Saturday, 7 January 2017

OAU: Acting Vice-Chancellor Visits Central Mosque, Reaffirms Commitment To Service

Despite several unprecedented visits to various places on campus, it was still a great shocker to many when the Acting Vice-Chancellor of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Professor Anthony Elujoba, stepped into the University’s Central Mosque on Friday, the 6th of January just few minutes before the commencement of the Jumat prayer.

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In his short speech after the Jumat prayer, which started with song of thanks to Allah, he reiterated his commitment in serving the university community with absolute sincerity and transparency which he said he would not relent in doing with the remaining 18 days left for him in office.

Being his second visit to the Muslim community, he further thanked the Muslim community for their unflinching support ever since he had been appointed as the Acting V.C of the great Ivory tower. He stressed further that it had been their prayers that had been keeping him going. He recalled to the congregation his inaugural speech to the senate during the early hours of his tenure at the senate building, where he said that the serpent should pave way for him and if not they will feel the fire of God. He was warmly welcomed by majority of the worshipers at the service.

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