Tuesday, 14 February 2017

OAU Students Reveal Plans For Valentines Day

     OAU Peeps News Agency walked the streets of OAU and interviewed students on their plans for valentine's day and it seems like February 14 which is marked as the St. Valentine's day, a day lovers do special things with and for themselves might be celebrated this year.

This year, the date falls on a school day and despite it not being a public holiday, OAU students still have it going. We tried to gather some of these plans.

     Elvis in part 1, History said he is just gonna wear all black to mourn St. Valentine because he has a busy day. He told his anyone ready to secret val him that he doesn't mind a wristwatch and he gave a shout-out to his crush Cecilia in part 1, English.
     Kolawole in part 5, Law said he is going out with his girlfriend in the evening after a busy day and any secret crush or val should pack up, he is hooked. He sends his shout out to his girlfriend, Itunu also in part 5, law.

     Arese in part 1, Geophysics said she is going out with a special guy friend after class and advised her secret crush or Val's to speak up and she doesn't mind dinner. She gave shout-outs to Aliyah in Architecture, Opekuku in electrical electronics engineering and all her friends in her department.

     Deborah in part 1, Accounting said she is going out with her crush to Indulge at Buka and suggested to her secret val to buy her gifts or take her to a spa that she needs a massage after OAU's stress. She gave shout-outs to her roommates and Fisayo in zoology.

     Hayfloze in part 3, EDM said he will cook a special dish and invite a special someone over for a candle lit dinner. He also advised his secret val to speak up and they should hang out. And he gave a shout out to Ike in English that she is pretty and he is in love with her.

     Nelson in part 3, Electrical Electronics Engineering said he will just spend it with guys and chill after a long day of school. He told his secret val that all he wants as a gift is for her to come and ask him out,he is in need of a girlfriend. He gave a shout-out to his crush, Dija in computer engineering.

     Mary Ann in part 1, psychology said she is going to go see a movie with her friends. She also told her secret val that all she wants is to be taken to a romantic restaurant and have an exquisite dinner. She shouted out to her crazy roommates, class mates, sister and a special shout-out to her boyfriend in psychology that she loves him.

     Funmibi in part 1, Chemistry is just going to stay in her hostel and hoping for something big and nice and she believes she has no secret val anywhere, still keeping her fingers crossed. She gave a shout-out to her roommates, Deolu and Marcelo in Agric, Dieko and Muyiwa in electrical electronics.

     All of these is just a tip of the iceberg from some students of OAU. What are your plans today?

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