Friday, 3 February 2017

OAUSU: Electoral Commission Releases Guidelines In Preparation For Elections

The Electoral Committee of the Obafemi Awolowo University Students'Union has officially released the guidelines for the conduction of the Union Elections. The guidelines were released with details of the Electoral Calendar and pasted around the Halls. Find the guidelines below;


1. Only ACTIVE students are eligible to VOTE and be VOTED FOR.
2. All completed forms should be returned with photocopies of the following documents:
a. Clearance Certificate for the Session.
b. CGPA confirmation from the Faculty/Department.
c. Accommodation Clearance for Hall Executive Council (HEC) contestants.
d. An extra recent passport photograph with name/post written at the back.
e. A soft copy (jpg) format of a recent passport should be sent to
3.Contestants MUST BE a registered student of the University i.e he/she must have registered for the current
2015/2016 academic session.
4. Contestants for CEC and SRC must have completed AT LEAST one academic session in the university.
5. Contestants MUST have a minimum CGPA of 2.5 as at the time of submission of this form to be eligible to
contest except Part One students for HEC.
6. Contestants SHOULD come to the venue of Screening Exercise with the following:
a. School Identity Card.
b. Clearance certificate.
c. Stamped original copy of the CGPA confirmation document for Department/Faculty.
d. Accommodation clearance for HEC.
e. A recent passport photograph with name and post written at the back.
7. Each contestant should provide TWO sponsors who are also registered and active students of the University.
8. Each sponsor should provide photocopy of ID Card and Clearance Certificate to be attached to the Nomination
9. Sponsors for HEC candidates should also attach their Accommodation Clearance Certificate.
10. Each Contestant MUST conclude his/her campaign on the Manifesto Night.
11.All campaigns must be issued based; any form of attack on any aspirant, whether verbal, physical,
psychological, or otherwise will attract automatic disqualification.
12. Use of Hall’s Public Address System is PROHIBITED.
13. Contestants MUST not write or post bills on walls or roads; it will attract a fine of N5000.
14. Names of agents should be submitted alongside the Nomination form.
15. Agents MUST provide their University Identity Cards at the Election venue.
16. Agents CANNOT be substituted less than 48hrs before the Election Day.
17. No form of harassment is allowed (from Contestants, their agents or supporters).
18. Diploma students are NOT allowed to vote or be voted for.
19. Late submission of completed forms shall NOT be entertained. Submission of forms ends on 5th of February,
20. Any contestant who fails to submit on/before 5th of February, 2017 stands DISQUALIFIED.
21. Contestants can submit their completed form to any of the members of the commission.
22. Any contestant who has been indicted on any ground of gross misconduct (as shall be interpreted by the
Electoral Commission) stands automatically disqualified.
23. NO posters, hand bills or any form of campaign at the Election Venue.
24. Anybody whose name and picture are NOT on the Tutorial list shall not be allowed to vote.
25. Voting SHALL be by secret ballot system and shall be counted in the presence of the agents and observers in
an orderly/systematic way.
26. List of contestants SHALL be pasted across all Faculties/Halls of Residence at least 24hrs before any election.
All contestants are advised to confirm their names and position to avoid errors on the Ballot papers as no
complaints will be entertained on the Election Day.

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