. Ayogu Chinedu, however, approached the topic from a more practical perspective as he lauded the ongoing fight against corruption in the country by the President and Mr Salam Rasak also came to give his opinion which did not totally agree with the prior.

Mr Agunyai S., a lecturer in the department of Political Science however rounded off the debate as he clarified that President Muhammadu Buhari was not at all fighting corruption but was only facing a few corrupt politicians in the country and although, the President had a personal repute of truth and integrity, his approach to the said Anti-corruption fight might not be the most effective.

OAU: Electoral Committee Lifts Campaign Ban, Imposes CGPA Bench-mark

After weeks of waiting, several students of the Obafemi Awolowo University were quite shocked when the Electoral Commission sealed the inclusion of the 2.5 CGPA requirement in the electoral guidelines for the conduction of the Students’ Union elections for the 2016/2017 Academic Session.
In the congress which was the first of its kind since the suspension of the activities of the Obafemi Awolowo University  Students’ Union, the ban on campaigns was lifted and the guidelines were spelt out by the commission.

 The dates of the Elections were also announced at the floor of the congress.
However, things got rather comical when the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Fadele Olusola, upon the declaration of the 2.5 CGPA requirement started to run out of the congress, whilst singing the Great Ife anthem. Certain persons have come out to claim that the actions of the chairman were to ensure his security, but then some other perspectives believe that the Chairman and his Committee might have had a personal agenda at the congress as the meeting did not, as a matter of fact, represent the true intentions of the Great Ife Students. 

 It is noteworthy to remember the 2.5 CGPA requirement was hotly debated at the last union elections as despite the fact that it disenfranchised certain candidates, several other candidates were allowed by the then Electoral Commission to contest. The controversy eventually led to the matter being taken to the Congress where it was resolved that the criteria being alien to the Union’s constitution be scrapped. Hopefully this time, the commission sticks to its word. More details on the guidelines and Calendar to be released in due course.

OAU Extends Elujoba’s Vice Chancellorship Tenure

The newly constituted Governing Council of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife has commenced the appointment process for a substantive Vice Chancellor for the university.

The Chairman of the Council, Dr. Yemi Ogunbiyi, made this known while addressing newsmen after inspecting some facilities in the university on his first assignment in the institution.

Among the facilities visited were post retirement lodge, hostels, Information Communication and Technology centre, new Senate building, Centre for Distance Learning and the university’s dam.

He said that the new governing council was ready to ensure rapid development of the OAU.

While stating that the appointment of the acting Vice-Chancellor of the OAU, Prof. Anthony Elujoba, has been extended, the Governing Council Chairman stated that the appointment process for a substantive Vice -Chancellor of the university has commenced.

He said, “We are going to do all that we can to bring all the unions together. We don’t belong to any group but we will ensure cooperation with all unions.

“The Senate in its wisdom unanimously recommended the acting Vice Chancellor tenure extension and it has been granted.

“However, the process of appointing an acting Vice Chancellor has begun. Very soon, the advertisement for submission of applications will be seen in newspapers.”

After the visit, he lamented that most infrastructures in the university were decaying.

“They (the infrastructures) are very urgent and need to be fixed as soon as possible. It is urgent, I have never seen them that bad. I do not know how students survive under this condition. It is not possible to learn and study well under the kind of decay we saw there,” he added.

He assured that a forensic audit of past administrations would be embarked upon to clarify allegations of misappropriation and mismanagement levelled against the past administration.

He promised to harmonise all the unions in the institution as a way of moving on to engender a peaceful calendar year for the students.

Credit: Channels Television

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

How To Organise And Execute Any Competition On OAU Campus - Gracious Egedegbe

By Gracious Egedegbe

Times are hard, really hard. In fact, it is so hard that many are taking the unfortunate travails of MMM to heart. However, as an OAU student, you cannot afford to remain broke; you have got to think of something real quick. One of the things you can do is to organise a competition, either a beauty pageant or a singing competition, anything!

The first thing you need to do is to get your reason right. This is very important because you don’t want to spend your time and resources on something that will not benefit you. Get this straight: the reason you’re organising this competition is because you need money. However, you cannot tell other this (unless they are broke niggers like yourself and are fully in support of your plans).

However, to your contestants and the general public, you must make them believe you are doing it for the public good. This can be done with the following statements: “we are set to groom young talents”, “the aim of this event is to give potential youths a showcasing platform” amongst others. The point is this: make sure that making money is all that you care about. You might want to make a name for yourself too but that ultimately ends in using that “name” to make money. You really don’t care if the contestants really develop during the course of the event.

One thing you must be ready to do is to spend some money. Think about all the sensible money making ventures in the world like MMM and iCharity, they all need money to make more money. You need money to print a couple of posters and pay people to paste it around campus. (if you are really broke, you and your other broke friends can paste them instead.) The money in question can be your school fees, house rent or even borrowed! What matters is that you have money to spend. For those of you who want shows that are organised as platforms for development and not mere money making ventures, you should understand that when someone pumps in so much money, the only thing that matters is generating cool profit (soft work!)

Once you have gotten some money, you can now begin publicity. In order not to waste resources, you must target your publicity at part one students who are eager to “dash” you their money without reading the fine print. These gullible students will later come back to grumble but don’t bother about them. The reason to target part one students is simple: most advanced students will do the maths and realise that you do not have the complete money to run the entire program. They will know you have some sleazy moves underway. (Although one or two may be gullible too.)

You need to know that organisation matters; you cannot afford to be sloppy. You need very cool designs for posters and WhatsApp BCs, a team of broke niggers like yourself and most importantly a tiny handful of people who actually care about grooming young talents. The need for such handful to give the event a good “dress”. Remember the proverbs, “the way you dress is the way you will be addressed”; in that same line, you must give your organisation a good dress.

When you have got gullible students for contestants (who have also paid some cash for application forms), you begin to print tickets (with the change left from printing posters). This stage is very important. In fact, it is so important that if you mess up at this point, you may consider the entire business a waste of time. I’m sure you are wondering who has the money to buy tickets in these hard times. Well, the trick is simple: distribute these tickets amongst the contestants and tell them the higher their sales, the higher the chances of winning. Simple!

Some people may begin to grumble at this point. However, just draw their attention to three facts. First, no one was forced to do anything. I mean, these contestants came on their own. Moreover, if they don’t want to sell tickets, no problem – just that it affects their chances of winning.

Second, you need money to run the program. Or did they think you had solved the problem of funds before you began the program? So they expect you to use your personal money to develop young talents? Even you ‘gan’, you are looking for who will develop your talent. It’s from the ticket money you pay the prizes and do other things. It’s like all the contestants are doing MMM. Some will get 100%, some 30%, other will lose. It’s normal!

Third, you need publicity for your program. Imagine you are walking on the street and no one is saying anything about your program as if it does not exist. God forbid! I reject it for you. But we both know you can’t afford a large scale advertisement. Therefore, the best thing is to use your contestants for publicity. Let them look for people who will come to the show to cheer them up. Simple, free and effective!

At this point, you must step aside and allow the tiny handful I talked about take charge. But you are like every other human being, you just cannot let things be. So even among the judges, you should put one or two of your guys. At this point, you must have gathered enough money. Immediately the program ends, you must go into oblivion. What I mean is no one should hear anything about you or follow up plans for grooming young talents.

You want my advice? Well, you can throw a big party for your guys, buy gadgets for yourself, an iPhone 7 for your girlfriend and use the rest to do MMM. Don’t forget to send me some change though…. Things are also hard for writers.


(Egbedegbe Gracious is a student of the Faculty of Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University and a member of the OAU Peeps Team. He tweets at @IamTheGray)

JCIN OAU To Host Entrepreneurship-Leadership And Leadership Summit

Have you ever had this experience?

You are travelling in a new city but you don't have a clear picture  of your destination.
You decided to use your GPS to find your destination but the route does not seem to match reality.
Suddenly, you are in a strange place with cars buzzing by and no clarity about where to turn next._

The FUTURE seems blurry.
The "supposed route" takes the form of a LABYRINTH.


On the 18th of February, 2017,
Oduduwa Hall will be filled with students from OAU & other tertiary institutions for the LEADERSHIP and ENTREPRENEURSHIP SUMMIT  organized by

Junior Chamber International (JCI), Nigeria, Obafemi Awolowo University as renowned figures from diverse fields will be sharing their thoughts on the

Theme- "The Future Seen Half-Naked."

Game-changing Keynotes and Open Mic Panel Discussions with prominent personalities such as:

Jumoke Adenowo (CEO, AD CONSULTING)
Chude Jideonwo (Founder, RED MEDIA)
Seun Onigbinde (CEO, BUDGIT)
Yemi Adamolekun (Chief Executive Director, EIE Nigeria)
AUDU MAIKORI (Founder Chocolate City)

What to expect

-A Mentor-Mentee scheme for a particular set of students.
-Opportunity to win awesome prizes via the best Business plan competition.
-Free CV review for participants
- Massive Networking platforms for the attendees.

To register, simply click on the link below.

PS: Airtel-sponsored gifts to be won by those who register on or before January 21.

Do not miss this opportunity...

To get your tickets and other enquiries, kindly contact:
Damilare - 09035030367
Bablo - 08097081728
Kolawolu - 07035926903
Tolu - 07063704281
Temitope - 08153393211

Or pick it up at Kay's at Amphitheatre

Ticket goes for N500 only

Powered By
JCI Nigeria, OAU

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

OAU Governing Council Chairman Visits Awo Hall

The recently appointed Chairman of the Obafemi Awolowo University Governing Council, Dr Yemi Ogunbiyi in the company of some other top officials of the University paid a visit to some Halls of residence today, Tuesday 24th January 2017.

His visit to the Obafemi Awolowo Hall was momentous as students thronged out to give their ovation and applause.

The Public Relations Officer of Obafemi Awolowo University, Mr Abiodun Olanrewaju, opened the floor by introducing the Chairman to the students. The chairman then spoke to the students, explaining that he was there to carry out the duty assigned him by the Federal Government.

Two students were allowed to speak their minds, as per the state of the hostel they live in. They listed the plights of poor toilet condition, infrequent supply of water, shaky supply of electricity, free WiFi in hostels and in "academics" and the likes. They pleaded these and others are attended to as soon as possible. The chairman in response said that all would only be plausible if there is an increment in hostel fees; he asked if they wouldn't mind of there is and majority of the students present responded "yes".

Things You Need To Know About HIV

1) Having HIV is not a death sentence, though this was the case previously, but not anymore. Today, people with HIV can live normal lives, achieve their dreams and die by other means apart from HIV.

2) Stop the stigma!!!
HIV cannot be transmitted by sleeping on the same bed, sharing the same plates or cups, handshake, hug, mosquito bite . There is no need to isolate, stigmatize or avoid someone who has HIV. The virus is transmitted by blood contact, contact with body fluid like semen, vaginal secretion BUT not sweat or saliva (you need to drink a bucket full of saliva of a HIV positive person in order to get infected)

3) HIV infection, if noticed early enough can be adequately managed. This is why it is  safer to get tested.

4)HIV is preventable, the ABCs of HIV prevention are:

Abstinence, ZIP UP

5) There is a higher risk of transmission of HIV in homosexual patners. I need not say more!!!

6) HIV can also be transmitted from a mother to child, this is called vertical transmission. This is highly preventable if medical assistance is sought by the mother which include close monitoring by a trained doctor and adequate antenatal care.

7) Incase someone is exposed accidentally to HIV by high risk individuals example, the case of a rape victim, medical assistance should be sought immediately. Some post exposure drugs can be prescribed by a trained doctor that will ensure that the victim does not get infected, TIMING is the most important factor in this scenario.

(Okpala Uzochukwu is a student of the College of Health Sciences, Obafemi Awolowo University and a member of the OAU Peeps Team)

Monday, 23 January 2017

Auto Accident Occurs At University Senate Building, No Casualties Recorded

It was an atmosphere of mixed emotions around the University Senate Building on the evening of Sunday, 23rd January 2017 as a car ran into the transformer supplying the building.

Alerted by the loud noise generated from the collision, students and staff nearby quickly rushed to the scene of the incident. Luckily, there were no casualties even though the car involved was greatly damaged.

When asked what had caused the accident, the driver of the car claimed that the brakes of the car had failed and he naturally opted for the nearest obstacle to break the motion of the car.

This incident, despite its non-casualty, raises the number of auto accidents on the Obafemi Awolowo University Campus over the past few months.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

NFCPS OAU Invites You To Her Fifth Annual Worship Experience; "Crumbling Walls"

The National Fellowship of Christian Pharmacy Students is hereby using this medium to invite the general public to her 5th Annual Worship Experience tagged: "Crumbling Walls: The Power of Praise to Crush Obstacles"

Date: Saturday, 28 January 2017
Venue: Pharmacy Foyer
Time: 10am
- The Dispensers of Life
- Nifemi
- Psalmist Nifemi
- Dominic
- Ayanfe

Come and Experience The Power of Praise!

Join The BlackBeauty Fashion House Mentoring Programme Today

Join The BlackBeauty Fashion House Mentoring Programme Today

Seeking an avenue as a:
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Do you desire a  platform to accomplish this nudge?

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NUASA Parliament Repeals President's Impeachment For "Peace And Unity"

Following several breaking headlines from the Nigerian Universities Accounting Students Association on the recent impeachment of it's current President over an alleged five thousand naira (N5,000) fraud, the Accounting Students Representative Council (ASRC) has repealed its decision on the impeachment of the President.

This was made known at a Press Conference organised by the Association on Friday, 20th January 2016 at the ICAN Lecture theatre. The conference which was moderated by a staff adviser of the Association, Mr Adebayo Quadri Lawan, featured members of the Representative and Executive Council signing the Repeal and Acknowledgement letters respectively.

According to the Staff Adviser, the President of the Association had not committed fraud as he was in charge of granting access to the Association's account. He also appreciated the interference from several lecturers and Alumni on the matter.

However, when posed the question of what caused the repeal of their earlier decision, the leadership of the House only responded that their decision was made to allow for the peace and unity of the Association. Even though there were speculations, judging from the body language of some Honourables, that the decision might not have been totally from the house, the Deputy Speaker of the house only continued to reiterate the need for the decision in ensuring the progress of the Association. And whilst the reinstated President, Mr John Sunday, once again dismissed claims of fraud from his end, the question the majority are asking continues to remain; "Is Justice the price of Peace and Unity?"

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Friday, 20 January 2017

2016/2017 OAU Freshers Registration: List Of Documents Needed

We at OAU Peeps News Agency congratulate every aspirant that has been offered admission into the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo Univerity. Some of the admitted students have been calling us to know when the 2016/2017 academic session will resume and when registration will commence. As of now, neither the resumption date nor the registration details have been made public, but we are sure this will be sometime in the first quarter of 2017.

In the mean time, we encourage all the admitted students to prepare themselves for the registration. The following are the documents you will be needing for screening and registration as a Fresher.

List of Documents
Original and four (4) photocopies of the following documents:

(1) WAEC/NECO/GCE O’level result(s)
(2) Birth Certificate/Sworn Declaration of Age
(3) Admission letter (printed from JAMB website)
(4) UTME Original result slip (also printed from JAMB website containing your picture)
(5) Post UTME/Screening result/Pre-degree final result
(6) State of Origin/Local Government Area Certificate

Later on when you are able to access to the OAU e-portal with your JAMB reg. no., you will print out the following documents and also provide the original and 4 photocopies of each:-

(7) Notification of Admission
(8) Bio-data form (Course registration form)
(9) Hostel Slip (optional)

Do you have questions? Drop them as comments and let us discuss them. Goodluck!

Non-Academic Staff Unions Of Universities Suspend Warning Strike

The Non-academic staff unions of Nigerian universities on Thursday in Abuja suspended its 5-day warning strike.

The unions are the National Association of Academic Technologists (NAAT), Non–Academic Staff Union of Educational and Associated Institutions (NASU), and Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU).

The Joint Action Committee (JAC) of the unions announced the suspension in a communiqué.

The communiqué was jointly signed by Mr Sani Suleiman, President (NAAT), Mr Solomon Alfa, Vice-President (SSANU), Mr Peters Adeyemi, General Secretary (NASU).

Others are: Dr Jamila Suara, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education and Permanent Secretary in Labour and Employment Ministry, Mr Clement Illoh.

The Deputy General Secretary of SSANU, Mr Festus Ajayi, read the communiqué to newsmen at the end of the meeting with the Federal Government.

“The meeting urged the members of JAC to suspend its ongoing warning strike.

“JAC agreed to suspend the strike with effect from Friday, Jan. 20.

“After due consideration by the leadership of JAC, they agreed to convey the outcome of the meeting to their respective congresses to suspend the strike”, he said.

The communiqué stated that on the issue of Earned Allowance that any arrangement by government in this regards should involve all workers and employees in the university system.

It also stated that on the judgement of the National Industrial Court (NIC) on staff schools in the universities, there was urgent need to put the university system on notice to avoid further termination of teachers’ appointment.

The communiqué noted that a committee will be inaugurated by next week to look into the issue of corruption in some of the universities.

Ajayi urged the Federal Government to ensure that they do not renege on the 2009 agreement as reaffirmed in the just concluded meeting.

Illoh, who represented the Minister of Labour and Employment, Sen. Chris Ngige, commended the unions for their understanding.

The Joint Action Committee (JAC) of the unions had declared a five – day warning strike effective from Jan. 16.


Thursday, 19 January 2017

LSS Executives Pay Welfare Visit To Members

The Executive members of the Law Students Society of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife in the fulfilment of some of her leadership responsibilities paid visits to some of their members resident in Mozambique, Angola and several other Halls. The leadership of the Association claimed that the welfare visit to the different halls of residence was to check on the well-being of their members and wish them a hitch free semester.

The President of the society, Ekpa, Stanley Ekpa informed our reporters that the visit is designed to span through this week. According to him "leadership demands that we must constantly seek novel means to make the welfare of the people our utmost concern. Hence, we have decided to start with welfare visit to welcome back our members to this promising semester as a continuation of our general welfare programme for the session which commenced with the Ife Law Exam Welfare Package last semester".

The visit is intended to last through the week while other arrangements are being put in place for the members of the Association.

OAU: Electoral Commission Calls Congress; Set To Lift Campaign Ban

Sequential to the attempts made by the Acting Vice-Chancellor to reinstate the Students Union of the Obafemi Awolowo University, the democratically elected commission has, after much anticipation, called a congress to discuss the next steps in the conduct of elections.

The congress is scheduled to hold on Wednesday, 24th January at the Afrika Amphitheatre by 4pm and the campaign ban is also slated to be lifted at the congress. Find the release of the commission below;



Congress! Congress!! Congress!!!

This is to notify the great Ife Community of a general Congress of all Great Ife Students slated for Wednesday, 25th January, 2017 at Amphitheater at exactly 4pm.

1. Modalities of elections
2. Time table for elections
3. Lifting of ban on electioneering campaign.



Durodola Lukman Ajibola
PRO, Electoral Commission

Akande Paul Positive
Secretary, Electoral Commission

Fadele Olusola
Chairman, Electoral Commission

OAU Idol: The Untold Story

By Gracious Egedegbe

It must be said at the onset that the purpose of this article is not to malign the organisers, contestants and other stakeholders in the OAU IDOL competition. This writer writes with a clear conscience and only seeks to x-ray issues and present them as they are.

Ordinarily, the purpose of OAU IDOL, which is in its second season, can be said to give young talents on OAU campus a platform to explore their potentials as well as win prizes. From all appearances, the competition fills the need to create a platform where students with talents in music may display themselves before a large audience and may well be on their way to fame and stardom.

While the above may be regarded as true and valid, certain concerns have been raised over the execution of the competition. These issues will be addressed in subsequent paragraphs.

The first issue is the use of contestants to sell tickets. Although this writer is yet to interact with the organisers, it could be safely assumed that this is done to guarantee two things. First, that the competition attracts a large audience. Second, that the organisers are able to make ‘enough’ revenue from the sales of ticket. The immediate wisdom in the use of contestants to sell tickets is found in the fact that friends and sympathisers of various contestants will feel obliged (emotionally or otherwise) to purchase tickets to the program in order to show confidence and solidarity.

However, they fail to realise that when they ask contestants to sell large amounts of tickets at a time when recession is in the air, they make the contestants vulnerable. Because these contestants have been made to sell a target amount of tickets within a short period, they are forced to employ different strategies. This might not really put the male contestants in much inconvenience depending on individuals; however, the females have a lot to deal with. In a sexually charged society, putting ladies in the salesperson position puts them in a position where they have to confront different kinds of males in order to meet their set target.

This exposes females to unscrupulous individuals who would use that opportunity to make demands on the ladies or at the very least use it as a means to unsolicited demands. A female’s contact information may been seen as a cheap price for getting sales. Nevertheless, when the information is being used to pressures the female into relationships she would ordinarily not subscribe to, and then there is a problem.

Finally, the use of contestants to sell tickets in order to increase their chances of winning defeats the spirit of the competition. From all appearance, out would expect a free and fair competition where standards related to music would set the rule. However, it would seem that good marketing skills might be needed for one to win the competition. This will no doubt probably dampen the enthusiasm of those who were not able to meet up with sales target. Because of their inability to sell tickets, they may feel their chances of winning are reduced and perform below par. On the other side, those who are probably able to meet or even surpass their targets may feel they have done a lot and just sing to earn few other points.

The argument is simple: the introduction of these sales of tickets dampens the integrity of the quality of expected performance of contestants, judging system and the entire competition.

(Gracious Egedegbe is a student of the Faculty of Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University and a member of the OAU Peeps Team. He tweets at @IamTheGray)