Friday, 3 February 2017

OAU Students' Union Election: The Task Ahead - Adigun Olayemi Paul

   It is no longer news that the Student Union activities of the Obafemi Awolowo University have come to life again. This  makes it possible to all students interested in one post or the other to have the right to vote and be voted for. At this peculiar period, the franchise of any student can't be underestimated owing him physically and mentally fit to the position he/she is vying for.

   Nevertheless,  the facial appearance of any interested individual is been surfaced either directly or indirectly on  banners, the halls of residence, online social media platform e.g WhatsApp , Facebook and so on. The ban has been lifted and the electoral commission have come out with modalities as well as  date for the election.  The walls are being therefore tampered with with some graphic representation of words of the  post aspirants will be contesting for.

   But the major  task will be on the students who constitute the larger percentage of voters. It is pertinent for them to have a good knowledge of all the contestants so that voting won't be by proxy or by friendship, but would rather  be based  on the integrity, vision and manifestos of the contestants.  They shouldn't be swayed by sweet words which is being dished to them alone. Rather, it should be on the motive of sacrifice, what to offer, some new innovations to be introduced, and many more. Questions pertaining to all these must be asked in other to prepare their mind for the course and put their legs on the track.

   Obviously, there has been many Student Union leaders that had their times on this campus but the spotlight should be shown on those performed excellently well thereby tapping into their wealth of experience and quality leadership. This is  because, experience can't be thrown out at this period. The role of consultation shouldn't be undermined, in as much as they want to achieve greatly than their predecessors. But this can only be done by the students by searching deep to ask  them some terrifying questions so that the task could be achieved.
       Conclusively, it can't be ruled out that the union needs a set of vibrant  people with great vision  to put the union  back on track.

(Adigun Olayemi is a final year student and an opinion contributor on the OAU Peeps Team)

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