Saturday, 25 February 2017

University Of Ibadan Dumps 7.0 Grading System For 4.0

If you say Nigeria’s premier university – the University of Ibadan would always want to stand different from its counterparts in the country; well, you may be right after all. The university has just affirmed and announced its decision to change its grading system from the former unique 7.0 to another university-unique 4.0, something similar to what is currently obtainable in Nigerian Polytechnics.

In a statement signed by Prof. M. A. Kehinde and put on the university website, “Deans of Faculties and Heads of Departments are enjoined to ensure compliance and commencement of the new regulations with the intakes of 2016/2017 Session, while the old regulations remain applicable to students admitted before the 2016/2017 Session.”

With this development, the Nigeria leading varsity will no longer award a degree to students usually within the ‘pass’ range, making its least degree a Third Class Honour.

“...the recommended Average Minimum Units expected of the students to take/register for is now 40 units (for the new intakes: 100 Level) as against the old 30 units. Given this development, the regulations guiding withdrawal of students in the University in respect of the new system are as follows:

i. 100 Level: At the end of first year, a student who has passed less than 24 units should be asked to withdraw from the University.
ii. 200 Level: At the end of second year, a student who has passed less than 48 units (cumulative) should be asked to withdraw from the University.
iii. 300 Level: At the end of third year, a student who has passed less than 72 units (cumulative) should be asked to withdraw from the University.
iv. The CGPA at each level should not be less than 1.0

Under the new Four (4)-Point Grading Scale, grades to be used for students who have satisfactorily completed the course of study are as follows:

Letter Grade: Marks Grade Point
A (70 and above above) 4
B (60-69%) 3
C (50-59%) 2
D (45-49%) 1
E (40-44%) 0

CGPA Ranges under the new Four (4)- Point Grading Scale for Classification of Degrees:
3.5- 4.00 - First Class Honours
3.0-3.49 - Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
2.0-2.99 - Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
1.0-1.99 - Third Class Honours”

In the mean time, the questions and debates have centered on whether or not the new grading system is tougher than the former 7.0 and even the 5.0 being used by all other universities in the country.

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