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ACJ OAU New Leaders Sworn In

The Newly elected leadership of the Association of Campus Journalists, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife officially received the mantle in the evening of Saturday, 4th March 2017 at the Pit Theatre.
The outgone Chairman Guild of Editors, Adeyeye Ifeoluwa, in his charge encouraged the new executives to remain United at all times as challenges would come.
The immediate past President in his handing over speech also appreciated the Association and her members for the support given him throughout the tenure and he further challenged the incoming administration to do more.
Find below his handing over speech.
The Electoral Commission led by Mr Lukmon Fasasi then administered the oath of office to the new executives and the new President, Mr Okeowo Olasunkanmi then gave his address, claiming that the occasion for him was a fulfilled dream and he was going to do what he could to elevate the Association in his tenure.

"Handing Over Speech of Olanrewaju Oyedeji Larrysam (Former  ACJOAU President 2015/16 session)

There is a time to everything , a time to start and a time to end , a time to be sworn-in and a time to handover .

I started as the chairman Guild of Editors and have handed as the President of ACJOAU, it has been the toughest 1year of my career and it has been that with lots of lessons , it has come with successes and disappointments but above all it has come with lessons meant for a lifetime.

It is with sincere Joy that I write this having spent the last few months as the President of Association of Campus Journalists,OAU. No doubt, when we came in, alot of expectations were awaiting and we had to build  on the already laid down foundation by Mr Benjamin Adebayo led administration.
In the last few months, we have faced several challenges, sometimes we almost give up but we have surmounted them all with your support and our collectivism as one big family.

Since we came in till now we have had some successes,some of which I would list below
👉� We spearheaded a Social Media Campaign called #ReopenOAU, to demand for the reopening of Obafemi Awolowo University, the campaign went as far as drawing attentions of personalities from out of the country and is the biggest successful social media protest in Nigerian Universities

👉�We were also able to renovate the Association Secretariat upon coming in

👉�We have been able to ensure more participation of the Association at the National level in Campus Journalism and also have been able to forge unity with top institutions in Nigeria.

👉�We were able to Launch the 1st correspondents' chapel on any Nigerian Campus (ACJOAU Correspondents Chapel)

👉�We were also able to float an E-Library for easy access of books

👉�We also were able to hold the Great Ife Students Summit which saw in Presence Mr Edmond Obilo

👉�We were able to hold an induction ceremony as stipulated by the Constitution

👉�We were able rebrand the Association with more social media presence on Facebook,Twitter ,Instagram and even WhatsApp

👉�We were able to give the Students Union Elections the biggest coverage any Union Election can get with massive social media presence

👉�We were able to organize the biggest ever and most coordinated Debate in the OAU Students Union Elections

👉�We were able to build a relationship with Nigerian Union of Journalists and Nigerian Guild of Editor's

👉�We were able to host the International Campus Journalism Conference that had a massive success of persons from wide and near with a success of over 8schools physically Present

👉�We were able to train over 20 Journalists to become Certified in Conflict Reporting and Public Relations,hereby becoming the first varsity to have her members trained in the act .

👉�We were able to ensure a brand new Amended Constitution before leaving the Association.

We have more successes to paint but the biggest success is leaving a mark in your mind.

I must say that whatever success we have achieved during the just concluded tenure was due to your support and believe in the Administration, we did not achieve anything alone but achieved little that we did due to the unity of purpose of all News Agencies and Journalists on Campus.

Let me state that the Association is bigger than a single man and the Association survives on our oneness and unity by the pen, we had shortcomings but we hope the new tenure will learn from our own mistakes and won't make same mistakes we made.

Let me charge all News Agencies to keep supporting the Association, as the ACJOAU isn't the Secretariat but rather people that make it up , I also admonish all members to continue to offer support to the New Executives.
I look forward to an ACJOAU where we would continue on the National Pedestal, an ACJOAU that would rule the world in Journalism , an ACJOAU that would surmount all Challenges, an ACJOAU that would be known the More for integrity and progress.
My charge to the New President is that he must make ACJOAU the hallmark of integrity it is known for, the Association must not be taken over by politicians, we must continue to retain our values.

I want to sincerely thank all Institutions around Nigeria that I enjoyed their support and advice, I cannot thank you enough for always been there, from University of Ibadan,UCJ,  LAUTECH, UNILAG, UNILORIN and all Institutions that supported my tenure .

I have lots to write but sometimes words may not be fully written but rather they will be written in hearts of men.

My special thanks to my Executive council , I must appreciate my team, we had our fair share of challenges but we remained strong, thank you family from Akinremi Rebecca, to Adebayo Faith to Adeyeye Ifeoluwa, Fadipe Olamide,Areo Fikayo, Kayode Emmanuel, Abegunde Cephas, Okeowo Olasunkanmi and Mr Abubakar Seun. I will continue to remember you all day and all time long.

My special thanks to Lukmon Fasasi led Electoral commission for holding an Election despite the issues that almost hindered it , posterity will never forget the issues and the players of them.

My special thanks to Sodiq Oyeleke , I much appreciate you boss.
My special thanks to the ICJC Local Organizing committee led by Ojelabi Jesujoba, thank you!

Adejumo Kabir is one young man I would not forget in a hurry, I much appreciate your support , much love bro.
I also appreciate the ACJOAU Press team members, you cant ask for more committed press team members, I would continue to appreciate the big family, they have been wonderful.

The New Executives must not allow disunity to colorate the Association, we must continue to uphold sanctity of the Constitution and must not use the pen for purposes other hand developmental for the Association.

To all my critics,thank you, you made me better, even though sometimes I have been at the centre of wrong accusations ,they are sacrifices I have paid during my tenure, I however believe there is a place for reward for all our acts either good or bad and nemesis will definitely catch up.

I am handing over today and will say that , we have not been perfect but rather we have strived, i would correct some mistakes if hands of clock Can be drawn back but I leave the continuation of ACJOAU to the new Exco.

God bless ACJOAU
God bless OAU

Olanrewaju Oyedeji (Larrysam)
Former President,ACJOAU(2015/16 Session)"

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