Friday, 10 February 2017

Preservation Or Mummification: And Yet Another Omole Crisis…- Pope Jay

“He must have come before
Why else would mother call him ‘Tale

We still feel the pains from the sores

The ones he caused when he came as Wale”

Considering the past reactions of certain persons to criticism, I would not be surprised if at the end of this piece I am regarded with names like “Capitalist”, “Betrayer” and the likes. If anything, I have learnt that as much as we like impose our ideals on others, we often find it difficult to work with criticism. However, I have authored this piece with no prejudice to any person or party. I have only tried to express my opinions in the least provocative ways possible. 

 The politicking in the Obafemi Awolowo University Students’ Union has certainly taken an upward nudge over the past few weeks and whilst I personally have noted certain anomalies in the electoral procedures (some of which I have written about), I feel one of the errors of the Electoral commission, most especially in drafting the guidelines was its silence on the participation of final year students (as candidates) in the Electoral process. And from the look of things, the resultant effect of that oversight might be upon us already. 

 You would think with the kind of history the Obafemi Awolowo University has with “Omoles” we have had just about enough. But no! Yet again under dramatic conditions, another Omole has again come to preside over the students of the school. Whether or not he is another reincarnation of the kind of Omoles we have had in the past is for the gods to answer but the circumstances under which this controversial persona contests is one to critically assess, one that I fear might as well send back our Student’s Union before its arrival, if not distort its foundation for the generations to come.
 The Omole Ibukun campaign tag has been “Preserved to Preside”; birthed majorly from the fact that the man is a final year student who plans to be the President of the Students’ Union in an extra year. Apart from the fact that this in itself is highly absurd, it should not be the kind of example the Obafemi Awolowo Union Students’ Union should be setting at this point in time. We complain of the kind of politicians found at the level of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS):  Persons taking per time courses just to participate in students politics; majorly of course for selfish reasons. And here we stand about to walk majestically into the same quicksand. 

 I have heard arguments that his delay is due to his “tactical suspension” and is thus justified. But rather than give some reassurance, this in itself only just scares me more. People who followed the “Tactical Suspension” matter would recall that that started from “Animals in the Senate”; an article perhaps only rivalled by the Femi Adeyeye’s piece on the Unilag Management (If that is even a worthy competition). 

At this point in time, we can only hope the electorate makes the best choice come 16th February, if not for anything but to correct the errors of the Commission. For it is obvious now, even to the blind, that the Great Ife has sure had her fair dose of crises and if any reasonable progress in the redemption course is to be made, all hands have to be on deck. But then again, I’m sure we can handle anything that comes along. After all, Brexit and Trump happened only last year!

Pope Jay
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  1. Please OAU peeps should go to the admission office and find out about the next list coming. If it's still coming out or not. Let's know our fate and the next thing. It's getting frustrating and annoying. After all, some people without admission yet are qualified. It's tiring please

  2. let's don't lose hope concerning d admission.I know oaupeeps is trying her best to give us valid information