Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Some Hot Spots For Valentine Hang Out On Campus

It's Val's day! I am sure some people are excited while some others are just indifferent, most especially because it's a school day and they'll be busy. But who says you can't chill with your loved ones just to relax after a long day and when I mean loved ones, I mean your friends, guys ,baes and boos and even your crushes. Some people may think its just too overrated, it's just like every other day. Nevertheless, a day isn't too much to show some people extra love.

     You may have been thinking Ife is too dry and there is nowhere to hangout. You are wrong cupcakes, there are places but you just don't know it. We have compiled a list of few hotspots for valentine for you and your loved ones.

New bukateria: this is on our very own campus, OAU. It is close to ETF hostel and before new market. There are cool varieties, the choice is yours.

Park And Gardens: Here, staff quarters is like the Victoria Island of OAU, it's believed that that where the big boys and girls stay. Well, if you want to go a step higher on campus, you should try it out. It's serene and just an amazing spot.

New Market : there are some good places in new market too. It's not only for buying foodstuff. Go there, take a stroll and you will find nice spots.

      Moving to town aka igboro. You don't want to miss these awesome places.
Country kitchen and Captain cook : they are at Mayfair and they have all sorts of foods, you can have any.

Tantalizers : tantalizers is now in Ife if you didn't know. Well, its a beautiful place and tasty meals at affordable prices. Try it out.

JiL Fingerlicks: if you love ice cream, wave your hands in the air like you just don't care. I am sure you will be excited when I tell you that if you want finger-licking flavors of ice cream and other accompaniments.

Goubolee : you think you have tasted all the flavours of ice cream? Go to Goubolee, then you know you are wrong. They are not only limited to that, they have Chinese rice and native rice too. It is situated along the road leading to Mayfair. You can order as well.

KwikChow: if you think you have heard it all, Kwik chow is a new food restaurant strictly for delivery. You may wanna surprise that special someone, they are the best bet. They are situated in new market and they have good food at available prices.

      Guys and Girls, it's not too late. Take your friends and lovers out, enjoy the love on Valentine's day. Don't miss out. Happy Valentine's Day.

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