Monday, 16 January 2017

OAU Peeps News Agency Inducts New Members

Miss Adeyemi Adenike
Miss Adebayo Faith
Mr Olaoluwa Joseph
Group Photo of some members of the OAU Peeps Team After the Event

OAU Peeps News Agency on Saturday 14th of January, 2017 inducted new set of members into the Agency.

The event which was held at the Junior Chambers International (JCI) Secretariat in Fajuyi Hall, Obafemi Awolowo University was graced by prominent figures in the business of Campus Journalism on OAU Campus.

Distinguished campus journalists who attended the event include Miss Faith Adebayo (the General Secretary of the Association of Campus Journalists, OAU) and Miss Adeyemi Adenike – the Editor-in-Chief of the Icons News Agency.  Others are Mr Ojelabi Jesujoba (PopeJay), the Editor-in-Chief of OAU Peeps News Agency and Mr Olaoluwa Joseph – the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Megaphone News Agency.

The invited guests at the event spoke at length on the need for the new inductees to imbibe the virtue of true campus journalism in every aspect of their practice.  The new inductees were also admonished to never be part of partisan journalism or be allowed to be used as tools in the hands of some mischief makers.

The new inductees and other campus journalists present were also educated on the etiquettes of true journalism and the need to be truthful in whatever situation they found themselves irrespective of whose ox is gored.

In his welcome address, Mr Ojelabi Jesujoba (PopeJay) welcomed the inductees to the fold and also congratulated them for being worthy enough to be part of the Agency.  He tasked them on the need to take the Agency to greater heights while at the same time enriching themselves in the experience of true Campus Journalism and its embodiments.

Presenting his workshop papers, Mr Joseph Olaoluwa hammered on the need for journalists to always check their facts right before reporting to avoid such flaws that may lead to libels and slanders.  He also advised the inductees to seek information on journalism by reading books and journalism articles and also by attending seminars, workshops and conferences. 

Miss Adenike Adeyemi of the ICONS Organisation, educated the audience about the prospects of turning events into news while analyzing the concepts of planned and unplanned events.

The ACJ-OAU representative at the event, Miss Adebayo Faith admonished the new inductees to be good representatives of the News Agency in particular and of Association of Campus Journalists (ACJ), OAU at large in the course of their journalistic activities.

The program also featured the administration of the Induction Oath to the new inductees by the Deputy Editor-in-Chief (Administration), Mr Adigun Olayemi Paul.

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