Thursday, 9 February 2017

We Are Bringing A Change From The Norm- Emerald

In an interactive session with OAU Peeps News Agency, Jacob Oluwatosin Grace aka Emerald, a contestant for the post of Vice President in the upcoming Students Union elections, shared her plans and goals if successfully elected into office. Introducing herself as a part four student of the faculty of Law, she stated her current position as an active member of CLASFON, and her other religious and leadership roles.
Emerald went ahead to give a detailed breakdown of her aims and goals concerning academics if elected. She spoke on her plans to revive the past glory of academic excellence in OAU. Speaking on the problem of mass failure, she proffered a two way solution; setting up an active academic committee of the SRC where victim(s) would be able to lodge complaints without fear, thus avoiding the long processes that usually characteristic of such cases usually involve. She said, "We don't want processes to stop justice, that is, we don't want to sacrifice justice on the altar of technicalities. That is why we'll need to set up an ad hoc academic committee to speed up processes... Also by working hand in hand with the academic committee of each department, it would be a collective responsibility for everyone..."
She also spoke on her aim to attend to the problem of delay in the release of results. Explaining how this problem affects NYSC posting for our graduates and scholarships schemes application for students. She talked about organizing academic programs that will motivate students to put in more effort in academics, referring to times when first class graduates were given. In addition, she talked about projecting an all-encompassing programme to orientate freshmen to prevent exploitation and change the mindset of apathy to unionism. Emerald went on further to explain that going for a leadership position should not be for monetary gain or selfish interest. Also, that being a union member should not place anybody above the other students. She said, "You're not a union member because you hold an office, but because you are a student of OAU..."

When asked why her empowerment and skill acquisition plan was only for female students, which seemed like a gender bias, she explained that the female gender is generally sidelined, even though there is no bias in the SUG concerning female aspirants. She stated that her administration would urge ladies to participate more in activities, because there are many ladies who would function effectively in other offices in the Students Union.

Further questions about her opinion about twenty first century unionism brought up her motto "Mutare Ad Normam" which means "a change from the norm". She was further asked if the popularly vibrant Great Ife students union needed a change. She said a change in mindset was necessary. Students should not go into union activities for monetary gains but for service. She explained, "Student union leaders have not been responsible in their clamoring. We can't ask for what we ourselves don't have or portray. We don't have to always use political power every time. Sometimes, diplomacy works fine..."

In conclusion, when asked why she considered herself the best candidate for the post, she replied, "The Union is a pressure group fighting for the collective good of all. An injury to one is an injury to all... I'm the best candidate because my aims are purely humanitarian. I'm working for our interests and coming to set things right..." she concluded. 

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